How Do You Feel About Your Collection Right Now?

Sep 12, 2018

    1. I'm at the point now where I feel I have a little too much and should start making clothes for them. Hahahaha. So I'm taking sewing classes and I'm figuring once I've gotten a good grasp at making human sized clothes then I'll work my way towards making doll sized clothing as evidently it's harder since the stitching would be smaller and I have to take into account what fabric to buy to make sure they either don't stain the dolls or possibly scratch them. It's a fun thought too if I could start doing photo stories with them, but again, I think I need to work on costumes, background/dioramas, and even furniture. Maybe even an nice camera too? Whew! But it's fun. I think it's nice getting to this point in the hobby where I feel I have a decent collection and am at a better point in my life where I can actually play with my dolls more leisurely.
    2. i absolutely adore all the dolls i have, but i wish more of them were complete lol over half are naked and w/o a faceup still and i feel so bad i havent gotten around to customizing them yet
    3. On and off satisfied? I love all my current dolls, they were ones I wanted, not just impulse buys...
      Right now I'm feeling wishy washy on them since I feel like I don't give them enough attention, nor do I really have personalities or "characters" shelled in them... they're just here to look pretty at this point.
      So... ultimately I'm unsure. I love them of course but do I really if I'm this on and off with them?
    4. I started my bjd hobby all the way back in 2008 when I was in high school and after a few years of school and work I completely lost track of everything. My dolls have been boxed for several years and today was the day I started rejoining the forum and reconnecting with the latest news. I think I can be more focused now, there are plenty in my crew that I know need to move on and some others where it feels like I'm getting a new doll all over again. I think I'll add a few more, and finally grab some from my old wish list, but I'm feeling really excited about getting back to the hobby now that I've matured quite a bit!
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    5. I'm pretty happy with my collection at the moment but sometimes feel like I have too many dolls although I am not looking to part with anyone :sweat

      I do wish I could give them more attention and I feel that some of them don't have enough clothes but am not quite sure how to go about fixing that as there isn't anything much that fits DearSDs well...things to deal with this year I guess
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    6. I currently have one doll, my first doll. I absolutely adore him but I wish that I had a couple more to have a better variety for photography and whatnot. I also don't have a job, so my doll's clothes and props are limited, which makes me feel a bit inadequate sometimes. I would like to start making clothes, though. :)
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    7. Currently in a bit of a strange position regarding my feelings- I'm in the midst of selling off all my current dolls in order to totally start fresh! It's something I've been threatening to do for literal years no and I'm finally jumping on that, and it feels great! On one hand I felt dissatisfied with my collection, but on the other hand I feel so excited about what's to come in the future ♥
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    8. I currently have just the one “on topic” doll and I’m content with her a friend sold her to me and I did a faceup it’s my second one and it’s not great but I’ll fix it in the spring I have a couple of grails I’d like but I can wait
    9. I’m in the same boat as you I have the one girl and I’m happy with her I just wish I had more clothes she doesn’t even have shoes lol
    10. I currently have 3 full dolls, 3 floating heads, and 3 dolls on the way. My problem is that I love so many different sculpts, but don't really know what to do with them once I have them. Or, if I have an idea for a character, there's like 5 different sculpts that I can't pick between to shell them out. I want to sell at one doll and 2 floating heads, but I'm worried that I'll regret the floating ones :(

      Also everyone I want to keep needs clothes, wigs, shoes, faceups, etc., except for one because I spoil him and I feel bad that he's my favorite lol
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    11. I currently have one on topic doll and one off topic doll. They both have clothes, but I'm really feeling the desire for more-- More clothes, more accessories, generally more dolls too! I want to venture into smaller sizes and fantasy sculpts next.
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    12. I am pretty satisified at the moment. Once I have all the ones on layaway paid off I will be just focusing on wigs and accessories, Which I am also practicing making myself. Still I find myself finding certain sculpts I really want and I have one last grail which is super expensive.
    13. For the first time I feel really happy and I don’t want more dolls, at least for a long while. I do have some on the way but after that I’m pretty much done. I’m still selling a few dolls but I’ve just popped them away until they get new homes. I’m excited to no longer be on the hunt for dolls I want and to focus my energy on the ones I have.

