How many wigs do you have per doll?

Aug 24, 2019

    1. My first doll went through five different hair colors before she settled on the one that's right for her, but she now has four different styles in that color, and she also has fantasy wigs for play. My newest doll hasn't chosen her color yet - we've got four possibilities at the moment and I've got at least two styles in each color. I've kind of got a wig problem, and a box full of ones that didn't work that are waiting to be sold.
    2. It depends on the doll - most of them have at least two.

      Once a doll's character is established that pretty much dictates the colour of theior hair, but I hlike to have multiple wigs in that colour so they can change their hairstyle without my having to restyle a single wig. For example, some of my dolls have curls, but occasionally they will straighten their hair so I have a straight wig for them in the same colour. If the character is particularly image-consious, they will have more wigs in varying styles.

      I also have one tomboy girl who only has one wig and it's usually in messy plaits (Hannah (RML R-02/Volks SD10 long-limb modded boy body) on the Shelf Above), but occasionally worn loose if she needs to look smarter for a special occasion (Hannah (RML R-02/Volks SD10 long-limb modded boy body)).

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    3. One of my dolls has two wigs - a big, curly mohair wig and a straight heat resistant fiber wig. The idea is that she sometimes straightens her unruly curls and sometimes keeps her natural fluffy style. :XD:

      She has had the mohair wig for years and it suits her personality so well, but sometimes I want her to have a different look. Switching between the two makes me appreciate her "natural curls" more, too, maybe because I have naturally curly hair myself and don't enjoy straightening it. As for my other dolls, it would be harder to explain different hairstyles for them. I don't see myself buying extra wigs if there isn't an "in-character" reason to explain it.
    4. My dolls have two at most. They each have a "natural" hair color and default wig, but sometimes I have trouble finding or making the default, so they have a temp for a long while. I think one of them might enjoy trying different colors and styles, so I might try that out.

      Oh, and one has her hair glued on, which simplified things
    5. Each of my dolls has only one wig, because I'm so relieved when I finally find their style that I generally just stick with it. Unfortunately, it usually takes several tries before I do find it, so the overall number of wigs per capita in my house is more like four or five. :sweat
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    6. Most of my dolls, like people, don't change up their hairstyle that often and only have one wig. Then I have a couple that go back and forth between two wigs, one is their "natural" hair and the other is tamed and with product in it. And then there's Sean, Lex and Kyuuya - they are very concerned about their appearance/fashion and change their hair all the time. They each have at least 8-10 wigs.

      On top of that I have all kinds of wigs I've bought that don't work on anyone crowding up a bin in the closet. I'm just too lazy to sell wigs.
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    7. Unless it's shelling a character, I'm a fan of having a few different wigs as long as they correspond to personality. I think it can be fun to change up their looks! :kitty2
    8. I try to have one wig per doll, but finding the perfect wig can be challenging, especially when most of my dolls wear a size 4.
    9. Only one wig per doll, and that’s usually after many tires to get it right. I feel like I’m doing great to have my crew wigged. Once a doll has ‘the’ wig, it’s on to the next doll. The struggle is real!
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    10. Aeron has one wig which was a struggle in itself to find! She might get a deep blue one in the future so she has her fantasy hair and her natural hair, but her current one works way better than I expected.

      Emma has two in the same pink range just one shorter than the other since she likes changing her hair. She hasn’t arrived yet so one may suit better than the other.

      Deimos does not have any wigs but they also have no body and no eyes, so those are probably more pressing matters :XD:
    11. One per doll, except for Emie who has two (one butt-length, one bob) since she gets a pretty major haircut partway through her story.
    12. As people mentioned before, when I know I have a doll incoming, I will buy several wigs for them at first. Once I can try on the different colors/shades and styles, then I end up settling on one and they keep that one forever or at least until I find one I like better.
      So, as an example, one of my OCs has bright red hair. She is SUPPOSED to have bangs, but I bought a red wig with bangs and one without and I ended up liking the wig without bangs better.
      Once in a while I will switch wigs between dolls because I feel like the wigs might match their styles or personalities better, but I usually keep my doll's wigs the same once I've decided on one.
    13. Usually it's one wig per doll because all my dolls are specific characters and it would be strange to cardinally change their hairstyle, but I think I could buy another wig of the same color for the doll if the character cut his hair, for example.
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    14. Planning for 1-2 wigs per head, mostly just 1. The extra wig is in case if the character will have an AU version. =)
    15. For me, each doll has one wig because I want them to have a definite appearance. It feels like it helps solidify the character over time. I sometimes go through a few wigs before I find the right one (unless I get lucky the first time). Wigs definitely have an experimental element for some dolls. I might want to change their hairstyle later on, so a doll might receive a wig upgrade down the line. It would be in the same color though.
    16. Most of my dolls just have the one wig, but for the others they have 3-4 wigs that they share.
    17. I skew towards one wig per doll nowadays because I am so picky and custom make wigs molded to their exact headshape. Darn my love of swept back hair....

      Like I have some extra wigs from buying on a whim and a few "close enough so I don't have to stare at a bald doll" wigs, but every doll has like one certain main wig.
    18. I only have one wig per doll. I usually just buy wigs I like then try them on each doll that still is looking for a match until it seems right. I wouldn’t mind having a second wig for some of them if it was close to their main one but I haven’t found any I like yet.
    19. I am fairly new to having mine.
      So, I have several different types of wigs. I am not sure on who they are yet. So, I try out different styles on each one. I also have a few full sets and cosplay outfits that have their own wigs that match.
      I think that there is no right or wrong answer. It is what works best for you. And that can change in the future.
      Good luck with making your own wigs!!
    20. Four or five. It hapens like this: I have specific idea how the wig should look like, I buy wig making suplies, but I'm to lazy to really go through with this, and so I and up buying wigs which somewhat fit my idea. For example, colours are exact fit, but not lenght, or texture of hair is exactly what I wanted, but not the colour...Endless problems like this. They usually fit the character, lookd good, »the doll likes them «, but aren't exactly what I envisioned.

      Wig/hair is really significant part of character from my point of view.

      Anthros have one big adventage, a lot of them can do fine without a wig.