How Do You Feel About Your Collection Right Now?

Sep 12, 2018

    1. More than a year later, I'd say I'm still 50% content, if not a little less than 50%.

      I've found that I have bonded better with my vinyl guys, just because of their "accessibility". They are much lighter and easier to handle than my resin "crew". Having to sit and essentially look at them everyday over the past fortnight or so, I've come to realise that I don't touch my resin pieces nearly as much as I do my vinyl guys.

      Yet, I still want their characters in doll form. So, I've been looking at shrinking them in a physical sense, by re-shelling them in FID or Raccoon Doll sizes. Thereby, keeping their maturity but making them smaller, lighter, overall easier to handle and transport. Or, I rid myself of the resin altogether and stick with the vinyl guys. But, then, most sites dedicated to BJDS - like this very forum - wouldn't welcome me.

      I don't know, overall. The entire world feels like it has turned upside down, and I'm questioning things on a subconscious level. There's an anxiety that's leaking into my main conscious. For some reason, it's manifesting as concerns over my current doll crew and wanting them in smaller sizes.

      I just need to take a step back and, maybe, write all of this out in a word document. To get it out. I did start doing that the other day, actually. A list of current dolls and heads, a wish-list, the plan to switch out SDs for FID-size dolls. Current hopes for the collection. I've always told myself that I wouldn't go over 10 dolls, especially if they're SD-sized, and I have kept to that with this new plan. But, having smaller dolls means they don't take up so much space. Yes, the vinyl guys will dominate whatever space they take up, being the tallest, but I want to see my plans come to fruition, with Ethan sitting with his three bandmates and Sam (his girlfriend), and my Ancient Korean couple and his horse (hence, wanting them in smaller than SD size). And my Capcom guys (the vinyl pair).

      And, with my most recent distance-learning degree module officially cut short due to the pandemic, despite being distance-learning based, I've almost got all the time in the world to torture myself with dreams of a FID Bichun and complete crews!! *_*
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    2. I have two characters I really would like to shell sooner or later and I wouldn't mind getting more 1/3 scale versions of the characters I have in 1/4 scale. I do like my doll collection as it is, though. I'm not feeling rushed on getting those future dolls.
    3. I think my exact thoughts regarding my current collection would be "Why are there so many of you?" ;) I like them all. No regrets. I got one potential candidate for selling, one lying in his box till can get the money together to finally have him painted and several that need new/better face-ups but all in all, sculpt-wise, I really, really like my crew.
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    4. I am pretty happy with my collection. I do have one boy who has been waiting for a faceup for nearly 2 years, so that is something I want done this year if possible. With the quarantine I am not sure when the artist will be able to do him for me. I also have a boy I am not quite happy with and it could be a wig thing as I am really fussy about hair.
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    5. My collection as all in boxes and completely unorganized, so I feel a little disengaged with them, I've not even looked at a doll in a year, two years? Someone definitely needs to go, and I'm contemplating finally getting that MiniFee I've always wanted. Maybe this year I'll get everything organized!
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    6. I'm overwhelmed! I likely will not be making any doll purchases (except for paying off my last layaway) for the rest of the year. Currently I've got two full dolls at home, three floating heads at home, a body on the way, two heads on the way, and a body on layaway. None of them were impulse purchases-- the two full dolls had 4 months spread between them, but then a preorder suddenly opened up and I ordered my third, because he was next on my list. And then my girlfriend found her grail, and we paid for that. The list goes on. I think once they're all home I'll feel much better.
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    7. For me, my dream dolls are not collected. So I think I need more:celebrate