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How long was it between getting your first and second doll?

Apr 17, 2007

    1. 6 years.
      I got my Rhein in 2012. My second doll will be Minimee and the creation process began at the end of 2017. It's a long process, so I don't know exactly when I'll got the head. I'm not sure that this year. So I can say 6-7 years.
    2. Got my first bjd in 2011, ordered my second one...last month:kitty2. I fell out of the hobby for a while and now that my partner is into it as well we've gotten more involved in the hobby.
    3. I got my first resin doll back in 2014, and have only started to save for a second now. It'll probably be another year before I can afford her.
    4. there was a period of around 6 months for me in between my first and second doll, which i should be receiving soon!
    5. Dang, um..I have to say about a week? Because after I got a guy doll, of course I needed a girl doll to match him for photoshoots I had in mind...

      On the bright side, I'm really satisfied with the ones I picked so I probably won't be getting any other BJDs for a while. Don't want to alarm the hubby by suddenly populating our house with (ethereally pretty) strangers. ^-^ Clothes and props, on the other hand....hmm.
    6. I bought my first doll in December 2014, and while I was waiting for him to ship a couple months later, a friend posted that she was selling one of hers... and the pictures of him were TOO FRIGGIN CUTE to pass him up. He actually showed up a week before my doll purchased from the company.
    7. I always had interest in Barbie dolls. Loved the accessory lines. But I think I had just 1 original barbie between age 6 & 16 & that was hand-me-down from my friend. So I grew up thinking of rarity of barbie & never looked into dolls. Then I moved out from my 3d world country & discovered Liv Dolls. I got 37 of those in 2009-2012...
      I got my 1st bjd in 2011. Wow she is almost 10 years old already! She is still in perfect shape as the day I bought her. It was Resin Soul something. Cant remember what. Budged purchase just to see what is bjd & will I like it. I liked it a lot!
      In 2016 I got 2 more bjds minifee Celine. I bought 1 I liked it & decided that I need a sparebody to test my sewing skills. Ofc new one came with different type of body :( So I got 2 same dolls with different bodies lol. I count them as my 2nd bjd.
      And now in 2019 I just ordered 5 dolls from Pullip family. Big & super expensive but I feel like I need some beauty in my life right now.
      I think the only other doll I ever consider to buy its only could me a doll made in honor of FairyTail character Zeref - I would kill for it!
    8. I ordered my first and second doll at the same time...still waiting for them to arrive because it was recently, but I just couldn't decide between them who to order first!
      Edit: this is specifically in regards to my BJDs, in regards to my start of doll collecting with OT dolls, it was probably about 2 years.
    9. I bought my first a couple of months ago and a few days after, Crobidoll released a doll that was a sculpt I had fallen in love with but was only available in limited edition. So about... 10 days I think.
    10. I guess one month in between if I remember it right :)

      I got my second doll from a friend. My Crobidoll Heidi, which I really really love!
    11. I got my first and second doll at the same time. Before ordering I couldn't decide between two dolls and purchased them both.
    12. several months. I got my first this year around end Feb, 2nd at April, 3rd at Jun, and I just ordered my 4th:dance
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    13. A month I had always wanted a BJD and got my first then saw another one so had to have it
    14. Almost a year later. Six months after I sold my very first doll. Technically my boy is my second doll, but he is alone.
    15. Well... it's been a 11 years so far, but hopefully before I can make that Sirius Black joke! :XD:
    16. About three months; although both dolls I bought were impulse buys. :doh
    17. Two years! It would have been much shorter had my heath not taken a nose-dive right after I got my first boy. :doh

      But now I'm back in the hobby and making up lost time, lol.
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    18. My first doll was in 2014-2015 and my second I just recently ordered three weeks ago, so a pretty long gap. I guess mainly because I fell out of the hobby for awhile but secondly the cost just made me want to wait, but I plan on my third getting ordered around christmas time or sooner if I possibly can.
    19. I've thought about this questions before too!

      I purchased my very first doll in March 7, 2019. While I "waited" I impulse bought my second doll March 21st, after I discovered a bjd seller in the USA (which meant, I basically got my doll immediately).

      My second doll arrived within 5 days. My first doll arrived after 2 1/2 months :P

      So literally 14 days (2 weeks) between doll purchases Lol However, it will be quite awhile before I can purchase another one. (And I already want another one!!)
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    20. It was less than a month I think. I was trying to not buy another but the doll I wanted came up for grabs so I caved.

      My friend commented yesterday that since March I have got a new doll every month lol