How many BJDs do you have? (2019/2020)

Jan 18, 2019

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    1. 8 sd, 1 msd and many heads.
    2. Seven - 3 SDs, 1 MSD and 3 YOSDs :'3
    3. I have 6 dolls with plans for more, though I think 2 of them are going to be sold at some point. I have a lot of floating heads and a body that hadn't figured out which head will go with it, otherwise I'd have 7 dolls. lol All of which are sd.
    4. I think I'm up to 31? If I count off topic BjDs, Taeyang, and LDDs that is. If I don't include all those then only 22.
    5. One at home and one on the way!
    6. two SDs, one tiny, and one floating head :aangel:
    7. For now, I have 3 dolls, 1 flowing head, and 2 practice doll head.
    8. 20 resin and one lonely undressed plastic BJD.
    9. I have 3-4, and several other off-topic ones....
    10. 1 YOSDs, 3 MSDs, and 1 SD on the way!
    11. I have 4. Two for sale, 2 mine and want Venitu.
    12. Almost the dolls I own are girls and I think I have nearly 10 girls. I was own much more than 10 but I sell them since I can not afford all of them to wear nice outfit,so sad!
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    13. I have three now, but this year I plan to buy another one this year.
    14. Virtually I have four dolls and two event pets dolls. But in fact - only one. Others are just ordered.
    15. Currently, 37 total. Just added a few more to my database.
    16. Just two yosds. I may go up to three if something really special comes by. But I'm happy with my two
    17. If I end up keeping both dolls I have coming in it looks like my doll count this year will be 5. I'm planning on this not changing until next year at the earliest as I want to be making more of an income before looking at new resin critters :sweat
    18. 27 and three floating heads. I mainly have large guys so no more as they take up a lot of space.
    19. on my own i have 15 but including my fiances we have 33 in total and the family is growing
    20. 2 months late oop.. but I'm so impressed by people who have more then 10 dolls! I bet looking at your collection as a whole is beautiful! I currently own 3! 2 SD dolls and one 47cm doll! I have plans of buying one more SD, I'm not sure if I will get more! I would feel to bad about not being able to divide my attention to all of them!