How long was it between getting your first and second doll?

Apr 17, 2007

    1. I bought a head for another doll a couple of months after getting my first doll. He was a floating head for the longest time before I found him a body. :lol: But both of them have been sold a long time ago, when I was on a hiatus from this hobby.
    2. I think for me it took about a year. I was very happy with only having one doll but then I stumbled upon my second one and I just had to have him. Now it's been a year since my second and I'm looking for a third. I think I can see a pattern there.
    3. I had a minimium wage part time job at the time. I saved up two years, got two thousand dollars about after that time. I bought two dolls on site from the store while visiting Korea within like two days of each other. I got them some outfits and accessories and BAM money gone. I've never had that much money in the bank since. One was my withdoll girl Yuna, the other my Volks boy Kai. They're married :D I didn't get my other dolls till like a year later. And I got those three others within a few months of each other, as they were cheaper than my first two and I saved money like crazy for that year, hoarding it like a dragon XD. Now I'm dead broke again and jobless. I regret nothing.
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    4. I like making up original characters and creating stories for them.
      And I hate it when I have to draw or write about them ‘alone’. My character would always have at least another character to be lured with, regardless of their rolls.
      So I my ‘first’ bjd was actually twins, but I wouldn’t call any first or second since they were purchased at the same time.
      Now I have three and feel a little indecisive to call the most recent one the second or third. *_* But my most recent bjd was purchased after the twins for 5 months!
    5. I bought my second doll about 5 months after my first doll, and since then it’s getting out of hand. :drool
    6. My first one hadn't even come in before I was ordering a second. I have a quick growing army lol
    7. It took me about 2 years, but I was taking my time, since I was only interested in dolls resembling certain characters. I was ready to look for a fitting doll for years, and was glad when I finally did manage to find the 3 dolls I was contented with.
    8. I can't really remember but I guess it's within 3 months?
      Because I ordered my 1st pair from DOD with a friend, and while waiting for DOD to make n send to us, I bought another doll from DOA.... And it came before my 1st pair of dolls... lol...
    9. It took me over two years. While I was never one to say "I'm just going to buy the one", I didn't have plans for a second for a while. Mostly because I was so taken by all the customisation, the photography, sewing, making props... I didn't feel like I needed another one for quite a while. In addition I am really really slow to decide which sculpts I like, I have to observe them for months and months before "it clicks" with me that that's the one I want.
      I ordered my third about six months after the second arrived and when I got her I felt so incredibly overwhelmed, so I've been limiting myself to no more than one a year, otherwise there is too much to do and not enough time to dedicate to them.
    10. The first doll I got was a bit of a spontaneous buy. I'd already been in the doll customizing hobby, for fashion dolls mostly, and was starting to get interested in bjds when I started following a page that reposted bjd sales posts to help sellers reach a wider audience. One day while I was browsing, just for fun to see everything, I saw a bjd for sale that was the first sculpt of bjd I'd ever seen many years ago. I instantly knew I needed her and bought her almost instantly after an intense internal debate. Since then it's like the flood gates have broken and now (less than two months later) I'm already in the process of buying two more dolls :XD: I'm also slowly compiling a list of all the sculpts I'd love to have in the future and it'll be quite the collection! I hope one day I'll have a lot of bjds
    11. Truthfully, I thought I would only own one doll as I didn't want to own too many. But then plans didn't go as I thought. I ended up getting a head I really liked first and that I guess kind of is my first doll but not because he doesn't have a body. I ended up getting a full doll not too long after I bought the head like 2 weeks later or so and also got a body within that time frame as well but not for the head I previously bought but for a future head I will buy down the line. So essentially I just went ham in buying dolls in like a month >.< Now I gotta slow down and take a break for a while. But yeah...I just went ham and only got into the hobby not too long ago either o.o Woo...but I still hope I don't own too many dolls because space issues :P and money...
    12. I brought my first doll in 2007 and my second doll in 2017.
    13. Oh, goodness. It's been... four years? since I got my first doll (and floating head), and I just started actively planning to get more.
      It's nice to see the variety in comments here! Different strokes for different folks and whatnot.
    14. About 6 months after my first doll, and then not even a month before I bought my third doll. I think my wallet is crying.
    15. Five months. My parents suggested one as a 21st birthday present after they saw how much I loved my first.

      ...doll number 3 was ordered about two months after that, because I didn't know when a preorder for her would happen again and I had a summer job.
    16. Well, that's interesting question. I guess it depends on what you define as a second doll. I had my first doll for a couple of months and then I switched out the bodies. Then about a year later I sold and got a MSD size girl for the same character.

      About six months after I got a second doll. So I had two at once.
    17. Two years. The third one came half a year later, with the fourth's head around the same time... And since then I haven't cared how long it took me to decide to buy one more, 'cause it's become only the question of money.
    18. Mine was pretty quick, maybe 2 weeks before I decided to get another. I was fortunate enough to get them near tax refund time
    19. I’ve had my first mini fee for less than two months. I’ve been stalking the luts website for my second already ,but my next will be an sd size.
    20. I got my first one in October 2015, then when I had more money than expected left over on my tax refund, I got my next one the following April in 2016. So I'd say around six months or so of a difference. I'm still at 2 bjds currently, though if I were to do another big purchase, it would be to upgrade the body of my 2nd one to something more posable.