How long is too long for wait times?

Apr 12, 2018

    1. 5-6 months is my average wait time. Too long is 8+ months. I've unfortunately had some bad wait times with dolls due to events and other issues. But hey, all that long waiting has really improved my patience over the years!
    2. You really do have an amazing patience!!! Hopefully your doll arrives soon!
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    3. Thank you <3
      Sadly i´m still waiting -.-
    4. i plan on ordering from dollzone soon but unfortunately for me i am extreamly unpaitient as i barely even let glue dry full for things xD when im in gear im in gear normally i just tend to distract myself from it all xD so i can wait for a while as long as i keep remind myself its compleatly worth it
    5. My record is 6 months because of a problem with the delivery and the company did not say to me that they had sent the doll !

      However, if i command a doll I think I can wait 4-5 months for a "normal doll" (but if the doll is "special" like a SD centaur with a full set... I can wait more) :)
    6. i have never had a too long wait time, my dollzone silvia was on wait time for only 4 month, but i have heard rumors for dollzone that they can go up to 7 month. so more than half a year. that would be way too long to me.
    7. I normally have a pretty good idea of the wait time before I order. Anything that goes past the average wait time for a company is too long IMO. For instance. I ordered from Dollshe and expected I'd be waiting 8-12 months, but the first time, my doll arrived in two months and the second time in five months. I ordered from Impldoll and expected to wait two months and wound up waiting just over five. The wait for the Impldoll order was much more excruciating despite both Dollshe and Impldoll taking about five months because I expected to wait longer for Dollshe and less for Impldoll.

      So I guess knowing the average wait time sets my baseline for how long I can wait before I start to get impatient.
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    8. Good Morning. The longest I waited for a BJD was my Kaye Wiggs Elf Missy. I think the wait was about 8-9 months. I'd have to check. But I waited almost two years for another, non BJD doll. That was very hard.
    9. *STILL* waiting on those Mystic eyes, here... October will mark the two year point.

      That really is too long. :horror:
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    10. I should be getting my Raspberry soon, making the wait period a little over 9 months. Honestly? Not that bad! :lol: It's been pretty nice not having to be in a rush to buy clothes and shoes. I somehow keep forgetting to buy a stand, though....

      In the industry I work in, 9-12 months is nothing. It's not uncommon for designers to debut new designs in the summer and not have anything from the collection ready until the NEXT summer. I know some customers who have happily waited 24 months for intricate, custom pieces. That much I probably couldn't handle, but I think anything under 12-16 months is fine.
    11. Oooohhhh I'm so jealous. I want a raspberry so bad! Congratulations!
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    12. I agree with @UrbanHermit that I'm more likely to get frustrated and think that the wait is too long when the wait time goes much beyond the usual time frame for the company. I am also more likely to be frustrated with longer wait times for dolls than doll parts (which is perhaps strange, as it would probably be more realistic to expect a part to be finished sooner). It's worst if the company provides me a specific time quote for an item and then fails to follow through.

      It also tends to depend on the season. I am much more impatient during the winter holiday season and during the summer because my schedule is more free to do something with the doll if it arrives.

      Finally, the most bothersome is waiting for an artist to list a doll to be sold. For example, I've been waiting for updates regarding Boypink's muscle female body for years and I really want to buy an AngelsDoll human eared Lucia and buy some of their bodies, but AngelsDoll hasn't made a human Lucia head or updated the bodies (which they stated they would do). I'm also waiting for the possibility of a revamped Impldoll muscle female body with their new shoulder joint which allows a shrug. Not having any timeframe (and not knowing if the project has been started or will ever be started) is really hard.
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    13. I think I’d start to get antsy after the six month mark. I think a few people brought up a great point with losing your enthusiasm for a doll during the wait time. I think it’d just be awful to wait a very long time and feel the money could have been spent elsewhere.

      Thankfully I’ve never had to wait that long! If memory serves both my dolls were in stock with DDE and I was just able to place my order and get them in... 1-2 months? I got them both as presents so the exact date was kept a mystery from me lol!
    14. I think the longest I've waited for a doll to be made is about 4 months. I've waited 6 months voluntarily for layaways before. I'm now signing myself up for a 12 month layaway, we'll see how long it takes for the dolls to be made and if I can pay them off early. I think that might be my max. I'm only able to be so patient because I have so many other lovelies to play with while I wait.
    15. I couldn't imagine waiting over a year... That just seems like torture. Personally, around 6-7 months is my limit.
    16. I sometimes have to wait for 5 to 6 months when its a pre-order and my doll is not being created until I finish paying her off. Its super hard to wait.
    17. Haha, wow... what a coincidence that this topic came up again right now. I was so close to place my first custom order for a doll during the last days... but then someone pointed out the waiting time of the company and I felt like my heart skipped a beat... I really weanted to order a Dollshe Bernard with the gorgeous 35s body... but when I heard that Dollshe's waiting-times are about 6-8 months and more I cancelled my plans.
      I understand that casting dolls takes its time and I know that I would be paying for a custom produced and unique product... but I know myself too well... there is no way that I am patient enought to wait almost a year...
      this is too long for me... and propbably the reason I will stick to the second-hand market for a long time...
      Maybe it is my destiny to safe and give love to dolls that need a new home :lol::lol::lol::lol:
    18. I’m ordering a dollzone body. Wish me luck.
    19. I gave into temptation to order from Dollshe in the fall. I know I'm going to be waiting quite a while for that doll, but I feel it will be worth it even if it takes a year. I usualy wouldn't want to wait that long, but I'll make an exception, that Hound is going to be the right scale for my gang and a beautiful resin color. I'm also ordering through BJDivas, and ordering through an American distributor makes me feel far less anxious about a long wait time.
      2 years would be too long!

      I've gotten lucky and managed to get several in-stock dolls from distrubutors with a wait time of only a week. Especially nice for a doll from Dollzone(6 months) and Xagadoll (I've heard of wait times of 10 months) So far my longest wait was for a head from DZ for about 6 months. I usually wait 3-4 months. So I'd say 6 months is my usual limit.
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    20. Nine months is my cutoff. If I'd need a doctor induce labor to deliver a baby, it's too long to wait for a doll. 10+ month average wait times are also fishy, as a couple people have said? It sounds like an unstable business to me, especially if communication is stagnant. Like, I'd be much more comfortable accidentally stumbling into a year long wait through BJDivas than Dolk.

      My shortest wait time was Dollmore for a Zaoll head. They literally shipped her the business day after I ordered. A single day. Phenomenal. Longest was my Dollzone boy, who took almost exactly six months. I'm currently waiting on a DC body and since I have him on an eight month layaway*, I'm not too fussed if he takes all nine months of my patience.

      * More like 6-7, I can't believe I forgot my own layaway time.
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