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How Do You Display Your Dolls?

Sep 23, 2017

    1. Hello, Newbie here

      I was wondering, how do people like to display their dolls? Do you make up dioramas for them and keep them there, or keep them protected in their box and take them out for photos every now and then, or something else?
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    2. Hi there! My dolls are (mostly) kept on two bookshelves in my studio away from the window. I also have a dresser that I've set up as a bedroom diorama and keep around 7 of my dolls on there. :)
    3. Is different for everyone. I keep my sitting in a shelf but I want to make a diorama or two for them. I love the idea of making seem like they are hanging out someplace.
    4. I don't have room for an extra shelf so I keep my dolls in their boxes and get them out whenever I want to. That way, they're also protected from the sun and the dust, which is always a plus! If I ever have more space I think I'd invest in a large display shelf but for the moment keeping them in their original boxes is the best solution for me. :)
    5. Currently I always keep my dolls tucked away in a drawer. For one, I'm terrified of bumping a doll and droping it, and for two, my room is undergoing a revamping so I haven't set one area for them yet. I'd love to make a small diarama room box for them one day. :>
    6. I keep my SD sized doll in my closet xD it's too big to put on my dresser and there's too much light in my room, also really no point in displaying him seeing I'm gone most of the day. It's convenient to just open the door since he's so big you can just stand him up on the floor and see him lol
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    7. I keep mine in glass door cabinets, away from sun. This way they are protected from sun, dust and my cat. I like being able to look at them, even when I don't have much time or energy to take them out. :)
    8. Hello! I'm new here, too.
      I usually keep my boys in their boxes and I take them from there just for photos. I still do not have diorama, so my photos with the BJDs are almost exclusively outdoors, or very rarely in my room.
    9. I have a spare bedroom in my house that has become the doll room. One entire wall is nothing but shelving with dioramas they stay in, and I have a doll sized couch for those without their own "room". I keep their stuff in individual tubs in a dresser and their boxes in the closet.
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    10. I was keeping mine on a shelf in my room. I have not really played with my doll much in the last month or two so she has been sitting their. I went to move her yesterday and noticed a nice little spider decided she was a good place to set up a home. I was not to fond of that little spider's choices. That spider is now making me rethink keeping her sitting on a shelf out in the open.
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    11. I don't have dioramas, I have considered working on them in the future but for right now I think how I have them displayed works. I do have props for my dolls though but they are not an overwhelming amount.
    12. Mine are for now on a shelf looking over my room.
    13. I have mine on a shelf in my bedroom, because it's the only place I'm sure the light can't hit them >< I think I'll figure out a suitable spot in the living room soon though so I can see them more :)
    14. Right now, my big dolls are all crammed tightly in a glass cabinet whith additional insulation on the north side of our house - no sunlight falling onto them.

      However, what I am planning for them is to get a bunch of Ikea Detolfs, which will also be additionally insulated. Also, as one side is facing a window, I will shield it with an anti-UV foil. Of course, the additional shelves have to be removed.

      For further display, I got several stands for them with pretty beat-up wooden bases. I intend to decorate each in a themed manner, matching each character.

      Finally, I am planning a gigantic display in our barn where they can all interact with each other (aka where I can play with all of my dolls).
    15. My dolls live in various displays throughout my home. All my windows are shaded so sunlight is not an issue. I just create display space wherever there's a convenient vacant spot. Some of my displays are in huge cabinets, some are just on the top of a dresser or occasional table, or on a narrow shelf hung on a wall. But I incoporate my displays like art installations, with interesting backdrops, props and furniture. It's like changable and interactive art, which my entire family enjoys.:) I love having them out all the time...it makes them feel like part of the family. The only dolls ever left in their boxes are ones that haven't been completed yet, and once they are they're added to a display immediately. No "box babies" here!
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    16. One of my dolls is always standing on my worktable and serves as inspiration, the other one is mostly sitting on a shelf. I really want proper furniture for them, but currently I lack the time to try and make my own :huh?:
    17. I keep most of my dolls inside of a closed cabinet, but I have my first BJD seated on a fancy chair by my bedside at all times.
    18. My SDs are just too big to display mostly so they are stored in a bookshelf, but my tinies are often perched around my room. I want to make a big faux terrarium with a fantasy fairy theme that I can seat them in for a cool display space. Something inside a case so the fake plants and dolls don't get dusty.
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    19. Mine mostly sit on my couch since it's out of the way of the windows, though sometimes they hang out on the shelf nearest to my computer to keep me company. ^_^