How important are doll boxes to you?

Jul 7, 2017

  1. Keep!

  2. Toss them!

  3. Keep if CoA is missing, otherwise toss them

    1. I'm generally not very keen on keeping boxes for anything I buy, but I'm trying to resist the urge to throw my doll's box away for now. I don't have anywhere dedicated in my room to keep him or his stuff, so right now that's all packed nicely in his box, but once I figure that out...

      If I acquire more dolls in the future, I'll probably hang onto the boxes of ones I'm not sure I'll keep, since I know other collectors prefer dolls to come in their original box.
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    2. Boxes are very important for me, because they could have many funtions here :)
      Like transporting my doll, or keep their acessories/clothes/furnitures there, or if I decide to sell the doll I have a better place to put it, so transport damage wouldn't be a big risk~
    3. I don't really care, but if you are going to sell your doll in some point its great to have it.
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    4. I keep them all, I can't make myself throw them out and they're great for storage. Will also come in handy the day I decide to move.
    5. They aren't important for me but they are very important for other people. Therefore my parents' attic is full of doll boxes carefully wrapped in plastic.
    6. The original box is really important to me because I keep my doll inside their box for storage along with the pillows that the company sent!
    7. I keep all boxes:)
    8. I do not have the space.

      My room is small and I feel it would be selfish of me to take space from others or the storage room (plus I hate dust)

      I only buy dolls from the company or dealer direct so I can have proof of purchase like the COA, the store receipt and paypal receipt also.

      I throw the box in the trash :huh?:

      I only keep the box if it looks pretty like it has pictures of the doll on it like the Volks dolls
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    9. If you keep the box for one thing, then why not keep it for everything - and, honestly, who has the space to keep boxes from everythign they buy?

      The only boxes I keep are for appliances that need to be in the original packaging when they go back for servicing (which is basically just my sewing machine). Doll boxes are like any other packaging - disposable.

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    10. I like to keep the boxes for storage and also in case I want to sell any of my dolls in the future (though I probably won't!). At the same time, if I was buying a secondhand doll I would be okay with them not having the box, as long as the COA is there.
    11. I use my doll boxes to store my doll clothes so at least they are not empty.

      I like having them this far. But I wouldn't mind if I had to toss some of them- like for the common dolls. But for Limited dolls, I will cling to the boxes.
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    12. No room, no boxes. They are very handy when selling/shipping dolls but I've moved to a one bedroom apartment & the boxes had to go. I used to keep them when I had a house but even there I ran out of space. My collection is fairly large & I collect dolls not boxes. I know they're important to many people but I could care less. Besides, try having 100 or so dolls, not only BJDs but artist dolls, fashion dolls & antiques & figure out where you're going to put all those boxes.
    13. I keep them, however it's barely feasible to do so and I only have six full dolls. (60-72cm.) You never know when tastes or circumstances might change and I feel it's hassle enough to sell and ship a large doll without having to source a sturdy box of the perfect dimensions when the time comes. I was very glad to have the boxes during in a recent long-distance move, as well. That said, I think the story would be different if I had 20+ dolls.
    14. I prefer to keep all of the boxes for my dolls. At times I put my dolls away whilst I focus on other things, so it's handy to have a safe place to store them.

      The boxes do take up more room than the dolls at present, so I've started to flatten the largest of them and put the other boxes inside each other.
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    15. I'd like to think when I receive my first doll that I will get rid of the box. My goal is to have less clutter in my room. Although minds change all the time :)
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    16. I love them so I keep them ! some boxes like the Dollfie dream boxes have the doll on the box and that's really beautiful for me .The problem is the space
    17. I keep the boxes, but they need a new place! But I need a new place for them
    18. I had a situation where I was forced to get rid of a lot of things I would've preferred to keep, and had to throw out my doll boxes. That was probably six years ago and I still feel sad about it. The boxes were really pretty and I figured they would be nice to have for things like moving. I feel a little better reading this thread and seeing that not everyone saves the boxes.

      I like this perspective. :XD:
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    19. Boxes are extremely important to me. I keep all boxes except for 'non-collector' Barbie or action figure boxes. When I look at buying a used doll, if the doll does not come with its box I expect the price to be reduced and usually still pass on it. Boxes are great for transportation of the doll, storage if the dolls rotate (like mine), and outfit storage as well. It also helps me verify that the doll is legit (even if the COA is present).
    20. It's pretty important for BJDs for me. Not so important for other doll types. I have both of my BJD's boxes safely stored (and my Minifee's body is currently still residing in her box, while I work on her face, clothes, and so on), because they're sturdy and good to have on hand in case I need to store them, or move them securely, or anything along those lines. I would also send them in their boxes, if I were to ever sell them in future, because it seems the safest method. They're designed to hold the dolls safely and securely, and I can't speak highly enough about the custom cut-out foam that larger BJDs often come with. That level of care in packaging always impresses me.

      I also have saved the boxes from my two Pullips, but most of my fashion doll boxes are gone (with the exception of my SDCC She-Ra, because ... um. That Castle Greyskull box design is too good to trash).
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