How much stuff did you initially buy for your first doll?

Nov 25, 2020

    1. I didn't buy any outfits or wigs, but my dolls also came a lot sooner than expected. Denver Doll had estimated between 6-9 months, but they had her in stock the very next week! However, I had purchased fabric, patterns, and yarn to make her a wig and outfit.
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    2. I was super lucky with my first doll - she was second hand, so she came with a lot of clothes and wigs and at least one pair of eyes. I was able to experiment quite a bit with her look, but I did buy a surprise box of cute clothes for her and one of the outfits in there ended up being my favorite.
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    3. Let's see... Still waiting on my boy to arrive (I'm not getting my girl's body for months and I know it), but here's what I've gotten so far:
      • Wigs for both of them
      • Wefts and a wig cap after I accidentally ruined Avery's wig trying to curl it (oops)
      • Eyes for both of them (I think Avery's coming with eyes but I have a set plan for eye color)
      • A few clothing items that looked just too cute
      I know I need to look for:
      • Shoes (gonna get them after the actual doll arrives to check foot width)
      • Eye putty stuff
      And then I've made a few things here and there. I've been trying to stick with stuff I can use my Wol head to measure/get a good guesstimate of, and I used to knit dolls that are around MSD measurements? So turns out I have a small stash of maybe-MSD-sized knitted clothing from high school. Hopefully nobody will have to be butt-naked upon arrival, but I'd still rather get some sewn clothes to vary the texture, and use up some balls of yarn I've kept waiting around for dolls for a year or so! With updated knitting skill and style, ofc.
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    4. The only thing I got her was a wig which ended up being too big for her. Oh well guess she’ll be bald for a while.
      I wish I had got her some clothes but I think she is still perfect without them. I’m sure I’ll eventually make her something cute.
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    5. i bought to many eyes because i like to have choices and no clothes wich in retrospect was a bad choice because i can't sew, at least i would have a wig and way to many eyes when she arrives
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    6. I bought a lot of wigs. I wasn't sure what would look best on her. I also bout a lot of basic outfits and shoes. By the time she came, I was quite prepared and could have outfitted a few dolls:lol:
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