How do you carry your dolls around a convention?

Apr 16, 2019

    1. Omg I would LOVE a shoulder harness! I really like the idea of carrying around my doll on my shoulder, but obviously that's difficult because of physics :sigh
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    2. In my experience, con security has always been careful. They handle with other cosplayer's props and stuff so they know not to be rough. I don't worry too much about it though to be honest lmao
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    3. I've been working on one of these too! I think I almost have it worked out on the drawing board, and then I'll be trying it in 3D! I'll post a thread when I have something to share!!!
      I love doing Steam punk cosplays, and I've always thought a dolly conductor in a shoulder saddle would be super cute and convenient ;) I've also considered a pixie version for renn fairs :3

      Last year I was at a con and I had 4 large dolls with me, I had to carry all of them on the last day because of the hotel check out schedule.... it was terrible, and I would definitely not recommend carrying more than one doll at a time. That being said I typically use a reusable grocery bag for a wallet and water bottle, and I can fit my 70cm dude in there as well if he's kneeling/sitting on his feet. Then his head sticks out a bit so I can still show him off if I feel like it :)
      It's definitely easier to carry a doll around on the days you're not in on cosplay :)
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    4. I've never been to a con that had that intrusive a securtity setup - how awful.

      But I've never had more than occasional friendly curiosity about my dolls from Airport Security.

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    5. I found a clear bag that was a good size for a 1/4 doll sitting, and put my MDD in it. He's visible, but protected. Unfortunately its much too small for 1/3 unless the doll was kneeling and poking out the top, which could be cute I guess.
      This bag was from Glassons - it's an Australian site but searching 'clear tote' brings up a lot of similar bags on amazon etc. I'd really like to find a bigger one that a 1/3 doll can fit in! I know the dealer yuriqlo sells them clear bags for this purpose at doll events in Japan, but I've never seen one not intended specifically for a doll that was big enough.
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    6. I'm going to a con soon and pondering this. Last time I had two SDs in my smallest suitcase. Not perfect, but I didn't have to carry them. Now I have three and I am pondering either a grocery bag or my medium suitcase. What I really need is a collapsible wagon though. :lol:
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    7. Most of my dolls are SD, and I prefer to only take one and carry her openly. Sometimes I'll stick her in a tote bag if I need both hands for something. I own a doll bag, and I use it for transportation to doll meets or travel, but I don't like taking it to cons because it's big and bulky and annoying for frequently putting the doll in and taking it back out. I've had friends who use the wagon/stroller method, but it seems like the biggest hassle to me--nearly impossible to take up and down stairs, might not be room for it in panels or workshops, really hard to get through crowded areas without disturbing other people, difficult to deal with if you need to go to the restroom, and if you're pulling a wagon behind you, it's really hard to keep an eye on your dolls and for a random person to grab one while your back is turned. It might be easier if you're going with friends who can help you move around and watch your dolls, but I'd still rather carry mine. I've also learned that if I take more than one doll, I end up regretting it by the end of the day anyway--one ends up staying in the tote and getting ignored and just making my shoulder sore. :XD:
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    8. Ive brought my dolls to conventions before (he was 65/70cm at that time) and so, i had him in a bachpack to carry him around, or i carried him in my arms. it was nice for a bit as i liked, and he liked, all the comments he recieved about him and his tattoo work that was done. I am happy with that, but you do have to be careful as well as not to lose anything.

      One time i was walking and his wig fell off, so luckily someone stopped me, but still.

      some people use itabags, a friend of mine has a custom itabag of her doll and carried him in that, which is what i would like to do as well... just have to find that perfect bag for him.

      i might invest in a carrier though since i did read in a comment on the thread that at busy places it might be better, but it would have to have a shoulder strap too of course.... but Dufffle bags could work too.

      dont forget about bringing a easy on and off face mask for your bjds!!!
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    9. I also had this question! Thanks! I went to a doll fair once and my 70cm boy was on my arm. But he's super heavy, do yeah not convenient. I was thinking about bringing him in a wicker basket next time because it can count as a prop and keep my phone and wallet too. But haven't tried that yet.
      I did hear about being careful not to have dolls stolen at cons so at least find a way to keep an eye on him. ;) And let us know how you carried him around please!

      Ohhh!!! I want to try that shoulder harness thing too. So you happen to have seen some pictures of them? :O
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    10. Oh man yeah, lol I have carried around my doll to a con before and luckily, no one stole him from me. I think it's just important to keep very close watch on them. As for how I carried my doll at the time, I carried him using a doll carrier. I have a cheap, black, and plain one so from afar, I think people might've thought I was carrying a weapon (?) lmao but I'm just looking for more convention ways to carry my dolls other than just a carrier cause if we're being honest, dolls can be a real hassle pretty quick :lol:
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    11. I'm going to second some of the things others have said:

      Choose your doll wisely. I find my YOsds and my 1/3 scale vinyl like Dollfie Dream to be the best con-goers. 1/3rd scale resin gets very heavy after a while.