      In the future I would love to make my own BJD too, I think that will be more fun then buying more dolls.
    14. I came into the hobby back in 2008. Back then, I planed on adopting the dolls I love so that I can enjoy them in my retirement. Now, I'm retired. I am happy with my collection. 9 full set dolls, all Volks except for the only girl Olivia, she's a hybrid Volks head on Sadol body. Enjoying my dolls simply means putting them on display at home and admiring their beauty. I travel with them occasionally. I used to take them outside to parks, museums, cemeteries, snow etc for on location photo sessions but these outdoor sessions becomes more difficult with age. I enjoy attending dolpas and doll conventions and meeting other collectors. It's been a long good 12 years. I'm happy with my collection.

      I won't be adding anymore dolls to my collection. My latest acquisition is a MSD boy body for Yo-Midi Reisner. This is not a new doll, it's just a new body for an old head. It's one of the last things I do this hobby. I will start to sell off my large collection of clothes and accessories including LE accessories.

      The dolls I like but will never get: 1. Slim Mini Lusis. 2. Slim Mini Narae tanned with freckles. 3. Iplehouse YID in light brown skin, large bust and freckles. 4. Volks DDdy Sasara Kusugawa. 5. Volks DD Kuze Kiriha. 6. Volks DD Sendo Erika.

      You see, there will always be wishes and dollfie dreams I will never get.
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    15. I feel unfocused. I’m bringing home dolls I like but don’t know the characters for. I’m sending out dolls I’m not as attached to, and no longer have characters for. I just want to know who the ones I’m keeping are. I have the standards: Rina, Tacet and Balik, and now Acyra and probably Zilvriia and Vidania, but everything else is a little jumbled
    16. I'm actually really satisfied with my collection right now. I've finally given in and started to connect my dolls to the characters I made as a child, and they suddenly just snapped into place in my mind as though they were always meant to be.

      With the 'where do these dolls fit in my life?' question settled, it feels really, really good. I love my resin gang, and have bought two new dolls this year - both beautiful tanned SD female sculpts that have a lot of character in the face. I find that I've always had a hard time bonding with the big-eyed anime looking sculpts, and back when I first joined the hobby that limited what I could get. There were also much fewer tan and deep brown dolls, which was also limiting, and made the ones I bought harder to bond with.

      Now, I have a much higher standard for myself. I only buy tan and brown dolls for starters. I have all the normal/white resin dolls I can stand, and no longer buy those shades, so that cuts out almost all of the resin thirst - if a company doesn't make a tan that's dark enough I lose interest in them, so I'm not overwhelmed with too many offerings.

      I also have a very strict standard in the sculpts I like, and the recent derth of art dolls really helped me lean into wanting realistic, ethnic looking sculpts. I'm curating my collection around balance, so I am focused on collecting only SD girls to balance out my derth of SD boys. And finally, I cut back a size: I'm also not buying MSDs anymore. Cutting out a second size range helped me define what it is I like best about dolls, and what I want to do with mine. I have quite a few MSDs anyway, but I enjoy my 1/3s the most.
    17. Lately I've been feeling a bit frustrated with my collection of dolls.. I have a floating head that's stressing me out because I badly want to find a body for this head, but no bodies seem to work. Then I have another head on it's way that's probably also going to be tricky to find a body for... and I'm overall feeling quite un-inspired by my dolls (probably because of depression).
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    18. I'm pretty happy with my dolls, just wishing some of them had more clothes and shoes. I would like to do photo stories for them, but the lack of clothing and shoes limits what stories I can work on. There are dolls on my wishlist I would love to get, but I'm not in a big hurry to acquire them.
    19. My boy will be 2 years old in december. He is unfinished. I need to mod and paint him, sew some proper clothes, and redo his wig, because his 60cm long one becomes totally unmanageble...My next doll is on layaway. I'll finish paying it in march. She is blank too... I don't know when will I get her, Doll Chateau's waiting time is like some kind of horror... already don't know how much I will like her. She was love at first sight, but now I am so numb... So I just can't tell how I feel about her, but I am hope that I will fell for her again when she will be in my hands.
    20. I'm in the midst of mixing up my collection right now with selling four and waiting on two. But the rest of my crew I'm pretty happy with. I was debating on keeping my one SD since most of my collection is minis and tinies but he's become special to me. I have only one floating head that I just got from a fairyland event so that needs a body.

      I'm hoping to stick to only ten dolls max and I'm currently at six full dolls, two more I'm waiting on, and one head so I can plan out just one more doll. It's going to have to be pretty spectacular :XD: