How Do You Feel About Your Collection Right Now?

Sep 12, 2018

    1. I am not dissatisfied with my dolls at all, they are quite nice.. but they need more work. they dont feel that complete feeling you get when youre like... yes! this is you! i did have that feeling but i think i confused it with wanting another doll and replaced one when i shouldnt have. my girl is also going through this stage so i hope the head i have for her now is what i wanted it to be.

      i have their usual things for them, but i do hope that i can get that one look where im like perfect though im hoping for no more new additions.... hopefully. but who knows.

      i have had the thought about changing characters arounds a little but im not sure to see if that works... but like i said, theres more that i need to do to make them how i see them and how they should be (appearance wise) but really i love all that i own right now and with the few floating heads that i do have, i want to get them onto more bodies if i can, i have two bodies i need to do something with as well so maybe i dont need more.
    2. I feel that my collection is just about done.

      I have a few incoming parts that need to complete few dolls, I have one body I need for sure, and another I'll only buy if I ever finish the head mod. I have still a third body I sort of need, but that head is on a body currently so I feel like he's done even though it's NS and I want it to be WS. I want to replace one head (My Iplehouse Bane. Now that he's Bruce Wayne full time I don't think he works as well and want something smilier. But not too smiley. He's still him). I might end up with a few more K heads because why stop at 7??

      As far as full dolls go, I have at least two more girls I'd maybe like to get, and might if I upgrade the body of one of the ones I have already, or find the "perfect" doll for the other one on sale the I have the cash.I am in no rush for either of them.

      Other than those parts and maybe dolls, that's it. I've managed to only buy one unplanned doll this year (and he was small) and a few parts that were needed to complete dolls I had, so I think I can reliably say I'm good with the ones I have finally. And not buying any new ones means I'll have the time to really perfect the ones I have.
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    3. @Faulkraul: Thank you for your piece of advice.
      I tried a new makeup on my Minifee Chloé, more strong with eyeshadow and black eyelashes and as you said, I changed the eyes.
      It's an incredible change and I find my doll very attractive !
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    4. There are no dolls I want at the moment, and I'm happy with most of the dolls I have. The one I have mixed feelings on is co-owned, so it doesn't feel right to rehome her.
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    5. Hmm truth is I go back and forth between how much I wanna invest in the hobby. I only have one doll and I've gotten her a long time ago now, and she barely has any clothes (because she's a difficult size). It's very hard for me to find that "perfect sculpt" for characters I already created with drawings and whatnot. Eventually I expect to make a decision though.
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    6. I'm very happy with my crew! I'd love to find a winking or open eye puki pukisha faceplate so Goblin wasn't stuck sleeping all the time. But otherwise I'm super happy what who I have.
      Thought to be fair they were all dolls(or from companies)I wish I had when I first was in the hobby. Easy to be happy with your crew when there's almost 10 years of thought behind them
    7. I need more, more, more!
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    8. My collection is going through a bit of a makeover right now. I've been in the hobby for around ten years now and I've realized my tastes have changed a lot since I began. I have decided to sell my two large SD boys (DZ Chen and Soom Chrom). At the time, they seemed to fit the characters I had in mind/I really loved the sculpts, but I don't any longer. If I sell them I can put those funds towards a Volks SD boy sculpt I really want and have always wanted.

      I also recently acquired Volks Suiseiseki and F-01, two dolls that have always been on my wishlist. Having them on their way makes me really excited and it feels like I am living my doll dream! I want to continue this feeling with dolls that make me happy in this moment, which feels like it will be another Volks doll.

      After that, I think I will go back to being content with my collection. My two MSD dolls I have I love very much but I have no plans to add any more of them right now. I suppose we will see what the next ten years bring!
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    9. I am currently in the process of trying to really sort out my dolls. I realized I was unhappy with a lot of my dolls and they needed to be changed. I restrung some of their bodies and I have bought some fabric for new clothes and bought some stuff. I realized that I need to store my dolls better I was keeping them where I keep some of my Lolita dresses and other clothes and I realized they need their own space. I am just waiting till I am off work for a bit so I can have a big sort out lol

      Currently I would like to change my Ringdoll Dracula as a new character I was never 100% happy with him as Lestat. Tonight I did something new to me and I wiped off his faceup and I got new acrylic paints so I can perhaps start working on him tomorrow.

      I know I am going to end up with another doll on order before this year ends not sure who it will be though lol
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    10. For me I really want to rearrange my collection! I found myself only gravitating towards one of my dolls and none of the others. I think this means its time for me to rethink and change my collection. I like to keep my collection small, but there are other dolls I'm seeing that I want more then the ones I already have. Hopefully I'll be able to get my dream collection next year like everyone else!
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    11. I want more! But seriously, I think I’m ok where I’m at with my collection.
    12. My collection is constantly changing. I think I am done adding more and then I decide I have to get these others and sell some that have barely been here. I am trying to not only find joy with my dolls but a way to be inspired to do something with them. So I have recently decided to go back to Dollstown dolls. I have a feeling this will bring me not and inspiration.
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    13. As we enter 2020, I find myself super happy with my doll collection. All of my dolls now have bodies and/or pretty display busts and they all have eyes and wigs as well. I'm currently working on a make over for one of my SD boys, so hoping he will turn out lovely.
      But yea, I feel happy and inspired by my collection as it is right now :kitty2
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    14. I'm still new to this hobby so it's a long path of learning for me. I think I quite like my collection even I only have one doll on-hand with another that still on her way to my home now.'(Her maker was famous on a very longggg waiting period after preordered though //sigh)

      I just finish a simple cloth for my current doll, and now working on knitting his outer robe. (Progress : 50%)

      I feel that I'm learning many new things everyday. From a very small thing like how the camera angle and light affect the doll's expression in picture to things like how to make cloths and other probs.

      I think I'll keep going.:XD:
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    15. Im currently going through my dolls (and dolly wish list) and culling my collection. I have 16 dolls and hope to get down to 10. Also most of my dolls don’t have wigs, nice clothes, eyes so on...I really need to fix that
    16. I bought my first full doll around two years ago and as of now he's still my only full doll, the other I have is secondhand and only has a faceup and I have a third one on layaway right now. Since I'm very hesitant on buys so that I don't ever make impulse buys I'll regret, my doll family grows slowly, but that way I'll make sure its filled with dolls I know I love! I feel my collection is definitely smaller than I'd like to have, but I don't make haste to fill it up.
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    17. I'm not too happy right now with my very small collection but I think I'm on good way to change it. I love the dolls I have but non of them is finished. I had to leave the hobby for four years but now I really hope to find time and do everything as I wanted in the past:>
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    18. So this was me last year, and I thought it would be fun to follow up!
      My collection is still in flux, with 80% of my dolls out for face-ups at the moment, so it is really hard to judge where things are. I had a lot of new additions in 2019, and I am cutting back again now, trying to keep things manageable. I still have my two favourites, although one of them is for sale. I think she needs to just be repainted, but we'll see. I am hoping to whittle things down to 6 dolls, and then stop. And actually do that this time, haha! My tan girls that are staying are my absolute pride and joy though, I am so so pleased with the sculpts, the face-ups and their general styling. I am excited to get them all finished, outfits all done and then focus on some photography improvements as I still suck at it.
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    19. I believe I'm a steedy one, so I never feel satisfy with my collection, as least until this time...
      I have a lot wanted BJD in my list though I don't know I really need him or not.
      The list is continue to be lengthened month by month and... I'm still trying to buy them all.
      May be I should stop, cause with all the one I'm having now, I don't have enough time to play with them carefully... TT_TT
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    20. I am happy to see people following up in this thread!
      This summer, I will have been collecting for four years.
      I still love all of my dolls, and soon I will be graduating so I will finally be able to be with them all the time. I'm hoping to use my newfound time to make more projects for myself and my dolls, and get funds to have bodies for heads and heads for bodies. I want to change my focus of my collection to SD, and yet, I still have plans to get MSD and will probably complete those first before I move on to SD (then I can stop paying attention to MSD to for the sake of my wallet). There is an impossible grail doll that I hope to find and pick up someday, and nothing else will matter nearly as much! But I most look forward to the crafts projects I want to do, and I am so picky about shelling my ocs that I want to pursue sculpting my own dolls as well. I hope it will all work out.