How many dolls do you purchase at year?

Sep 26, 2016

  1. Just one at year

  2. Just two at year

  3. More than 2 at year

  4. More than 4 at year

  5. More than 6 at year

  6. Not even one yet

  7. I will never buy one! I just like watch the photos in forums

  8. I buy dolls but after few months I sold it already

  9. Some years more than one or two, some years not even one

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    1. Hmmm....I don't really keep count, and I do a lot of hybrids, so often I'm getting pieces but not full dolls. I probably have had a year where I got 12 or more, and this year I've gotten....7 I think? with two more on the way. But....I also do a lot of selling and trading, and having enough money to buy a new doll means I need to sell a different doll. I think I've sold that many this year too, so it tends to balance out and not feel like a major influx all at once.
    2. This year I bought wayyy too many, but to be fair I only bought them all because I did a full purge of my collection and only kept two of the 6 that I had. So far I've bought 3 bodies, 3 heads, a full doll, and I'm ordering another before the end of the month, and possibly another head too >.<''
    3. Back when I bought the ones I'm selling, I got most of them in 2007... soooo 10...... I can't believe I used to spend money so freely, but my family was pretty well off so all the money I made I could spend. If you want them and you have the money without hurting yourself financially, I think it's great! : D

      I'm selling them now due to lack of space, and I sort of need some of the money. So I'm using some for two small dolls, and the rest for my more life sustaining expenses! xD
    4. My average was two dolls a year... until this year. This year I ended up buying six dolls, two floating heads, and getting a surprise doll in a blind bag... Oh well, I adore them all. :aheartbea
    5. The most I ever bought in one year is 3 dolls. That's only happened once tho. Usually it's more like one. This year, I've bought nothing but a random head and I probably won't buy any more resin till next year at least. I'm not really into having a super huge collection, and buying new dolls isn't a big part of how I enjoy dolls. I'm more into focusing on doing stuff with the dolls I already have right now, and as for future buying plans I just have a very few more I'd like to have and then I'm done buying anyway.
    6. Oh boyfriend-now-husband purchased our first doll back in 2007. Then we got a YoSD and an SD13 in 2008. Then nothing until 2013 where we got an SDG. Then nothing again until this year (2016) where it looks like it's 4 so far (still waiting for the last one to arrive in the mail). :sweat Hopefully, Volks won't do another lottery anytime soon and no Dear SDs show up on the Marketplace as I think 5 in one year is a bit excessive. Hahaha.
    7. For the first 8 years, I averaged 3 dolls a year... but then I had a few crazy doll-buying years after that! So my average is around 6 a year, more or less... I'm definitely in doll-hoarder territory these days. *_*
    8. I haven't bought any this year, but I plan to buy a smart doll next. I haven't been buying many dolls in the last few years just for budgeting reasons. But I do tend to spoil the ones I have.
    9. At the moment I'm buying dolls second hand. It just really depends on how much money I have from work.