How do you like to pose your dolls when you aren't using them?

Mar 21, 2019

    1. My Yosd size doll sit on the sofa I made for him and the MSD size one stand on my table, I like the feel that they are with me when I either study or do the crafts.
    2. i actually mostly keep my dolls stored (one in a doll bag, one in his box, one in a suitcase lol) bc im terrified of them getting super yellowed in the sunlight and also a bit frightened of theft, but lately ive been keeping my newest out on my (shady) desk. why pay that much for a thing to sit in a box yknow?? i usually just pose him standing casually, hip cocked or stepping a bit, and i like to give him something to hold (ie a tiny origami piece or a book i bound for him; right now hes got a cute bag).

      im about to move to a new and far more spacious place, and buy some new furniture including a shelf. its very sunny in that apartment, but maaaaybe if i can find a nice shady corner, i'll think about pulling the others out and posing them casually interacting... id love to have them all in a mini diorama someday, but my fear of sunlight will probably be the death of that lol :XD:
    3. My biggest doll either just sits on his shelf. Maybe holding something or looking in a special direction. But since my dollzone star has no legs she is quite difficult to pose, so she just lays either in her box or in another doll's arms. (That looks cute so I don't mind).
    4. Sitting on a work table and watching what i do.
    5. Basically I love them just sit their and it feels like they are there with me.
      But I do like to pose them when I take pictures for them.
    6. I put my in a silky cloth bag and put them in a backpack. I use their boxes to store faceplates and clothing :frownyblush:
    7. Mine just stands there since I still haven't figured out a proper place for him. Once I have the space I'll get him a sofa. =)
    8. Naturally and casually. Everyone is straight chillin' when I'm not doing anything with them.
    9. My girls are waiting in their box and I think putting in the boxes will keep their situation good.
    10. I think my girl will have some sort of action pose, like she's playing on a phone or something.
    11. Due to an unfortunate lack of space at the moment, my boy tends to more often than not find himself perched on top of a stack of books in my room. I tend to give him his own little book to hold, however, so it's fitting at least.
    12. They “sleep” while I’m not with them.
    13. My MSD's all have stands but my Larger and Smaller ones are sitting in different poses!
    14. I always feel bad when they are sitting for some reason. I like for them to stand instead. XD So if I can find them a spot where I know they won't fall from standing (like having support), then I like to stand to display them. Right now, they are just in my closet on display to keep them away from sunlight and stuff.
    15. one of my boys is standing with support, the other one is sitting.
    16. If I'm not doing anything with them, they are usually either in the shaded display cabinet or in their boxes. The ones on display mostly sit, unless they are better standing (such as my DC Lydia on the spider body).

      I really need to get on with making some stands because there will soon be too many dolls to have them all sitting!
    17. I have like... no space so I stand my dolls on the bookshelf in the little gap between the books and the glass door haha

      It's interesting to see how everyone likes to pose theirs and what props they like to use :)
    18. All of mine sit at my wig making desk, the ones with bodies have their own little metal chairs. lol
    19. I pose them all on my shelf in one way or another, sitting or standing depending on how capable they are. I usually try to display them in a pose that enhances their character, whether it's a tilted head or a hand touching their glasses or just crossed legs. If possible I like to have pairs of characters (like good friends or partners) standing or sitting together, just because I think it's cute.

      My SDs actually have furniture, so they sit on that.

      It's very rare that I put a doll away, since I paid for them so that I can admire them.
    20. I just pose them sitting, usually on my desk.