How important is poseability to you?

Jun 18, 2017

    1. Since I am still new, I don't feel the possibility really is a deal breaker for me. As long as the doll can stand without helplessly falling over, I am good with it. Even if a doll did have great possibility I think it's user error on my part because I am not the best at posing for photos (either my dolls or myself in photos lol). I love looking at doll photography, but not the best at creating it myself. I mainly focus on outfits and wigs =^_^=
    2. Crucial. While I am willing to sacrifice the occasional joint for good aesthetic, what is the point of having an expensive, posable art toy if it cannot pose? Art is expression, man. I need to have variety in my photos.

      ...Of course, there are people who take brilliant photos of dolls with minimal posability. It's a personal preference. But for me the dolls are models, and need as much flexibility as possible.
    3. Even as a kid, I wanted dolls/toys that posed well. The more joints, the better.
    4. Poseablity is all important to me. Being fully articulated and able to hold a pose, along with their lifelike beauty is what drew me to bjd.
    5. Poseabilty can make or break a doll for me. Being able to pose well makes playing with them much more fun.
    6. Indeed :-) Totally agree.
    7. Obviously not much as most of my collection can’t hold a pose and are best at sitting. I do have a couple that are excellently designed and it’s like ‘wow, this doll is amazing !’
    8. Not very important, I think face is the most important thing I care.
      However, if the body is too difficult to post a very simple pose, I might be really disappointed. .
    9. None of my dolls at good posers till i have a minifee

      Omg I'll never regret getting this doll
    10. I don’t care about рoseabilty if the doll has a beautiful body / face.
    11. Aesthetics > Poseability
      that's just how it is for me.. my son is a horrible poser tho i've tried to wire him and still did not do half good. As long as he can sit i'm fine honestly.
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    12. For me poseability is very important and I actually don't know why, because I don't play with doll so much. But ordinary balls in hips for example can prevent buy for me.
      Also I'm always looking for poseability, that meets aesthetic.
    13. I care about both pose-ability and the aesthetics of the body/face. I'm a bit spoiled because all my dolls have been great posers so far. I am hesitant to buy dolls with single jointed arms and legs for example, even if I love their appearance.
    14. I collect old school sculpts so... erm... not important XD. As long as they can sit and stand, I'm a happy camper.
    15. To an extent, I don’t mind, but there are some good improvements that I really appreciate overall. Some ones though are like... the adjustments look weird? Like companies are getting better with knee and elbow joints without resorting to the beans, but sometimes it’s worse? I’m not very articulate about this...
    16. it's 50/50 i fall in love with detailed limiteds that their outfits are to intricate with soo much layers that i just wanna display them and thats it so my limited dolls poseability doesn't matter to me because i wont take them out or do anything with them BUT if it's one of my regular dolls or just a limited body/head with no outfit i want the poseability, i want the double joints,the jointed hands, i want to be able to hold poses and look elegant doing it and it can be a main thing when shopping for normal dolls for me
    17. Pose-ability isn't the first thing I look for in a doll, but I always try to go for dolls that are double-jointed when I can. The aesthetic of the body always come first for me though.
    18. Posing is actually excessively important to me! So much so that I will IMMEDIATELY turn down a body that's single jointed. I need double jointed elbows and knees at the absolute least- bonus points for thigh mobility joints for rotation, even more of there's an extra shelf in there. I generally shy away from single piece torsos and go straight for three-piece ones- though recently I've settled down a bit and started contemplating two-piece torsos as a happy medium. Oddly enough, I've actually become picky with the mobility within the wrists and ankles? As well as the general ability for the head to move on the neck.

      On the other hand- I will, on occasion, accept sub-par posing if the body's aesthetics are absolutely ON POINT for the character, particularly if that character is a preexisting one. But only if those bodies have double jointed knees and elbows. I suppose a minimum of bells required, whistles are a bonus, so to say.
    19. For me, posing is not very important. I am happy with them sitting properly. Sadly I have not so much time to play with them, but I enjoy looking at them every day <3
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