How do you like to pose your dolls when you aren't using them?

Mar 21, 2019

    1. I have my dolls in displays with all sorts of props & furniture. They're posed different ways, a lot sitting down but those are petting a cat or reading or in conversation with another doll. The don't just stand or sit around, must have them doing something.
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    2. I have mine on the corner of my desk. They're usually holding something like a tiny plush or little embers ( which scale great with msd). I have a chair and a stand that they switch between. My goal is to one day have a display cabinet so they can do more.
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    3. They used to sit on fruit box hahaha, now they're sitting on a new furniture set but it's a little too tall for them. I hope I can get a bed from them soon...
    4. I try to keep them naturally sitting or standing, like they are waiting for smth (may be for me to touch them haha)
    5. Mine are on shelves posed doing something they enjoy doing like playing the cellos, sitting on the couch sharing stories, sitting with laptop in hand, etc. I try to have them doing something and change them up every so often. I love having them next me as I am at my desk or on the computer. I love to go pick one up and play with her for a bit then put her back :D
    6. My dolls sit in a cubicle shelf right above my sewing desk. I've been making a lot of clothes for them recently so their poses are a mix of comfortably sitting and half dressed nakedness lol. But when I have them in something I like, I'll make them lean against each other, or hold hands. I aim for natural poses as best as I can so they can just chill with me when I sew.
    7. I prefer put my doll back into the box, since it will keep yellowing at a minimum, and I know a owner that one of her doll couldn't stand properly after been sitting on the shelve for too long.
    8. I move a lot, so it changes. Right now they are sitting on a shelf in my closet. Before that they were under a blanket on a bed. Before that they were in the floor covered in clothes or in suitcases.
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    9. Mine sit on my bookcase and my desk. I my two msds who are best friends with their heads turned facing each other like in a conversation but for the most part they all just sit there lol
    10. My two girls are posed sitting down with their legs dangling off the side of my unit just while I'm not using them....want them on display but not in the direct sunlight.
    11. I love this! I would forget where I left mine if I did this haha...I would go to get into bed and be like oh hey haha.
    12. My big boys are all seated on a 'bench' (actually two SD-size doll boxes stacked on top of one another) with the two 70 cm dolls standing in the corners, leaning against the wall and the side of the shelf unit.
      The little ones (15 cm and smaller) are in a glass cabinet - two groups of MSDs that 'belong together' and three groups of YoSDs. The tinier ones are in another glass cabinet - they have furniture and toys and things to play with, so they're usually posed with 'stuff'.
    13. When I dont play with my dolls they are stored inside my wooden cabinet where sunlight cant ruin their glorious resins. But when I do bring them out I just let them sit and be looking pretty on my working table as I draw. :3nodding:
    14. You must be a sound sleeper, I'd be terrified of kicking someone out!! :sweat

      Mine are on a bookshelf I've converted into something of a diorama- Mheki and Parry usually sit on the sofas since that's all that suits their scale, and I do try to pose them like they're comfortable. Jael is always posed with his toys, or holding his blankie.
      Carlisle however, is a pest. He's too tall for the shelf unless he's sitting on the edge with his legs dangling over, so he's usually on my human desk. He's kicky, but once he's stood up properly he is solid, so I tend to leave him alone after that X)
    15. Most of them just sleeping in their box, a few of them sitting on my bed:XD:
    16. my dolls are casually sitting on a a shelve above my bed, but I really want them to have a Diorama to hang out and chill... a cosy living-room or something... but in SD size, this will be a lot of work and take up a lot of space... nevertheless... one day... *muahahahha*
    17. Mine are on a shelf and are on stands so they are standing up. I like how they look that way.
    18. When I'm not handling them, I prefer to keep them laid down safe in a drawer. qvq
    19. I have a large diorama sans walls that mine pose in doing various things.
    20. I usually put it on the table.:XD: