How important is poseability to you?

Jun 18, 2017

    1. not really... since i am terrible at posing dolls, so as long as they can stand, sit & some simple poses, it's good enough for me.

      i am very particular about aesthetics though.
    2. I have to admit, at least for the moment posing is very important to me ;-; Aesthetics are probably the first thing that attract me to a doll, but if I find out they're not great posers I tend to move on. There are exceptions of course but, I think a lot of the fun for me is seeing what interesting positions they can manage for photos!
    3. Poseablility is very important to me. I've had a hybrid doll with a beautiful AOD body, but the poseablility was horrible! Photoshoots where a nightmare! I'm saving up for a new body. Hybrids can be tricky sometimes because I want the resin match to be close enough and to be able to go with the head. Lately I've been looking at double jointed bodies.
    4. Like others have said I'm awful at posing so poseability isn't really important to me when considering a doll. For me it's all about how they look ^^
    5. I'm not a person who poses their dolls a lot but still poseability is very important for me. In fact, one of my dolls has changed three times her body just because poseability reasons (though I have to admit that, in the case of one of them, the problem was also related to aesthetics). Thank god for hybrids xD
    6. I own a few IpleHouse EIDs... That fact alone should answer the question, given that those guys (and gal, in Grey Kestrel's case-) pose about as well as bricks.

      In fact, I'd say bricks are actually *BETTER* posers than Kes. A brick can at least stand in one place solidly. With her ridiculously weak ankles, I can't say the same for her. :lol:
    7. I thought it wasn't but... Yeah, I was a bit spoiled by owning pretty much only Dollzone/Doll Chateau dolls for so long. When I got my leekeworld art body I was sorta dumbfounded... like is this what a single jointed doll is like? HOW DO PEOPLE LIVE LIKE THIS SHE CAN'T EVEN TOUCH HER FACE

      That said, I still kept the body for aesthetic reasons... I won't say that I'm never getting a subpar poser again, but I'm definitely taking the jointing into account on every doll I buy from here on out. If a doll isn't double jointed I definitely can't justify paying as much for it.
    8. Awww... for me, I guess it depends on the sculpt. I love Iplehouse sculpts, although they are not the winners when it comes to poseability. Some sculpts tend to be very poseable but their joints make them look kinda weird to me... so I always need to find a balance between two sides...
    9. To me possibility is everything.. I like to have my dolls look realistic while posing for photos, for that reason I only own double jointed bodies!
    10. it doesnt reallh matter to me when i buy them because i can always restring them later and apply hot glue amd alluminum strings to help better pose later.
    11. Poseability is fairly important to me since part of the reason I got mine was to be an art reference, though I did sacrifice some movement for the sake of aesthetics. (And, hey, we'll see what I regain in the end once sueding and wires come into play. In the meantime, I've got other sorts of figures to fill the gaps.)
    12. I own older dolls and when I first started out I don’t think double jointed was the standard yet? And if I was I don’t recall haha. Well I really just want a doll that doesn’t flop around. Ideally one that can stand on their own and sit decently. It’s not a huuuuge deal breaker if they don’t pose well but if I was really on the fence about a doll it could sway me. I’m getting some new dolls soon and I can’t wait to see the new standard!
    13. It really depends on the doll for me :/ if the look is perfect and embodies my character, then it’s not the breaking point for me, but I’d really like my dolls to have good possibility as I like to photograph them and pose them.
    14. The entire reason I like these dolls as much as I do is for all of the photography possibilities. I like the idea of being able to dress them up and pose them and take all kinds of fun photos of them.
      So I'd say posability's a pretty big deal to me.
    15. Looks and aesthetics are important to me but I also enjoy being able to pose my dolls, especially standing positions.
    16. It's important but I would still choose the mold/style first and then look into switching bodies after probably. I'm contemplating getting my luts kdf different bodies because I don't really like the poseability of their hand/arms.
    17. I really like dolls with a lot of mobility, even if it comes at the expense of making the doll less attractive for some people. I personally don't mind my doll having a lot of parts since it's not aesthetically unappealing to me, and they'll be covered with clothes the majority of the time anyways.
    18. I love a doll that poses well, but I get so sucked in by the aesthetic of a doll that I'll get one that I've fallen in love with even if no seven devils can get it to hold a pose, haha.
    19. I love with my eyes.) If I don't like what I see, poseablity doesn't matter.
    20. It's not really super important for me I think... I mean at least for a character I have in my mind! As long as they can stand and sit and do something with their legs and arms, it sounds okay. When doll is beautiful, it can only stand and I'll be in love : D