How many wigs do you have per doll?

Aug 24, 2019

    1. Only one wig per doll - though it usually takes me some time and several tries until I find the right one.
    2. Just one each to be honest!
    3. I have one wig per doll but I have a few that I bought but just weren't the one for a certain doll and I haven't put up for sale yet.
      I can get why people may have several wigs for one doll with different hairstyles while in the same color. For example, I would like to have a shorter version of my Yo-SD' s wig because I think her hair is ok for winter but too long for the summer. I haven't had the chance to purchase a shorter wig from the same company in the same color yet.
    4. Right now, I'm just using one wig per doll.

      I did try to give one doll two different wigs, so she could have both curly and straight hair - but, the color of the second wig ended up being too different from that of the first wig (despite both being advertised as the same color, and coming from the same company), so I ended up using that wig on a different doll.
    5. Barely 1 per doll. I make wigs for them now and I really need to make more. I am so bad about wigs with them and yet to even be satisfied with what I have.
    6. The majority of my dolls only have one wig. I currently have two with two wigs and that's because their hairstyle changes drastically between one story and the next so they have an early story style and a late story style. (Though I don't really write up descriptions about their hairstyles either, so it's more just for me and my visualization of them.) There are two more dolls I would like to have second wigs for, but I haven't found the right ones yet. I will probably end up making them.
    7. I have around two wigs per doll. I do highly prefer to keep hair color consistent for the characters, but sometimes it’s just fun to try random spare wigs on dolls to switch it up.
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    8. I think I have 1.5 per doll
      since everyone has their one and only wig but I also have a few floating ones that get worn randomly
    9. I have a LOT of wigs. I have a reds, blondes and brunettes of various lengths and styles, as well as a few fantasy colours for my little chameleons. Each doll has a favourite wig and an established colour, but sometimes they colour outside the lines.
    10. I own a lot maybe more than 4 wigs for each doll. I was like you in the beginning but with time you change your mind. Like maybe there will be a look you want to create or something? You can start by buying different wigs but with the same color your doll use?
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    11. My two dolls share wigs but in total they have 14. I like to switch them out often, along with their clothes.
    12. Once I find "the wig" for a doll, I do not get them any more. I keep a few around just in case I have a surprise bald head show up, but wigs and eyes are not something I tend to hoard.
    13. I actually only have one wig per doll because I'm really picky about the wigs I get.
    14. I have one wig per doll usually, because I try to give my dolls a certain style and identity and usually pick a wig that best fits that.
    15. Currently just 1 each.. or 0. Wigs... they are expensive but I am working on buying more!
    16. For me, it all depends on the character. Many of my dolls have only one because I would never dream of changing their’s too big a part of their identity. A handful have multiple wigs but in an identical color for an occasional change-up of style. Others have the exact same style of wig but in a couple of different colors just for fun. And then there are my handful of wig divas who have many wigs is a shape-shifter, so it just makes sense...the other is a 60’s girl and wigs were a huge part of fashion back then, so she changes wigs as often as she changes her clothes...and one is a fantasy rabbit who has multiple fairytale looks.
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    17. eh.... well... for my boy... his character now is a MONK so... 0 is the truth.:sweat

      Ok, this thing might change when another of my doll arrive. She's a girl so I think about at least 4-5 wigs for her.
    18. It depends on the doll. Most of mine only have one wig. I have a few who's characters wear wigs, and they have a lot (meaning whatever I feel like putting them in at the time), sometimes including a wig for their "natural hair". Harley and Alex have about a million wigs and I change their styles often (both of them are all in white blond). Then I have a huge group of dolls that don't wear wigs at all, they have glued on hair in a permanent style.
    19. I never bought a wig. I have got only one doll. He owns one wig, made by me. It helps me love him more and give him a lots of personality. The silver wig (he wearing it on my avatar) is his official wig. I am not a professional wig maker, I just like to make things for him. Yes. That wig is sloppy. Too long and tangled. But it suits him so well I don't want to change it. Maybe redo it someday, to a more nicer one, but for now I am happy with his only one wig.
    20. My poor boy has only one (but custom made). My girl has currently 3 wigs: same color, different style. As VampireAngel13 posted, it depend on dolls character.