How long is too long for wait times?

Apr 12, 2018

    1. I don't think there's such a thing as "too long", it all depends on how badly you want the doll, lol. The longest I've had to wait so far was only four months for a dollzone body. Oh, wait, I'm wrong, the longest I waited was six months for my two Raclettes from La Compagnie Des Radis, but that was because I did a six month layaway. I would like a villitunes mimi chu one day and she has a seven month wait for her dolls, that's gonna be hard, but again, I really want the doll so I'll deal with it.
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    2. I actively avoid doll companies that take longer than 6 months. I was tempted by a few Dollshe sculpts, but the wait times put me off entirely. It mostly just makes me worry about the company's stability/efficiency.
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    3. I waited 9 months for my Loongsoul Jingling (Selias) but honestly I love the doll so much I would do it all gave a lot of time for me to prepare clothing and wigs and eyes and all of that stuff for him but MAN that was a heck of a wait.
    4. Yeah, it really depends on how much I want the doll and how likely it is that I'll ever find it secondhand.

      So I definitely plan to buy a Dream Valley body even though they apparently have a ~6 month waiting period, just because they seem to be a pretty obscure company and their dolls are so good that it's definitely worth it. I want that body so much I don't mind the wait.

      But I'm not going to bother with the 6 month wait period for Doll Chateau because I can usually find their sculpts secondhand and the doll I want (Snowborn) is something I'm not even 100% sure about. If a Doll Chateau I'm interested shows up in stock or secondhand I'll snatch it up, but I'm not waiting 6 months for them anytime soon...
    5. I don't know if I could wait an entire year, but I have had a 6-month wait before a doll was shipped and then a few more months before I could go pick him up. Since I have other dolls to keep me occupied, as long as there's not uncertainty about whether it'll happen I'm usually fine with waiting. And since I'm the type of person to forget about things quickly, getting the shipping notification after months of waiting is almost like an extra surprise for me. :XD:
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    6. The longest I've personally waited for a doll is 3-4 months, which I think is pretty acceptable. I've been hearing horror stories of people waiting for dolls for over a year, which is ridiculous. Granted, I've been waiting around 4 years now a OOAK plush commission, but the artist is also a friend and we're in regular contact. I feel like if making a product is your business/livelihood and not a one-time thing, then its the business's duty to get the product to the customer in a timely manner.
    7. 2-4 months is what I can reasonably handle. I start getting antsy and then I'll lose interest in the doll. Happened twice with my doll chateau orders, always right on the 6 month mark and I end up selling them to fund something else.
    8. Ive been waiting little over two months for my first doll. I don't think I could handle more than 5 or 6 months. I just don't have the patience for that and I think I would end up not wanting the doll because of it.
    9. I've waited nine months for a Dollzone order and it was a YOSD, not that the size factors into wait times unfortunately.

      I have also ordered from Dollshe in the past couple of years and I got away with a seven month wait for one order and four months for my second. I wouldn't want to order from them again though, given how long the wait list is at this stage.
    10. I'm currently in a dreaded wait for an artist doll, which SHOULD only take 6 months, but they keep switching casters so I don't know when I'll be getting them :( that's why I stay very active in the second hand market and pay off ASAP! This allows me to have dolls within days or weeks versus months!
    11. I’ve done six months, seven months, even a year wait. I’m burned out on long waits. Now my maximum wait is three months, if the doll is something I really want. Even the shipping times seems to have gotten longer, well, maybe I’m just imagining that. :sweat These days, secondhand and in stock are my go to choices.
    12. I waited 2 months. its normal ;D
    13. I’ve had two dolls that took a year to get to me. One was Asleep Eidolon and they actually sent the dealer the wrong doll first. After they realized their mistake I think they had the new correct doll sent within mere weeks.

      The other was Latidoll and that’s pretty normal for them. I don’t like the way they conduct their business with bad communication and horrendously long wait times so I won’t be buying unless it’s secondhand.

      I had started a Dollshe layaway but my life turned very bad all of a sudden. My waning interest in dolls coupled with a year long wait felt like too much so I took the loss and cancelled the order. That was two years ago and I don’t really regret it other than the money I lost.
    14. I was just thinking I would not wait more than 6 months but then just realized my Dust of Dolls have just shipped I ordered them the end of August so that is 8 months! would have been 6 months if I had not ordered the faceups. I just try to not think about a doll once I order it and only very occasionally go look at pics again to remind myself I ordered a doll! then when it ships it's almost a surprise. Faceups for dolls can take a long time also and I am not a patient with them as it's hard to be apart from a head once you already had it in your hands and connected to it, then also the feeling of how it will look after such a long wait - will it be worth it?! always a gamble. But I do still gamble because a nice faceup that you love is worth it sometimes.

      I think a three month wait is much more acceptable though. Which is about as long as volks takes to do the FCS order. 2.5 to 3 months.
    15. I'm only impatient if the company has promised fast delivery and it turns into a long wait. Also if the company starts acting flaky-- then I get paranoid.
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    16. It usually depends on how bad I want the doll (and how likely it is to find it secondhand) for me to draw a line in the sand regarding wait times, but I generally stick away from companies that take longer than half a year if I can help it (unless I plan to purchase via layaway anyway).

      Overall, I’m generally pretty patient as long as I am aware of how long the wait will be from the get go. I definitely get super antsy if a company takes a significantly longer time to deliver on their product than originally advertised/promised though.
    17. I’d get paranoid if it was much past 6 months, unless it was a preorder with a stated “shipping planned for __ date”. It just seems like sometimes doll companies go under, and I can only think that one with a year or more turn around would be likely to just disappear one day.
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    18. I also am waiting on a dollzone, I was told 16-20 weeks. I think anything over 6 months is too long, I just can't. I have heard of people waiting 13+ months, that just crazy. I really think companies like that shouldn't take so many orders, that people wait that long.
    19. 6 months max for me. Any longer and I feel like I should look for something second hand and more immediate. I can't imagine buying something knowing it won't arrive for another year.
    20. I think 3-4 months would be my longest... I'm waiting for my first new doll now. All the others I've bought or traded secondhand! Sooooo my max wait time might change depending on when I receive her! Ha ha