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How much was your first doll?

Oct 4, 2016

    1. I bought my first doll second hand for about 80 euro. And now I regret that I've sold her. :sweat
    2. My first doll was a Dikadoll Autumn. It was around $400 before postage. I also bought many clothes on top for him. So probably ended up of a total of $500 before postage!
      He's not with me anymore but I remember the excitement I had when I bought my first doll.
    3. Well now I don't feel so bad for wanting a doll that's about 600 for my first. It comes with faceup and body blushing though
    4. My first BJD has been The Star Tarot Edition Full Set from DZ for 350€.
      Still waiting for her, so exciting!
    5. I went back to check and my first doll was $302, it was a pukifee ante with face-up on both faceplates and I still have her today(although now she doesn't have the company default face-up anymore). Her name is Pocca and I've had her for over five years now :)
    6. Impldoll Star with faceup and body blushing, UV resin, two wigs, dress and shoes, plus delivery and paypal fees ~ 650€
    7. $450 for a second hand Unoa B-el!
    8. Mine was $200 with shipping, but a fullset with body blushing and a faceup.
    9. 706 USD including shipping, it was a SD17 sized LE from a company that is no longer around. Ugh, I totally forgot how expensive he was :D I saved for almost two years to get him (I admit I had different plans for over a year tho') and I kept checking the website if he was still on sale :)
    10. My first doll was around $300. It was a Dollshe David fashion size (first release). I had to wait almost a year for that doll so it doesn't feel like he was my first since while waiting for him, I also bought another doll.
    11. My first doll was a Custom House Raffy (the lovely gal on my profile), bought secondhand for around $110. I think it was a good deal. :)
    12. I bought my Zoe (Bobobie Lucky) used on ebay for $34.88 plus shipping. I try not to think about how much I've spent on wigs, eyes, clothes, shoes, etc. since then!
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    13. My first was a secondhand Dollzone Fei; he was $200 before shipping and came with a faceup.

      I have since spent vastly more on my dolls than that. :wiggle
    14. Mine was a Iplehouse Asa (JID). She was $465- with a faceup. Oh, and I think that includes shipping.
    15. My first ever doll was about 500 dollars, including shipping, and actually one of the cheaper SD's back then (SooRi from Iplehouse).
    16. Mine was a MDF from Luts with face up. Around $500 and I love her dearly.
    17. Mine was $500ish with faceup- not including shipping from LUTS.
      Also bought a wig and some shoes with him :)
    18. Mine was around $700. I had to save up for one year straight to bring her home
    19. My first doll was Mikhaila from leekeworld. I got her second hand I paid $450 I think? I got a lot of clothes from the seller and wigs.
    20. My Dollshe David without shipping was $850, if you add in faceup/ body blushing & wig he's now $1000 & that's before any clothing!!! This is still before shipping from the company & shipping back & forth from artist...