How much was your first doll?

Oct 4, 2016

    1. All together with shipping: $600. She's a Dollfie Dream Mirai, and came with the standard fare, plus a dress, shoes, extra hands, articulated wrists, and fortified joints. Way more than I ever anticipated spending on my first doll, but it was definitely worth it.
    2. My first, and so far only, was Fairyland MiniFee Chloe (without face-up). She came in $441 with shipping.
    3. got my first dol for 180$ ... bnew from the company with a help of my friend..
      she is a resinsoul ya .... 140$ but i want rongs body coz its double jointed... and i want to add face up.... thats why
    4. My first doll was a Luts Bory boy that I bought second hand. He was about 140€ if I recall correctly. I saved all my summer job money to buy him and a new camera. I remember thinking how frickin' expensive he was.
      Six years later, and now that seems sooo cheap! :lol:
    5. £175, or just over $200usd.
    6. I don't quite remember the exact price, but with clothing and everything ordered at one it was at least $400!
    7. Around one 130 with shipping if I remember correctly.
    8. My little bobobie elfkin was $81, not including shipping.
    9. $118 The person i bought him from gave me a really good deal and extras.
    10. Around $430, including shipping.
    11. Around $500.00, if I remember correctly. It was in 2004...
    12. My first doll cost about $150 with shipping
    13. Mine was $340 including shipping and a wig :kitty2 though that's only the start of how much a doll really costs hahah.
    14. My first doll was 390 euros including shipping, which is about $412.
    15. My first doll was 500.00, but then the fever hit me. The highest I've paid for a doll was 1000.00.
    16. My first doll is my Mystic Kids Evelyn (Hikaru) bought from the Junky Spot, with shipping she came to $219.45. I still have the receipt from Paypal.
    17. My very first was $200 - a Lati Yellow Sophie, but she took so long to come from the company and so long to bond with that I don't really consider her my first BJD >.< the one that really gave me the bug was a year later, $400 or so - it was for an a-la-carte Minifee girl. My collection has evolved a lot since then!
    18. my first doll is Pan style B from ringdoll,full set about 400USD,at my high school,and in fact i know SD when i was at junior high school,i always wanted a doll like that,and at that moment,i don't know there is BJD,i just thought that kind of doll are called SD,and now about 6 years passed,Pan is still my precious boy~
    19. I paid $246.00 for my first doll. I got her with a face up, body blushing, and a wig though
    20. My first doll was an Angel of Dream Tao Hua Dao. If I'd ordered him alone he would've been two hundred bucks American (face-up and all), but I threw in a lot of clothing and accessories so the final bill came out to $363 and some change. Believe it or not, that's the most I've spent on a single doll. That'll change if I end up heeding the call of Iplehouse.