How long did you doll search before you fell in love?

Sep 20, 2016

    1. I bebopped around for about three years before finding one that pushed me over the edge into actually buying a doll instead of just browsing listings and thinking about it.

      I think the time it takes to find “the one” differs for everyone, it can be a couple of minutes in or a couple years in and that there’s no shame in either of those extremes ^^
    2. For me I had to see the doll in person for it to really click for me that it is "the one". Obviously, this was easier before the pandemic with access to physical stores that had dolls on displays or meet-ups and/or BJD conventions where one can see various dolls all at once. The next thing would be box opening videos and/or owner pictures/videos to confirm if a doll I'm interested in looks as good outside of the company website's stock photos as they do with their in real life owner pictures/videos. I think I searched about two years before I found the one back when Volks USA had a showroom in Torrance, California. I had gone in with low expectations as my heart was set on Nobility Doll LIE (a doll that I've only seen online). But then I saw the display SD Kun in a fun outfit and asked permission to handle her, and I knew I had to have that combination. Rest is history. Since then, I've pretty much stuck with see the doll in person somehow then the next tier down of owner pictures/videos before I finally make a purchase.

      I will say this though, I really did pine for Nobility Doll LIE. At least, the image in my head of what I saw based upon the company stock photos. I thought about him like everyday and I even started making a story in my head of what kind of character he would be in a story I would write. Thinking about his backstory and all that kept me going until I finally had my first doll. The pining for him eventually went away when I saw a different Nobility Doll in person, but every once in a while I get a longing for the idea of him. Then I discovered Iplehouse dolls and Luts Senior Delf dolls and I was like, "Oh no...I can't afford all this." Hahaha.
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