How Do You Transport Dolls to Cons?

Sep 13, 2019

    1. I know Resinsoul dolls come with a bag they fit in specially made for dolls, and have heard the bags sometimes pop up on the secondhand market, since people who order a lot may end up with a stockpile of bags they don't use. They have cushions inside and all that ^^
    2. resinsoul will also sell them to you individually if you email them! i think they quoted me $30 per 72cm bag since i wanted to get one to carry a couple of MSDs at the time!
    3. I have an underseat carry-on bag from Samsonite (that I found at TJ Maxx- such a treasure trove when it comes to luggage) that I bought for less than $50. It can hold my doll sitting along with the rest of my carry-on essentials, and it's got a million compartments so there's no worrying about snacks and doll getting friendly mid-flight. It's a soft material, not that hard back style, which I prefer because sometimes you might end up in a seat with slightly less space than you were promised. Soft material conforms, hard carry-ons end up in the overhead storage of doom.

      I travel frequently and almost always with my doll. I have never bothered to remove my doll or anything that isn't my empty metal water bottle and my laptop from my carry-on, and I have never been asked to do so either. Don't make TSA's life difficult and they won't make your life difficult is the lesson I've learned over the years.

      When I'm out and about, be it walking in cities or at conventions, I have a backpack I use to keep both my doll and art supplies in. I have a pretty one I use for local stuff, and a less pretty but very durable backpack for when I need to travel. I personally prefer backpacks over rolling suitcases at conventions, because the rolling suitcases get in everyone's way and are so easy to steal. For cities, same thing and you're also go to stand out if you're running around with a suitcase versus with a backpack on.

      The more you travel, the easier it gets. You'll figure out what works for you in no time.
    4. Ohhh, I didn't know that! That's really nice info to have at hand!
    5. I've got 2 storage methods I plan to use; one I've got a padded bag from Dollmore for SD, and I managed to come across 5 old carry cases for fake arms (used to practice access for IVs etc) which are plenty big enough with custom foam cut outs :)
    6. i travel to cons with dolls all over the world this is the best i can say from my personal experience. if its close and your driving your good just prop them up in a seat buckle them up and your off, you can always opt for a carrying case or putting them in their box and stacking it along side other things if you dont have room. if you plan on flying your best bet is to hold them, all flights allow one carry on item and an item you can keep with you which would be your doll, they arent friendly with luggage so i would never put them in your luggage or bring them as a secondary package its always safest to have them in your lap on the flight, then final if your busing either keep them in your lap or once again a padded carrying case that you can put over head. all my dolls are 74cm+ so the smaller the doll the easier it is
    7. Yes, It's very comfortable to pack my doll into tripod bag
    8. I think a shocking protect bag is enough for my child, but when I want to bring more than 3 dolls, it should be all kept in the luggage!
    9. For local cons I can drive to I use doll carriers; essentially glorified yoga mat bags. My favourite I got from Dream of Doll ages ago for MSD sized. It can fit 4 minis standing. For plane travel I pack them in my large carry-on using clothing as padding. Though it's a toss up on what security reaction is to seeing the hooks in the xray scanner. Some are 'meh, carry on', some weird looks, while others think its hilarious.
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    10. One of the first things I did was to get "official" carrying cases for my dolls. I think I found two on Dollmore (for different size dolls). The other one (for a larger doll) was made for her size so I didn't have to go to Dollmore. I just felt that I wanted my dolls to have cases made for them, also it was easier than trying to guess which doll would fit into which case. I am not good at imagining things like that.
    11. For YOSDs and MSDs I've typically used the artboxes you can buy at jo ann or similar craft stores, and they fit in quite nicely sitting down. Admittedly this really only works if you're only taking one doll, but ordinarily that's easier for me to keep an eye on.
    12. As I prefer to only carry around my Yo-SD and tiny dolls and just one at once, I protect their faces with a face-up mask and introduce them in a soft pouch I received as part of the packaging of my Yo-SD doll, then that pouch travels inside my handbag so I have control over it the whole time.
    13. I'm still considering to buy an actual doll carrier bag. Up until now I have used: hard case trolley, and laptop bags for my big SDs. I wrap my dolls in towels, and put on face protectors before putting them in though. I think a doll carrier bag would be much more convenient.
    14. I use a bag from Resinsoul for my MDS dolls and for the bigger Dolls a bag from Iplehouse with cushion in it. For the tiny dolls my friends often use a spectacle case. You will need also a head cap to protect the face up. Hope this helps :3nodding:
    15. Because most of my collection is tinies of varying sizes, I have become really tempted to design my own bag. o_o Thinking about making something with a bunch of compartments big enough for a 26cm-ish doll and their pillows. And for some of the compartments, I'm going to sew a couple of rows of velcro up the side. Then for my smaller 10-14cm dolls, I want to make detachable pockets with cushion lining that I can mix up and velcro to the compartments as needed. :D So then I have the option of taking different kinds of tinies as I please, or just using the super small pockets as a bag themselves if I only want to carry one really small doll.

      Yeah I want to make life super hard for myself. ^^;; Things I have used for carrying dolls include the carry case I got from Dream of Doll ages ago (I like it, and a couple of my dolls live in it currently haha). Also, when the Nintendo site had it's star points thing, where you got actual goods for points, I got a bunch of cloth pouches intended for holding a 3DS or something. But they're also the perfect size to fit my Pipos Ringo and her cushions. So I put her in with my convention kit in that pouch XD
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    16. I need a roller suitcase because my dolls are very tall and by extension, very heavy.

      Used to be able to fit the collection in a messenger bag, but not anymore
    17. Another vote for well padded rolling suitcase if just driving, that works fine. We’ve discussed it and when going to fly, I’ll take a minimum number, unstring them, and we will get pelican or Apache cases with foam inserts.