How important are doll boxes to you?

Jul 7, 2017

  1. Keep!

  2. Toss them!

  3. Keep if CoA is missing, otherwise toss them

    1. I like to keep them if they came with them. I just feel bad throwing them out cuz they look so nice! And it's really useful to store extras like hands and feet and the like.
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    2. I think it’s best to keep them. Yeah if you were to sell your doll without the original box that would suck for the buyer. Yes at least the doll is there but receiving a package presentation is everything. Even when I collected my tiny DC figures I always keep the box. I would say the value is higher if you do keep the box although there are people out there that don’t care. But in my opinion true collectors of anything keeps the box.
    3. I keep them for the ability of easy travel. I tend to move around a lot, so it's easy to store them.
    4. I actualy haven't thought why i keep them. Those dolls what i bought from firm i have special feels. Some of them are just pretty.
    5. Having done five long-distance (and two international) moves over the past ten years I'm very glad I kept all of my doll boxes. I have /had three dolls who didn't come with boxes and it's so much harder to get those ones packed up securely.

      Those boxes may take up space, but they're definitely useful!
    6. I keep the boxes for... well, some unspecified reason :sweat my brain won't tell me. They're currently useful, though, since my dolls don't have a display area in my apartment (and the room is sunny, so I prefer to keep them away when not in use). It's a better alternative to stacking them on top of each other on my closet floor, which is what I used to do until it clicked that I had their boxes LOL.

      I'm also holding on to one of the box's exterior shipping box... if I ever decide to sell the doll, how am I ever gonna find such a perfecly-shaped shipping box? I GONNA sell the doll, though? Well... the answer is currently "I'm not even considering it," so why am I even keeping it... just weird brain logic that isn't grounded in reality, I guess *_* the doll's box is stored inside the shipping box, so it doesn't take up any extra room (and I can still open the doll box with it inside), so I really don't even notice it.

      I agree with those who said that the box feels official, almost like a part of the authentic doll-owner experience.

      I do have a secondhand doll with no box, however, and I'm not bothered by that... but I do have another box that she fits perfectly into. I guess my conclusion here is "it's a storage thing."
    7. I keep the boxes, mostly for keeping things "complete", like keeping the certificates. The only one who doesn't have his original bag/box is my first Dollshe, and that's because the bag got so thrashed (darn white canvas) that i think I either got rid of it entirely (that white canvas got really roughed up) or stashed it somewhere in favor of his Dollzone hardcase, which in my opinion is an upgrade.
    8. Mine did not come in a fancy box, just plain cardboard. I only kept Simone's box. I use it as a shared "bed" for all my dolls. If I get a doll in a nice box I will absolutely keep it, even if I don't wind up storing the doll in it. I am a box maniac now thanks to Konmari. Always on the lookout for nice, sturdy boxes to store my various items in.
    9. Not at all, really. They just take up space. But I need them when I move to new place, so I'm keeping them. I'm going to move into temporary flat soon, I have planned that for quite some time, so boxes keep on gathering and taking up space:eek:
    10. I keep them for future shipping purposes. If it weren't for that, they'd be going in the recycling bin.
    11. I was kind of amazed at the overwhelming number of people who keep boxes! Obviously, it's an important aspect of collecting for a lot of people. That shouldn't surprise me, since I would imagine many people prefer for safety reasons to keep their dolls stored in the original box if they aren't on display.

      It's just... ugh. I hate keeping boxes. After years of overcoming the urge to Keep! All! The! Things!, I finally broke down and tossed tons of boxes and decorative containers that used to house various dolls, collectibles, and figures. I guess if my collection stays as small as it is, I should just anticipate keeping them.
    12. I would keep them, always good "just in case" you end up selling.
    13. It's funny, in the past my answer was I prefer to keep them given the choice, but I'm not fussed about the lack of box. Yeah I've come around full circle, I'm just done with how much space they've been taking up!

      Now my preference is to toss them unless it's a really well-crafted box. If it's just cardboard with a little sprucing up I don't care, it's going away. I'd much rather have carry bags for them if I need to take them places/move. At least those can have multiple uses/less bulky to store.

      My SO and I's collection is veering more towards 1/3 and up these days, so that might have a part of why I'm done with big old boxes taking up space.
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    14. They do occupy a fair amount of space but I keep them since it's a box that's guaranteed to work if I ever need to pack my dolls up. I don't anticipate selling my dolls, but I collect anime figurines as well and having the box adds value since it's a more complete package. That attitude's carried over for me so it's another reason to keep them around just in case.
    15. They're definitely awkward, but I keep the boxes. As others have mentioned, I like having them in the event that I sell a doll. (When possible, I keep the shipping carton as well as the doll's box.) I'd rather let the buyer choose whether or not they want the box. It feels incomplete, to me, without it.
    16. I send the boxes to recycling. I'm trying to cut down on clutter and they're not realistically (for me) going to be used.

      The only boxes I'd keep are probably the decorative ones, like the one my PukiPuki came in. (It looks like a fairytale book)
    17. Not all my dolls came to me with their company boxes-- two of them were secondhand bodies and then my Impldoll came from the company in a carrier bag instead of a doll box. I do still have the boxes for everyone else, but that's only because I don't have a good permanent display area that everyone can fit in yet. So I still keep my dolls in the boxes when I'm not actively doing something with them. Once I finish remodeling my art room and I have good display space set up for everyone, the boxes will go to recycling. They're just too big to keep them just for the sake of having them, and I'm not ever going to sell my dolls so that's not a concern for me.
    18. I feel the exact same way. I personally hate the boxes, but I keep them only because everyone else cares about them lol. They take up way too much space, and they definitely add to clutter. I know with other dolls, there is "value" in even the shipper box, ugh. So many unnecessary boxes. *_*
    19. Out of the many dolls I own, I have only kept 3 boxes. Only one of those boxes currently has a doll in it. The rest are used to hold all my accessories/clothing since my dolls are generally kept in a little windowless cabinet I have for them.
    20. They're very important to me because I'm moving in and out frequently so the boxes help secure my dolls in the process. I put them all under my bed .