How important is poseability to you?

Jun 18, 2017

    1. pose ability is important, but I look at sculpture first!
      I don't care if pose ability is terrible. i think pose ability only need to do basic things to sit down or stand up.
      But I don't want to make sure that sculpture is not pretty.
    2. Not really important to me. My migidoll Ell can't stand without his ankles buckling, but he's perfect in every other way so I'm not worried about it.
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    3. Posing is important for taking photos and for just hanging around. I want my dolls to be in a realistic pose in a diorama. I don't want the old Barbie straight leg sitting on the chair look.
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    4. Pose-ability is definitely a big deal to me, simply because of the photos I take. My first doll (DF-H Bei Lie) spoiled me with his pose-ability. Strung just right, and can twist into just about any pose with ease. I have another doll (Doll Love Brian) who is one of my favorite dolls, but oh is he strung tightly! It drives me bonkers because his hands are constantly snapping back and forth, and his legs don't pose very well.
    5. Never knew, so didn't care, about poseability when I learned about Lati's. I fell in love with them and they were all that mattered. Since then, I've seen so, so many cute poses people have done with their Latis. l'd love to pose my girls but they won't even stand alone. One, she can't support her own weight and her legs buckle and flip around. Some of this is operator error not being used to handling these dolls and some is the dolls need restringing. Some might even be Latis are not posers. Should that be the case, I guess I'll live with it. There is no way I'll give up my girls, I love them too much.
    6. Poseability is a very good plus for me, if a doll havn't it, I think I can't have it more, I will sale it...
    7. It's VERY important! After she came in I noticed she was a bit to tight so I had to restring her. (man that was a pain) But now she poses wonderfully. My goal is to take some proper pictures once I have a spot and some props. She needs to be able to stand as well as touch her face as well as place her hands on her head nicely, which now she can.
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    8. I'll admit the first thing I always look at is the sculpt, and only then do I start looking into other details. I always look up the doll on youtube though to see how they pose before buying it, though. I love doing photoshoots with my dolls and having them be able to decently hold poses makes life so much easier. I had a doll before that just loved to sprawl all over the place so I just ended up selling it in the end out of frustration, even though I liked the sculpt initially.
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    9. It is very important to me. I need a doll to be able to stand unaided and sit straight up and with a slouch. That is the minimum I demand. And I have one doll that can do the most amazing things, but he can not stand without aid and neighter can he sit straight up. And it irritates the h*ll out of me. And I do not do that much with my dolls?
    10. Posing is not that important to me, since I rarely play with them, but keep them on display, for viewing only. All my dolls are standing on their feet, straight up, on doll stands. The only joints that are in use is the arms and hands, and a knee or two that are slightly bent.
      Dolls are beautiful artifacts for me, like a finished work of art - and no one would start to paint over a Van Gogh, would they :lol:
    11. I'm not particularly inclined to collect statues or figmas so movement is very important to me. To be more specific I'd want my dolls to be more than just a statue. I want to be able to fiddle around with it or have it wave at my friends. Maneuverability is what got me into this hobby in the first place so yeah, it's important for me. One of my favorite dolls can hardly stand with out outside assistance but I can make it bow and point at things so that balances it out a little bit. I'm not really sure if that would count as posing though.
    12. For me, poseability is super important. I hate it when dolls can't pose naturally. That having been said, I realize some of the aesthetic quality of a doll body is sacrificed for greater poseability, but I feel like the trade-off is worth it in most cases. It is possible to make an aesthetically pleasing body that also poses well.

      Ironically, my favourite doll in my collection is my Iplehouse nYID Oscar, who basically poses like a brick. This frustrates me no end, but, then again, his posing really has nothing to do with the reason he's my fave.
    13. For myself the face sculpt is the most important thing, then the body sculpt. The ability to hold a pose well is icing on the cake. I'm always looking at pictures posted by others and I really admire and enjoy the art of their posing in them.
    14. I don't own any resin bjds, but I do have an obitsu azone hybrid. Posing is #1 for me. I love dolls that have ball joints and when they have a nice faceup, that's a plus.
    15. I do care about posing but if I like the scult it's okay as long as they can sit somewhere looking pretty c:
    16. I like pose-ability, but I prefer visible ball joints over peanut joints. They look more classic, like antique ball-jointed dolls. I think Gem of Doll's Chubby MSD's are the perfect compromise, though.
    17. If I love the sculpt, I'll deal with any poseability issues after the fact. Most of my dolls lounge on sofas and in chairs, anyway. :)
    18. I would not think of purchasing a doll who could not at least stand and sit with ease and hold other poses with some difficulty. If I fell in love with a doll that was a struggle to even stand then I would look into making a possible hybrid.
    19. Posability is very important for me. I will find myself fond of single jointed dolls and have some of my own, but I don't interact with them as much as my double jointed ones.
      It just gives them more life!
    20. It's a dealbreaker. Double versus single joints isn't what makes a doll more or less poseable: I love my two EIDs but they can't pose worth a darn. If any other character bodies would work I'd swap them. I have an OLLLD Minifee single joint body and he poses miles better than any of the double jointed Iplehouse giants.