      Leave easy to loose accessories home or in your room. I leave my yo tenshi's wings off or in the bag. My friend lost the wig on a tiny she put peeping out of her pocket.

      Choose your bag. I like a sturdy carrying case with a shoulder strap. Do have at least a shopping bag or purse to stuff your doll in. Holding even a yosd in your hand gets old/heavy after a while.

      Schedule some non-doll time where you can peruse the salesroom or attend panels or take pics of cosplayers without the doll in tow.
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    12. Hello!
      I have been working on a cosplay for one of my male dolls, and I was thinking it would be really cool if I cosplayed with him on one of the 'con days this year. I am really excited about doing this, but also worried about the idea because of . . . people.

      Has anyone taken their doll to a convention or expo that was not doll related (anime, comic, gaming) and carried them around? What was your experience? Did other bjd people meet with you or were you by yourself? Did anyone try to grab or mess with the doll? Would you say it was a positive or negative experience?

      Thanks for any input!
      ((Sorry if this is not in the right spot or referenced somewhere else, I could not find anything))
    13. Here's a recent thread about taking dolls to conventions: How do you carry your dolls around a convention?

      I have taken mine both to doll conventions and anime/gaming cons. Generally, people are pretty cool, but a few do get grabby. I just told them I wasn't comfortable passing him around, and they were understanding. It's similar to having a cosplay prop. It was fun, the only negative part is that my arm got tired from carrying them all day, and sometimes it was a bit of hassle when I needed my hands free in the dealer room or for activities. A tote bag helps with that.
    14. Being a dolly person I personally love seeing other doll owners at cons carrying around their dolls! Makes me excited to see so many local - or non-local collectors and their beautiful doll :)

      I have taken a doll to basically every con I have been to and the result is usually very positive. Most of the time people get excited, asking what sculpt they are and want to chat a bit. Or they ask questions if they are interested or unsure if they want to make the jump to getting their own doll. Some ask to hold or touch, but are usually super good about my boundaries about holding them if I do let them (most of the time I dont tho... just because I am personally a bit picky about clean hands). Only downfall I have had personally is the weight of carrying them orz they can get heavy depending how long you take them around.

      I think it would be fun to cosplay with your doll. :3nodding: I hope you decide to. I think it would be a good experience and you would have a lot of fun.
    15. I did bring my doll once to a convention
      Just be extra careful as there's rarely cases of stolen/missing dolls

      Definitely bring a doll carrier if you're bringing big dolls as i only brought my yosd out
    16. Yes ! I have been to two different anime cons and one actual BJD con that meets in St. Louis once a year, just for dolls. It's so cool. It's always fun to see others in the hobby!
    17. @CloakedSchemer I cannot believe I passed that thread up! I looked around and did searches for "conventions" and the like for 15 minutes before posting this. . . well, at least it is a semi-slightly different question. Thank you for referencing it because it reminded me about the possibility of losing items (like my guy's horns) if I am not careful. I might bring a case for the horns and only attach them if someone wants a picture or if other bjd owners are around.

      I am very happy to hear that some of you report people respecting boundaries. The guy I would be bringing (70cm) is my grail doll, but no other doll I have can cosplay as Elias so. . . it is either him or nothing, but because he is my grail I am a little nervous. It sounds like no one has experienced someone just walking up and grabbing or touching the doll which is a sigh of relief.

      I am not worried about his weight so much because I normally carry props, all last year (and probably one day this year) I carried around a metal lightsaber without issue. The bag is probably a good idea though. I do not like taking my doll bag in areas of large crowds because it is so bulky but maybe I will bring a messenger bag that he could sit in just in case.
    18. I take mine to Science Fiction conventions and Filk Conventions, Historical Reenactment events, Costume Conventions, Comic Con, and all sorts of other non-doll events. Sometimes BJD people stop and talk to me (even if they don't have their dolls with them), or rush over if they recognize the doll/sculpt I'm carrying. Nobody's ever attempted to grab one of my dolls (I'm happy to hand them over to anyone who wants a closer look, and frequently do, but nobody's grabbed at them), I've never had any problems.

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    19. A nicely made basket with a soft small blanket on the bottom and a sturdy handle works wonders. Tenshi No Sato lends them out for guests to use for their dolls at their facilities, and now I use them every time I take my dolls to a convention. Highly convenient and a fun way to show off your doll/s.
    20. I normally hold mine but I also bring their cases just incase I get tired of holding them