How do you like to pose your dolls when you aren't using them?

Mar 21, 2019

    1. My MSD and smaller sit around in a little diorama area, on doll furniture. I can change the furniture for pictures, but leave a basic living room up for sitting. The SD dolls are on a shelf by my second older computer next to me. I can see all of them from my main computer and its great to just look over and see them. Seeing them makes me smile.
    2. Everybody lives in a little cabinet. 3 have stands, the rest are sitting. I have one I've started keeping out recently. My room gets indirect sunlight where she is sitting in a cute little chair. I figure if she's not green in a year or two (I have mostly tan/brown dolls) then maybe I'll consider keeping the rest of them out too. For now, I am too paranoid.
    3. Mine all have either an IKEA couch/ dog bed or nice chairs. I like knowing they are safe and comfortable.
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    4. If they are just in display and not part of a "scene" I tend to always give them something to hold. I know they aren't real and don't have feelings but I feel better they have something special and suited to them. They also kind of mill about together with larger dolls holding smaller ones on their laps and leaning over as if to whisper in another dolls' ear and so forth. I always feel bad about any stuck in their boxes (the scene in toy story 2 I think with the mint in the box scene broke my heart!) and prefer them to mingle a bit with each other. I am sentimental about them but it pleases me to see them "socializing" as opposed to just stuck there.
    5. Mine is always on a bookshelf with her feet hanging out. I like to see her around so I cannot just stuff her in her box.
    6. My girls usually sit on a shelf in my bedroom. But when I get my “hobby room” up and going they’ll have their own spaces and will be posed.
    7. I have a big chair that my boys fight over lol. Whoever is having something made for them waits in the big chair. It is on my kitchen counter because we have a small house! I have a bunkbed and let them chill there (in pajamas.) BUT this is if I want to look at them! If they are going away in the closet I store them nude to avoid any sort of staining.
    8. I keep my dolls on stands in cabinets. I would worry about them if they were standing alone.

      I only have one BJD. For a few months, I had her sitting on a little decorative box reading a book. She looked adorable. She is on a stand now.

      I would love to have doll rooms for my collection but I don't have the space.
    9. My dolls all hang out next to my chair. The SD girls have their own shelf and like to cuddle. The MSDs have a wicker bench and always end up looking like high school girls sharing some juicy gossip. And the little girls have their own cubby that has been turned into a little room with Claire’s cell phone holders as chairs, today one of them is playing switch and the rest are watching their laptop.
    10. My smaller dolls and my Maskcat Margo are all in a Fabrikor from Ikea. My SD sized dolls are all on a shelf placed above my TV where my cats are not able to reach. Regardless of where they are, all dolls are either using a stand or they are seated.
    11. My dolls are in their boxes when I'm not actively doing anything with them. I might keep them out for an hour or two when I'm waiting for better lighting, but that's about it. When they are out for that amount of time, I usually have them standing on the couch or next to me for a little. I have cats that really would love to chomp on a doll wig so I pretty much have to keep an eye on them if they're within cat's reach.
    12. My dolls have a "Doll Hotel". I like to pose them in their rooms with their specific belongings. I try to put them in natural and comfortable looking positions. The problem is if their pose it too good, the photo ops never end. Lol.
    13. Right now they're all just sitting on my bookshelves. I'd like to get a nice cabinet with a glass door for them, but I just don't have the space right now.

      I do try to sit everyone next to their buddies so they don't get lonely.
    14. All my dolls remain sitting in a glass cabinet when I'm not playing around with them. The little ones sit on cushions or chairs, and the big ones are sitting on small boxes.
    15. My two grail dolls alternate using a bjd stand. If one is standing, the other is sitting. I'm not good at posing them yet.
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    16. Man, all of these answers make me reevaluate how I keep my dolls. Right now one just sits pretty on the shelf and the other chills out in his box, but now I think i want them to have more dynamic poses instead of just “not playing right now. Gonna sit this down.”
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    17. Mine sit on an American girl doll daybed I thrifted for $1.99 at goodwill! (Wanted to highlight that deal) they each have plush toys they hold, and I transport the daybed to wherever I want them.
    18. Mine are spread between a shelf and the top of a bookcase, all sitting.

      Currently, they're all 65-70cm, so they're quite awkward to pose any other way in my current set-up. I wish I had a cabinet with glass doors and spacious shelving for them to all stand up in "interesting" poses of, say, conversation or an arm draped over a lover's shoulders. But, at the same time, I'm currently thinking about 'shrinking' them. Not downsizing. Switching from 65-70cm to 45-52cm, in a mass re-shell. Save for two. So, the current bookcase, even without glass doors, would be a suitable 'storage' solution.
    19. All my dolls just sit on various surfaces in my work/doll room. I've got a diorama set up but there's no chair or anything for them to sit on and I really don't like them to just stand on their own when I'm not working with them (don't have stands). But they typically have some type of expressive hand positions going on though so it's not like they just look stock stiff.
    20. I'm still sculpting my doll, but what there is of her mostly sits cross-legged. She looks great in that pose
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