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How much was your first doll?

Oct 4, 2016

    1. My first BJD was a 65cm for $820 for the body + face up + extra pair of hand and legs...
    2. My first was around $450, but that's excluding shipping and wigs.
    3. Mine was a hybrid so the body was 539 and the head was 95, not including shipping. And then I had to convert that price from US dollars to Canadian dollars, which was pretty painful. The terrible state of the Canadian dollar always breaks the bank for me >.< Definitely worth the price though because I still love him ^^
    4. I bought my Leekeworld Mikhaila secondhand for about $200. :)
    5. My first doll was around $750. She is a VOLKS Standard SDG Megu (2010 renewal version), totally worth every penny, I love her! :whee:
    6. Mine was 650 USD
    7. My first doll is currently my only doll. I got her secondhand on FB for 595$. The seller was incredibly generous and included a ton of extra goodies which I'm grateful for. She's still fairly new to the household so on top of the initial buying cost, I'm still indulging her with filling out her wardrobe and creating a playroom for her as well. She's so spoiled already, I can only imagine how bad it'll continue to be hah
    8. My first was around 400$USD, more like 600$CAN, a lot for me at 16. I saved like crazy, but it was worth the effort! All of my old dolls got me though some pretty hard times mentally, so I'm glad I started this hobby!
    9. My first resin dolls cost roughly around $200 a piece.

      I owned some off-topic dolls before that, but I don't really count them... Now I feel bad for them...
    10. $180 minus shipping. I really wanted to start in the cheap end to make sure this is what I really wanted. And it was! I would mention the sculpt, but they aren't on topic yet :L

      The sculptor applied though, so hopefully soon :D
    11. In late 2005, I ordered a CP/Delf Shiwoo Special (One full doll plus the extra dreaming head-), with face-ups on both heads, some wigs, an outfit and a few other bits and pieces. Looking at my order email, the doll and face-up part of that order came to $689.84

      And then they arrived, and I saw that the Dreaming head's face-up was so different from the open-eyed's that there was no way I could ever pass them off as the same "person", which had been my original plan... So I had to get another Delf bod to make that spare head another doll entirely. I bought that from the Marketplace here and the transaction receipt shows it as being another $435.00...

      So... My first doll actually ended up being a first PAIR (Harumatsu and Tien Jen, who are still with me-) and they cost a grand total of $1124.84 when all was said and done. That probably sounds like a lot to people now, but at the time it was pretty middle-of-the-road price-wise. The era of excellent exchange rates and less expensive companies was still a few years in the future.
    12. My first doll was an Angel of Dream 60cm girl. After clothing, eyes, and a wig, I paid about $375 for her. I will always adore my Meia. (She's my favorite - Don't tell the others! ;))
    13. My first own doll purchase was when I got a pair of the Soom dolls during the FreeChoice event, and being two SDs the order total cost was around 1600$ 0_o Later on I re-homed one the dolls as I didn't see her as suiting the character, and purchased another girl from Soom to take her place for almost the same amount. Funny that she was available in the same FCE I took part in so I could've saved lots of time and stress if I knew ahead that I'd prefer her sculpt more :)
    14. My first doll was a Resinsoul Li and she was $160.00 with faceup. Me daughter had just ordered a Resinsoul Gang from Junky Spot and was getting a free doll with it so I HAD to get in on that!
    15. My first doll was $149.99 plus shipping. On topic doll.
    16. My first doll just arrived today and I haven't gotten a chance to unbox him yet, but he's a Resinsoul An that I bought new with the factory face-up for $155 plus shipping. I wanted to start with a cheaper doll in case I find out the hobby isn't for me, but I could definitely see myself buying pricier dolls in the future.
    17. It was 270$(+30$shipping) when I was in high school. I bought her with all of my savings.
    18. My first doll was tiny Iplehouse. Fullset. Through an intermediary. I paid almost $ 500 . Two years later, when was time for sale, she had her trubles. Price 10 times less ((
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    19. My first doll cost me something around 260$ and she's still with me, my Dollzone Miss Kitty:)
    20. My first doll was a Magic Time Rachel. I paid $300, including jointed hands, but not shipping. When I sold her, I took a hit at $220. At that point I didn't care how much I got, I just wanted her gone.