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How much was your first doll?

Oct 4, 2016

    1. My first ordered doll is not to me yet. She's a Minifee Celine in NS on the newer A-line body with no faceup, and I ordered her from DDE. She totaled to $417 with shipping! But technically she isn't my first doll to arrive to me, as I ordered a second hand Minifee Moe body through Instagram and a 2016 Nanuri Event Head to go with it! :)
    2. My first doll is from AKIdoll?[I am sorry i don't know the name in English,it's Yuheng,about 200USD,but i sold him about 2 months later becaue i really don't like him..
    3. My first doll was a Dollzone Hid fullset and I paid 288€ for him. 270€ for the doll and 18 € for shipping. It was back in the year 2010 and I ordered him through an European dealer named Think Pink.
    4. My Jess included a couple extra clothes and whatnot as well as shipping and layaway, so she was $300
    5. I went with a full set for my first doll, as I wanted him to be complete when arriving without having to look other places for wigs/clothes etc, so he was around $1000. It was after he arrived that I started buying extra stuff for him.
    6. $230 second hand, don't remember the make, but she came with: wig, extra eyes, hands, feet, clothes
    7. A resinsoul Autumn, blank, for $195 with shipping ^.^ that's not including all the accessories, wigs, and eyes I purchased afterwards though bahahah...
    8. Just over 600USD for a Luts Kid Delf Darae, with wig, eyes, faceup and clothes. I haven't actually received her yet, and waiting sucks :...(
    9. $128, for an in-stock, gender-swapped Bobobie Sprite from Junky Spot (so not counting shipping, or the extras I ordered with him). I still have him, too, though his head's on a new body, and his body's waiting for a new head. :)
    10. Mine was a Souldoll - soulkid Shaun with company faceup. After the faceup and shipping costs were factored in, he was $403.
    11. My first doll cost $ 660, second hand, it was Sabik-elf MA Soom, with company faceup, wig, eyes, clothes, shoes and and even carrier bag.
    12. My first doll was a limited Volks DD Alice Kuonji and since I didn't win in the lottery, I had to get her in the Aftermarket. The total I paid was around € 650 - which is rather tame compared to what people charge nowadays.
    13. My first bjd doll was a basic Volks Super Dollfie SD13 Megu character and at that time Volks USA is not existing yet. I have to go buy her in Japan thru a Japanese middleman company that help foreigners to buy stuffs from Japan. I believe it's almost $900 with shipping altogether. It was sometime in the year 2002.
    14. My first doll was a Luts SDF65 Cyan in white skin.
      I ordered him last year on the Luts official website for USD 527 with no faceup and clothes. The delivery cost not high, just about US 27.
    15. My first BJD doll is an off topic one so only $82 with wig, eyes, and clothes. My first resin BJD doll is coming to me in the mail, RS Pixui $128 but that is without clothes, and face up.
    16. My first doll is a LUTS KDF Lio with a basic faceup, so that comes up to around $350 not including wigs/extra eyes!
    17. My first was a Dreaming Doll Little Elva Misora blank and she was worth 270$ shipping included.
    18. My first doll was an Elfdoll Mir, and with shipping he was $535. I got him from Denver doll emporium, which is a great place to buy from, he arrived very quickly. Nine years later, he is still with me ...and owns more clothes and, er, STUFF, than any dolly really needs. He goes through phases you see.... first he wanted to be a Chinese prince, so he had to have brocade robes, then he wanted to be an woodsy little elf, so lots of elven prince things with wings, then he decided he had to impress the girls, so he went all tough guy in black leather biker gear, after a four year search we finally found his princess, and now that he is married, he likes casual tie dyed Tshirts, and comfy jeans. Okay, that was probably TMI.
    19. About £600 in total, which would be a lot more in dollars (it was before my country voted to destroy our currency and economy).
    20. My first was a Luts Caju, straight from the company, I bought his wig and shoes from Luts with him and his outfit from another company, all together I spent about $400 on everything.