How important is poseability to you?

Jun 18, 2017

    1. Pose ability used to be so important to me, I liked my dolls to be able to look very dynamic and realistic! But now, as long as they can sit or stand looking 'comfortable' I am ok with it :) Maybe because I don't take as many photos of my dolls these days^^
    2. I feel like I've been spoiled by the poseability of small fashion dolls and action figures (1/12 and 1/6 scales) to the point where I was shocked when my new MSD couldn't fully put her hand to her chest! I guess the ability to pose well is still pretty important to me right now.
    3. I don't really care. I use a stander to hold the doll and they just stand there or sit. No complex posing at all. LOL
    4. I like poseability. However I've got Iplehouse EIDs & 2 Dollmore SDs so obviously it's not vital LOL
    5. For me movability is not a big factor I pick dolls base on what characters I can make for them or if their design is unique.
    6. Very important. I have no patience.
    7. Prior to having my April Story Diana, I would definitely have said that appearance was more important...up until I had to deal with the weird joint system of that particular body! :sigh It was really difficult to make the choice to sell her, as she was simply STUNNING (body included) but the way her joints locked and the fact that the back was so swayed she couldn't stand correctly just drove me up the wall! :?
    8. My Dollshe Rey Lewis is strung pretty tight and it drives me crazy when he just goes into convulsions. I love the ability to pose just don't want a black eye out of the experience.
    9. I love poseability at the point of serious thinking about modding my doll to get her some double joints.
      On the other hand I know myself and am aware that I won't touch her a lot once she's fully dressed, so I kinda think "what's the point of modding?"
      It's a neverending discussion in my head about her, heh!
    10. Poseability is important to me, but I think I may prefer a well engineered single jointed body to a double jointed body.
    11. Poseability is very important to me, I have a hard time bonding with dolls that pose poorly. (It frustrates me so much when I can't even pose a doll for a few seconds without them flopping/falling) :sweat
    12. I think having poseability is a plus but it depends on the intentions for the doll.
      Rather have a doll that can pose when you want, than to struggle.
    13. I would say that posing abilities matter somewhat, since I like having the ability to have legs swivel, and have hands touch faces.
    14. I want to take pictures and possibly do photo stories so poseability is paramount.
    15. I value sturdiness over poseablility. If the doll can sit upright and stand sturdily then that's what I care most about.
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    16. I have discovered the woes of excessive possibility. I got the pose l4 body from Dollshe for its numerous joints, but found that the extra waist and thigh joints were too much. Tom will not stand up without a fight. I must say he is a champion sloucher, though.
    17. I'm still new to the hobby and I chose my first doll for her aesthetic.. I didn't really think about poseabilty until I had her in had trying to pose her. I think its a bit more important to me that I realized and will keep it in mind for future purchases.
    18. very, given that when I have trouble I use them for pose references
    19. i think its the most important thing to me, right before aesthetics. ive seen dolls that i think are beautiful but they just didnt pose well enough. dolls who cant really move give me a claustrophobic feeling for some reason.
    20. Very important! It's 80% of the fun for me, actually, but I'm suspect because I like to take pictures and use them as posing models. It's a shame that my first and only doll is bad at posing though...( i v i )