How do you like to pose your dolls when you aren't using them?

Mar 21, 2019

    1. I sit mine down on the desk with my books and laptop. It's a delight to look at him as I work.
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    2. Three of mine are sitting on shelves in my room, in fact Keai is cuddled on Jiaying’s lap looking adorable. I have my first doll standing using one of the flexible stands from Alice’s Collections, and she’s in a pretty dress with a bonnet so I have her posed with her hands together looking demure. Those stands seem pretty sturdy for 1/3rds. I tried the 70cm one for Ezio, but those Granado bodies just seem to top heavy for me to trust him upright.
    3. Mostly they have to put up with being plonked on the skelf in whatever pose they naturally take on.

      Due to space constraints, a lot of them are crowded togehter so there's not much space for detailed poses but on the few occasions I have the time to fiddle with them they are stood or sat in groupings as best I can manage:

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    4. Unfortunately, I tend to just haphazardly sit or lay my dolls wherever is in reach :sweat my parents are making me a display case, so I'm sure eventually the ones I'm not actively working on will be nicely stood up, but I can't see myself not just sprawling the "active" doll wherever is conveniant
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    5. Most of my tiny crew is in two small display cabinets and they're either sitting or standing in as characteristic a way as possible. For exmaple, my coolkid boy has one foot on his skateboard and my girl who loves magical creatures sits on top of a dragon statue! (and my favorite girl sits in front of them all, taking up most of the attention lol :XD:)

      My msds don't fit in the case and have been sitting together on my bedside table away from the's nice seeing them whenever i enter the room! <3
    6. i have all of my ‘finished’ (the ones with faceups, wigs, and bodies) dolls standing using their stands in cases behind glass. i try to keep them in casual poses that are easy for them to hold, but i do try to keep their poses looking natural and in character! the ‘unfinished’ dolls have their own shelf and are mostly sitting and resting.
    7. My dolls have their own shelf where they sit with their feet dangling down. Some of them have their hands and arms posed while others have their legs crossed and others like to pose leaning against each other. I like to change the way they sit whenever I move them around.
    8. I have them chilling on some benches and couches I have. And the ones who don't fit go on doll stands.
    9. For the longest time my dolls were either flat in their boxes or sitting on my dolly shelf. I don't have boxes for all my dolls because most of them are second hand and didn't have their boxes, or in my SD girls' cases they came as kits from the company. But I just finished building them their new home and as soon as I get the foam they'll all be snuggled in their own little aoft protected slots in a cabinet with no sunlight! I'm really excited about it too.
    10. They hang out on doll stands, in or on the glassed cabinet that holds other similar art objects. :)
    11. I used to keep them all on the same shelf unit, but recently one of them lives on my head board and another one lives on my dresser. Those two are two of my favorites and I play with them the most. xD Most of the selved dolls are posed white sitting.
    12. Helg stays behind the glass in his own cabinet near my bed, and I always try to pose him looking on me, when I'm sleeping. His second personality and image is Keeper of Dreams, so I belive that he cares about my dreams :) Also I try to pose his arms in some way to make him looking more natural.
      He stays without any doll stand, and I hope that his future neighbourhoods will do the same)
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    13. I keep mine stood on the floor in front of my wardrobe. It's the only place in my flat other than the bathroom that doesn't get direct sunlight. It isn't ideal because I have to move them every time I want to get into the drawer they're leaning against (for this reason I now only store clothes in there that are out of season or I rarely wear haha) They're not really doing much, just chilling and guarding my clothes I guess xD I do like to try and keep them in natural poses though. My Soony always sits because she is harder to pose naturally while standing and I worry about her falling. Sometimes I pose my JIDs together because they are the same scale and their characters are best friends (plus it's just cute)
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    14. I have mine sitting on my dresser where I can enjoy them. I have a couple of SD sized chairs that can seat two msd sized dolls, the rest sit grouped around the chairs.
    15. I don't have a designated doll area, so my dolls are just kinda anywhere and everywhere in my bedroom. I'll usually have them just sitting on my desk or on my arcade cabinets with their legs dangling off the edge.
    16. When I have my dolls displayed, I like to arrange them with body language and postures that seem to suit the personality/character I imagine for each doll. It makes them more enjoyable to look at. Currently, I don't have most of them out, since my doll room is in the middle of being ripped apart for a remodel. So I've been sort of rotating thru one doll at a time being displayed on a stand in my living room.
    17. All my dolls are sitting in a casual/relaxed manner. My SDs are "watching a movie on the couch" together (which is about as diorama as it gets at that size). It's kinda adorable, and it suits their characters and relationship. 6 of my MSDs (the teenagers) are sharing a shelf and kinda leaning on each other in a big cuddle puddle. The actual romantic pairs are bookending the shelf so the big and little spoons can nestle together while the cutie sammich in the middle are holding: a pet and a snack, respectively. My last two MSDs are either draping sensually over a chair or fiddling with their spell components. And my tinies are all sitting on a small shelf snuggled up under blankeys.
    18. Two of mine are sitting on an ottoman kinda tucked away in the living room. The other has been spending time perched on the shelves next to them. I would like to get them a display hutch, stand them in fitting posing with props but that’s a way far future thing.
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    19. I have mine standing on my dresser, with stands, except for one who occupies an egg chair. They have casual poses, they aren't really interacting with each other. I enjoy having them on display :)
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    20. I'm in a small apartment, so my guys are mostly just sitting on the shelf! I do have some of them cuddle, or hold stuffed animals, or do tiny things according to character, though!
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