How Do You Display Your Dolls?

Sep 23, 2017

    1. Mine sit on my desk (I never use it) and on a little bench in front of the desk. I keep the curtains drawn in my room (I only sleep in my bedroom, rest of my life is downstairs so I just leave it dark... ). I’d like a lovely display but I don’t have the time or space currently.

      Three of them stay down in the sitting room on a book shelf. It’s nice and deep so the big guys can sit with their feet dangling. There’s no real reason... I just interact with those three more & am less worried about them, so they can stay down. ^_^ also, contrary to some people’s negative experiences, I’ve had tons of positive conversations with visitors. Even the ambulance crew when I was unwell... :whee:
    2. I have an Ikea shelf with doors. It is the slim PAX. So it is basically a closet with lots of shelves. No sunlight and no dust and no nosey visitors will touch my precious ones. The dolls are sitting inside the PAX in rows on the shelves.The two bigger guys having issues with sitting relaxed. Big skirts and petticoats are hard to handle and eating space. But I also have a built in diorama in another big closet, where they were sitting on their chairs, when they were below 20 back than. Nowadays, I use it to store their stuff and for taking pictures. Because as they went too many, they had to move into the PAX.
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    3. At the moment they're sat on top of a hamper in my room and one sits on my cupboard. But soon they're moving to a larger shelf that's just for them. I need to reorganise all my storage in general so their home will keep changing.
    4. Currently my dolls are all in their boxes in a closet but my husband and his mom desperately want me to display them in glass cabinets so every more people can see them.

      I've never been able to properly display my dolls though and so I'm okay with them being in the closet (where they can't become damaged).
    5. My SD crew are in dioramas on shelves custom built for them. Since they are in a spare bedroom, I keep the door closed and dust really isn't a problem. The room only has one south facing window, so they never get direct sunlight, and I have blinds and a curtain to help keep it from being too bright in there. The boxes stayin the closet, and their extra clothes and accessories that aren't in the dioramas are stored in a dresser. Each doll has their own shoebox size plastic tub for their stuff (unless they have a bedroom diorama, then everything is stored in their furniture).

      My first doll is MSD and I have two anthros who don't fit in with the SD crew at all, so they hang out in a corner display cabinet in my sewing room.
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    6. My dolls keep me company sitting on a coffee table next to my desk which is facing a wall. I've stacked a couple boxes (from various outfits/dolls shipped to me in the past) so they can sit and still be visible from my chair.

      This is a temporary fix, though. Once my significant other and I move, I plan on investing in a quality glass cabinet since we plan on getting pets. Don't want cats to paw my dolls off of their shelves!
    7. When I first started collecting I kept my dolls and their things in dresser drawers. For a while now, I've vacillated between having them on shelves that are in a space closed off from my cats and keeping them packed in boxes. Currently, I've got all their clothes and things in totes in a bedroom closet and the dolls themselves on the top shelf of the closet.
      I actually took a pic recently of their storage :whee:
      [​IMG]BJD Collection by VanilleNell, on Flickr
      I need to get stands for the boys still.
      Ideally, I want this HEMNES Cabinet with panel/glass door - white stain - IKEA
      or possibly HAVSTA Storage combination w/glass doors - dark brown - IKEA if it ever comes in white.
      (@verochan is my inspiration My Doll's Cabinet :aheartbea)
      I've just been moving every 2-4 years for the last 15 years with no end in sight so I've had had trouble justifying buying a large furniture piece like a cabinet. It's been a struggle between wanting to keep my dolls visible, or at least easily accessible, and keeping them safe from cats/dust/light.:sweat
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    8. They sit on some shelves in the guest room. I’d like to get a glass cabinet some day, but living in an apartment implies a general lack of space.
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    9. When not being displayed, I store the dolls in their original boxes in my closet. When they are displayed they stand or sit on shelves and my night stand, and dresser around my room. They are not in a case because I play with them regularly and check for dust frequently (have done this for my oldest bjds for ten years and have not noticed harm done to the resin, wigs, or clothes). I keep all their clothes either in the original boxes or in clear containers so I can identify which outfits are where.
    10. Meh, my doll just has a small cubicle under my dresser at the moment. My room is too small for a glass case/shelf and my shelf is currently occupied with anime figures and manga, so my doll just sits in his 'room'. It's still too small for him because he's sd sized, but it's the only space I have at the moment. I plan on getting another doll and I might have to clean out my room some more :XD:
    11. [​IMG]

      My MSDs are on a shelf out of direct sunlight. I dust them pretty regularly and I keep the blinds down to minimize ambient lighting. I'd like glass-front shelving but this is a decent temporary set up. My SDs sit on a doll couch beside my couch, again, out of the sunlight and draft.
    12. Rotation. I have a few out for awhile then put them away and put someone else up on the shelf for awhile. Then trade them out. I have about 8 out right now but I'm going to put a couple away.
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    13. It's an ever-changing thing really

      Expanding into different parts of the living room

      Adding new furniture when necessary:

      EDITED TO ADD: I dont' mind open shelves because I pick up and play with the dolls, so dust doesn't get much of a foothold

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    14. I am lucky. When I first got into hobby I had a bedroom that was just for my stuff. Hubby got other spare upstairs room. So I can have all my dolls, their stuff and any props stored in room. Then kids moved out of basement and hubby and I decided we needed proper guest room and I moved my stuff to basement bonus room. He's now down there in other bonus room due to granddaughter needed a room to play and stay overnight in. So we both enjoy our hobbies especially in summer as it's cooler downstairs.

      [​IMG]So Far by Marie, on Flickr
      Just the one wall in room.
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    15. I just create a smaller room in my bedroom and make it avoid from the sunshine and get it dry to put the boxes and dolls. When I don't play with the dolls I will put them back to the box to keep it as new as before.
    16. I have one complete antique glass-doored cabinet for some of my larger BJDs, and a second one I am working on repairing (the doors don't close flush unfortunately, so no dolls in there yet). However, I have quite a few dolls and I'd like two or three more cabinets for them! The dolls that don't fit now (a lot) are in large plastic bins in my closet or in carrier bags. I have some rambunctious cats so I don't like to really leave them out in the open.
    17. I have a really large wood cabinet with glass doors where I keep dozens of books, a lot of comics and mangas, 1 figure, 4 plushies, and 5 BJDs and I still don't know how all fits in! XD
    18. I have several of these:
      HEMNES Glass-door cabinet

      Most of the shelves are adjustable/removable, making them good for larger dolls. ^_^
    19. I haven't got too many at moment and they all live on an open shelf

      [​IMG]my dolly shelf by Sheltie, on Flickr
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