How important are doll boxes to you?

Jul 7, 2017

  1. Keep!

  2. Toss them!

  3. Keep if CoA is missing, otherwise toss them

    1. I like to keep my dollies boxes if they come in one! I usually use them to store face covers, packing materials, extra clothes for that doll, and CoAs!

      Even though I don’t currently have any plans to sell my children I like to keep the boxes just Incase I might need to store them away or move them all!
    2. I like having the boxes for transportation, but I live in a pretty small apartment, so it can be kind of hard to find space for everything. It's kind of a coin flip for me. I like having them, but if I can't find space to store them, I'm not afraid to toss 'em.
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    3. I like to keep them because it’s what they came with and they are usually nice looking, if I chose to sell then they would be useful to ship in. Other than that I guess it feels like a COA (it’s not but seems to make the purchase more legit feeling) even though it’s just the box seems nicer when it comes all together.
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    4. I 100% keep them because I love the idea of completeness, however I (am fortunate enough to) have more space available than I could ever fill with doll boxes so I don't have any reason to throw them out in the first place
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    5. Since most of my dolls are second hand, they didn't all come with boxes. I have boxes for one MNF girl, my two KDFs, my RLF, TDF, Lati Yellow (she actually came in a lati white box, but that's ok) and my alicorns. The rest are all boxless. I honestly wish I did have boxes for them because I don't really have a safe storage place for them besides the shelf they're sitting on. Every now and then I put them away for cleaning or when we move, which we've done several times since I started collecting. (Hopefully I won't have to move again, but you never know.) I've actually stared looking for sturdy boxes that can fit the other dolls, or a way to store multiple dolls with sacrificing sturdiness. Space is an issue in my house too, but the value (monetary and sentimental) of the dolls is enough that the little stack of cluttery boxes is not only tolerated but welcome.
    6. I mainly keep the boxes to store my bjd's clothes, extra feet and other bits and pieces. My girls are all kept in a glass display cabinet in my bedroom so I don't feel the need to put my dolls back in their boxes for storage purposes, just to keep all of their stuff tidy. And they have A LOT of stuff!
    7. The box is very important to me, so I will keep the box.
    8. It is handy for storage for tall dolls since it is an unusual box size. The only other time I get long skinny boxes is when my brother orders flowers for mom.
    9. I keep the boxes for storage just in case I need to store my dolls away for a move, family visit, etc. I consider their boxes to be each doll's safe place for when I need to hide them away.
    10. I am so thankful impldoll uses very plain boxes, I'm happily throwing them away! Thank you very much!!!
    11. i’m super on the fence about doll boxes. on the one hand they are very handy for moving and storage, and on the other they take up a lot of space! as of right now i still have all of my doll’s original boxes, but am very much considering getting rid of them. one of the boxes was super crushed in transit (doll was ok thankfully) so if i get rid of one first it will be that one.
    12. Useful to have when moving.
    13. I'm not particularly attached to the boxes but I don't want to get rid of them until I have an alternative method for storing and moving dolls. I might hang onto the biggest ones and get rid of the rest for now though, they're just so darn bulky and I prefer to display my dolls so the boxes aren't in use most of the time.
    14. I'm a terror for keeping boxes with whatever I buy so I would always keep one, however when buying secondhand while I'd like to have the box it isn't completely essential. Although I did pay extra shipping to get the official box of one head because I felt it would protect the head better in transit than a generic box with bubblewrap.
    15. Most of my dolls have been purchased through DDE, and they don't have an original manufacturer box. I keep them all anyway because I have plenty of room in the attic.
    16. I have kept a couple and used them for storage and doll beds. Slap on some fabric and a couple of pillows and voila, you have a doll sized storage bed. But mostly, I don’t care to keep the boxes. They get in the way and are just more things to move around and keep dust off. The only things I’ve kept in their packaging are my three Pop! Figures because I think they look better inside their packinging.
    17. I use the doll boxes as storage containers for the dolls themselves. I only have one carrying case (for a 1/6 scale doll) but she came with so many extras in her fullset that I just keep everything together in the box.
    18. I keep original boxes if I have them, but now that I've passed the 50-doll-mark, I'm seriously thinking of throwing some of them out.
    19. Not very important for me as long as I have the COA, I always buy dolls from over seas, if not mailed in boxes, the price of the shipping will be much more cheaper, I am glad with that
    20. I keep all the boxes! I love the boxes aesthetically and they’re useful for packing dolls away for when you have to move!