How many BJDs do you have? (2019/2020)

Jan 18, 2019


How many BJDs do you have?

Poll closed Dec 29, 2020.
  1. 0

  2. 1-5

  3. 6-10

  4. 11-15

  5. 16-20

  6. 21-30

  7. 31-40

  8. 41-50

  9. 51-100

  10. Over 100

    1. 2 SD, 2 MSD, 2 YoSD. Didn't plan it that way! Most of them are currently packed away while I rearrange the house. I do think on and off about selling one of the MSDs but I don't think I've ever shipped anything that bulky.
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    2. I have three (1 Loong Soul, 2 Lillycat Ninons one light blue and one dark turquoise) and I preordered Youpladolls Ophélie lasy month!l.
    3. I'm glad that 1-5 seems to be the general number. The only person I know in real life who has dolls seems to have absolutely loads! I technically have owned four so far, but only have two with me right now and one on the way. I'm really trying to cut down on impulse buys so I give the ones I have the full amount of love they deserve! :love
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    4. Currently I own one SD16 and one MSD sized girl and I feel like my crew is complete :) Three dolls are the maximum for me since I've noticed that having more than that is just too much to take properly care of.
      Right now I'm still waiting for my Ringdoll Rinku to arrive (ugh been waiting for him for 9 months...) and once he's here I'll decide if I want to keep him or not.
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    5. Only three. Is it too few?)
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    6. One right now, but another on the way (a little worried since USPS hasn't updated the tracking for a couple of days now!). I don't plan on a large collection, maybe three or four? I'm starting grad school soon and won't have enough time for all of the hobbies I have, let a lone a huge collection. I also have nowhere I could store that many (space is expensive in LA). I see a few votes for 100+ and wonder how that works?? That would be more dolls than I saw in the Volks showroom!
    7. going through this thread is crazy! Wow some of you are so dedicated, I'm jealous ;_;

      I have 6 and it's the 90% of my first crew. They are 2 SD and 4 MSD. I am waiting for a body and I have three heads for now, but I'm not counting those in. Hopefully I will also get the body I want for my last SD boy and complete it!
      I have another whole crew in mind but I do not have the space nor the money to go through that sadly.
    8. By now I think that maybe more than 20. Most of them are YoSD size.
    9. 2 at the moment! Although they're more like projects since I'm still waiting for their wigs and I have to sew some outfits for them.
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    10. I currently own 3 SD, 6 Tinies and 2 YOSD and trying to actively thin out the herd.
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    11. I believe I'm up to 14 at this point. Really need to move a couple of them on, but otherwise pretty happy!
    12. I have 2 completed dolls, with one currently in layaway. I also have 2 bodies that need heads.
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    13. I have 3 full dolls and two floating heads. I really need to get them bodies it’s been so long XD
    14. 8 boys at home now.
    15. I put 6-10 for now but it is increasing since I’m on layaways. All of them are 1/3 SD.
    16. I have 5 dolls and one floating head, with the intention of getting as many dolls as I would be able to! (Crazy doll lady right here) :XD:
    17. I wonder though, if having several floating heads sharing one body would count as owning one doll or several? I know I can't afford to buy bodies for all of them, since they are all fairly big boys of 70cm+... (just trying to save money in this expensive hobby XD)
    18. 3 dolls and pretty good with that! They're fun, but as each one can be an ongoing project (new outfits! props! photoshoots!) I don't want to overwhelm myself with too many.

      One blushed/faced up, one in progress, one in planning. If I finish one, I may permit myself another. :evilplot:
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    19. Just the one so far! I keep telling myself he'll be the only one, but...we'll see. :lol:
    20. I've got 7 complete big dolls, 1 puki puki and 1 tiny. Two heads still need a body, but this is as big as my collection will get.