How many BJDs do you have? (2019/2020)

Jan 18, 2019

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    1. I have nine in total, 3 MSD, 2 SD, 4 YOSD. Through I am trying to sell/trade some of my dolls.;)
    2. I had to change my vote. When my current orders come in, I’ll be on 22 with a 23rd on the way shortly after.

      No plans to sell anyone, but I am nearing the end of buying. I had a list of wants when I started collecting, and almost all those will be with me soon, bar one.
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    3. On topic dolls, I have 21:
      -3 tiny ones (two Luts Zuzu and one iplehouse cat).
      -1 msd
      -5 SD (Luts delfs and one Angell studio)
      -5 Volks DD girls
      -6 sd17 (soom, iplehouse eids)
      -1 soom idealian 75 (my biggest doll)

      I also have a handful of SD sized off topic vinyl dolls, but I won’t mention them.
    4. I currently have three MSDs (one boy and two girls) and I'm planning to get one or two more soon. I also have a soft spot for tinies, so 2020 will likely see my first tiny!
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    5. I have four dolls currently, two 1/4, one 1/6, and one large 1/3, but soon I'll have six! Another 1/3 and 1/6 :3nodding:
    6. Too many here. :sweat
    7. I have 12 .One 60cm girl, an sid girl, one 51 cm boy and the rest are 70+ boys. I want one more doll one with an fantasy body .
    8. I have 35 with one on the way. I have two YOSD size, two MSD size, and then 31 60 cm+. My biggest one is an Idealian 72, and the majority are 65-70cm boys.
    9. I currently have 10!
      I have 4 msds. 2 girls and 2 boys.
      In sds, I have 2 girls and a new boy.
      I also have 3 azone girls. 2 of which are 1/6. The last one is 1/12th.
    10. I have 21 and they are spread across the sizes, though the majority are MSDs. I have a difficult time saying "no" to the aesthetic.
    11. I have 5 at the moment and several on the way. All SDs and 4 are hybrids. I am planning to get another 2 this year.

      I started off in this hobby now thinking I might only get one but they just kept coming after I brought the first one home lol

      I really adore certain aesthetics and I just want a room filled with beautiful dolls... perhaps one day a house :aheartbea
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    12. So far only 2 and I'm planing to get my third and last doll! :hamster:
    13. I have 5, I own 6. I'm presuming ownership is the deciding vote, but I am head hunting.
    14. Only 2, both SD sized. My collection might grow a bit quicker if I went with the smaller sizes but I've always like the larger ones better.
    15. Currently 2, with 4 on order, so I should have 5 by the end of the year since my last one won't be getting sent off until around May next year.
      Though more dolls are probably gonna get bought this year knowing me :lol:
    16. I used to have more dolls, but I sold most of my dolls due being inactive for few years and I currently have only 2 SD (70cm) dolls.
      Currently I am kind of interested in expanding my size range and getting some smaller dolls. :)
    17. I had to change my vote in this poll as I have sold several of my dolls this year due to a lot of unexpected bills. I am down to 'only' 13 dolls now...

      BTW: It's interesting to see that there's 5 ppl who has voted that they have over 100 dolls! I would love to see photos of those massive collections- wow! :love
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    18. One 70cm boy.
    19. Updating my count to 38 now (including my two 2020 layaways.) 8 SDs, 8 tinies, and 22 MSDs. I know I need to seriously slow down on adding more because I’m literally out of room and ideas, and need to face the fact that I’m truly done with my resin consumption.;)
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    20. Haha, I just got started so my crew is now the 3 dolls I have been able to get my hands on. There are quite a few in preorder. One definetly has to be patient in this hobby, especially when ordering from Dollzone. One of their dolls was the first I ordered and its been 9 months waiting so far. Still no sign of her arriving soon though