How long was it between getting your first and second doll?

Apr 17, 2007

    1. I think of Foxen as being from 2017, because that's when I ordered him, or the day after New Year's, but his COA says 2018, because that's when he was produced and when I received him. I also think of Athena and Rain being a year later, since they were the next year's Winter Holiday presents, but because they were ordered way before the holidays to anticipate holiday delays, they're from 2018 too! Looking at the spreadsheet I have (neeeeeeerd) it looks like none of my dolls are from 2019! The only exception is, weirdly enough this year's Winter Holiday present! Funny how that works out in the end, huh? The holiday I feel the most detached from is the one where the majority of my dolls come from, with literally only one out of my projected six being anything but gifts from that.
    2. I think it was about 1 or 2 years before I got my 2nd doll! The first one I got was a smaller cheaper doll, but because the 2nd doll was a 70cm doll I had to wait to save up and buy him on release day!
    3. I would say that it was a little over a month between arrival for my first and second full dolls. I got a head the month before that, though I’m not sure if that counts or not.
    4. Just over a year, but I’d been wanting my second one for 6 months before I got him
    5. It was ten days for me. :sweat Only because I bought one in stock and then the one I actually ordered first arrived quickly and without any warning whatsoever. I got my third two months later.

      I knew I wanted more than one from the start because I get dolls to shell my characters. Not entirely sure how many will be “enough,” or if I’ll ever stop buying more at all.
    6. Exactly one year and six days from receiving the first one to my second.
      I knew from the start I would have at least a couple, so it was only a matter of researching and saving enough money.
    7. The first time around I think it was a little over a year.
      When I came back to the hobby... Two weeks ^^;
    8. I ordered my first doll from Souldoll and then found an a doll second hand, with original box and certificate. Technically my first doll was my second purchased.
    9. Wellllllllllll... I got my first doll in October 2015, and it’s now almost 4 years on and I have 21. :sweat

      I don’t actually remember the time frame, to be honest. I don’t recall the order they cane in even. I could go back over emails to try and keep track.
    10. Not entirely sure, and I kind of wish I'd kept track now. My first two were both Dollzones, purchased through The Junky Spot months apart, but the second apparently turned out to be the wrong color, so they ordered me a new one and I had to wait. So... it must have been at least six months?
    11. It took me so long to pick another doll because I wanted it to match with my first one, so they wouldn't look strange next to each other. I think it was a year and, maybe, 3 months.
    12. I sort of impulsively ordered my first doll through their official site, then about 3 weeks later while I was still waiting for it to ship, I saw my grail doll being sold secondhand, so of course I had to buy it too before I even received my first doll.... I ended up selling my very first doll that I bought from the company right when I got it, didn't even take it out to look :sweat
      Lesson learned right away to not impulsively buy dolls though!
    13. I bought my second doll while waiting for the first one! :lol: I received them within a month of each other, but then waited 6 years to buy a third doll.

      I got so used to having two dolls that it hasn't really set in that I now have three - but at the same time, the new girl has brought a spark of inspiration and made me fall in love with this hobby and my dolls all over again.
    14. I technically bought my first doll(s) in May, but I'm not counting it because they're still not here :lol:
      Once my first doll arrived, which I bought 3 months after waiting for my preorder, I only waited about 2 weeks before ordering a second, I just fell in love and needed more
    15. Four weeks and two days between the arrival of the first doll and the arrival of the second doll. I ordered the second before the first one arrived.
    16. I’d say about a matter of a week. I got my first doll and immersed myself in the forums. I got inspired to shell one of my OCs and suddenly I had another doll on order. Then less than a month later, I couldn’t wait anymore with my next doll several months away, I found a secondhand doll that I got soon after.
    17. I think it was a couple of months for me, if I remember correctly. I got all three of my dolls within a year of each other.
    18. My first doll I got in 2008. It wasnt until 2011 that I got my second doll. However I got my third doll in 2012, and my fourth/fifth dolls in 2013... I won't keep going. Let's just leave it at the fact that I'm glad I took a hiatus for three years, because my collection was growing exponentially :lol:
    19. I only waited a month before ordering a second doll. I probably should have waited longer, but I can't say I regret the decision as I enjoy him as much as my first doll.
    20. This is a weird story for me. It was about 3-4 years between my first real BJD and my second! I bought a second hand doll from an estate sale on Ebay, and I spent a long time trying to track down who she was. I had a hard time figuring it out, because she was kind of Bimong-esque, but not any brand that I could find online. So I gave up on her and put her in the closet, and gave up on the hobby in general for a while.

      Years later I tried again. While searching for her brand, I became convinced she was a Unoa, and bought a second hand Unoa. Well, then I figured out my first doll wasn't a Unoa, either!

      I eventually found out she was from a discontinued brand called N-Dolls, a sculpt called Miso, and she reminded me of dolls like Bimong's and Unoa's because apparently N-Dolls and Unoa learned sculpting from Bimong or something? But the confidence I had in my dolls gave me more confidence to keep buying more dolls... and here I am now.