How do you like to pose your dolls when you aren't using them?

Mar 21, 2019

    1. Mine are sitting on the desk, while I'm working. I'm posing them comfortable and lifelike. I like to have the dolls around, it's nice to look at them time by time.
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    2. I only keep one or two dolls outside while I keep the rest in the closet or in their boxes, I make this one or two dolls sit next to me on the bed while I work on my story, and I make them sit facing me so I could always look up at them when I need inspiration, which actually ends up being a distraction coz I just can't stop looking at them :lol:
      Other times, usually when I am sleeping or outdoors, I just let them sit comfortably on a chair next to the bed
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    3. I normally display my two MSDs either sitting down with a plushy or sitting in my 70cm boy's lap when I'm not messing with them. I mostly keep my big guy in his rocking chair.
    4. Free-standing. ...on a high shelf. ...above a concrete floor. :yawn

    5. I leave my dolls in a diorama and i pose them like they’re just hanging out together having a conversation. I like to see all my characters just hanging out together
    6. Mine ar MSD but they are quite tall so they just sit down. I still wish I had a taller display for them and I actually want to get some doll stands. I don't know much where to look for stands though and the ones I've seen were too expensive. I could use some pointers here I guess =) To be frank also, I do like sitting them in gracious posed, I usually take their legs to the side and bend their elbows so they sort of touch their faces. Do you guys think that this damages the elastic faster? Is this a think at all?
    7. my dolls just sit on the shelf, also I cover them with piece of opaque fabric so that sunlight does not spoil the resin.
      Of course I would like to have a vitrin for a doll, but my place in the apartment does not allow this
    8. limited dolls are standing with a heavy duty stand in a pose that portrays their character well while my regular everydays ones just sit around my room just chilling or holding onto things, i use mei to hold my readying glasses by my bed and aaron is my phone stand
    9. My girl who is an msd sits on a chair and table set I made for her on a table in the living room. There are currently a lot of coffee cups on her table so she looks like a caffine addict.
    10. They sit on a moving box I never unpacked and now use as a makeshift doll shelf. The direct sunlight from my window doesn’t reach there, luckily. Back in college, Krina sat on the little shelf attached to my dorm desk and watched me study (or, more often, mess around on the Internet).
    11. I have a little couch and bed for them that they hang out on. Currently they’re sitting on the couch together in my favorite outfits for them, and my one floating head is hanging out on the couch with them too.
    12. I've got most of mine in their boxes except for my EID, who's the unapologetic favorite. He sits on a storage box while making rude gestures with his jointed hands.
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    13. They are usually on a shelf "posing" for a group photo.
      So, the characters that are best friends, they look at each other; the characters that are siblings, they are hugging each other, etc.
      Some of them are standing (with the appropriate stand), some of them are sitting (because they need to fit in the photo-frame) and so on.
      I have never thought about it, but I think it's really cute. :)
    14. My little Soom Ai was in a chaise lounge purchased specifically for her a long time ago, and as the hand sculpt sculpt allows it, she's putting her finger to her lips to "shhhh," since she's in the bedroom. It's perpetually sleep time. I have since moved her for cleaning, but will put her back at her post soon. My other two are currently in their storage pillows inside a carrying case and awaiting a few costume items (and a bedroom redo) before coming out of hiding.
    15. My dools are sitting in a vitrine or on a shelf
    16. They are either sitting at the shelf and covered with a towel or just lying in their boxes.
    17. Chaeri is my more or less constant companion, so when I'm not directly interacting with her she sits on the edge of my table or desk. When I leave the house to go shopping and I can't take her with me, I put her to "sleep" in her futon/doll carrier, which protects her completely from the house panthers (who are convinced her wigs are cat toys).
    18. My resin folk mostly sit around. I hope to build accommodations for them eventually, but in the meantime they occupy shelves and my dresser. If I ever put them behind glass, I'll probably put UV-blocking static cling on the inside of the glass to keep light from damaging them. Also planning to put it on the inside of my regular windows soon.

      (It doesn't dim the room particularly, just adds an extra barrier for harmful UV rays. Can also help electric/utility bills!)
    19. Mine are in stands behind glass on an IKEA cabinet. I also cover it with a blanket when I’m not home to minimize light exposure. I tend to keep couples and siblings together on the shelf, posed a little bit like they’re interacting with each other.
    20. Mine are in their rooms -- eating in the dining room, sitting in the living room, reading, talking, in bed asleep. They are posed depending on what activity is appropriate for the setting.