How often do you change your dolls' outfits?

May 9, 2017

    1. I don't have a ton of doll clothes, so it's not that often that my girl sees a change.
      Most of the time, I tend to change her outfits or toy around with her clothes when I've had a stressful day and need something to calm my mind down.
      Or, I'm just really tired of seeing her in a certain outfit.

      She could honestly go about a month in the same outfit before I change it though
    2. For my dolls, I have a main outfit and several other ones. When I get tired of the main, I swap out for a week or so and then realize how much I loved the original and switch back XD
    3. My oldest doll was an only doll for 4 years, and you know how only children are, he has about 2 - 3 dozen outfits, the others have 2 - 10 outfits. My dolls are bald nudists that live in their original boxes inside a closet, so that they do not yellow. About once a month I get one out and sew it a new outfit, I am part of a good sized doll group, we meet every couple of months, and I always want the dolls I take along to have a new outfit each time. I am a very experienced seamstress, and doll costumes are my favorite art form. Sewing for my dolls is how I play with them.
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    4. I've had dolls that have worn the same outfit for the entire time I owned them! But most of them, I try to change with the seasons. When the weather gets hot, there's just something uncomfortable about seeing my dolls in long-sleeved shirts.
    5. I don't have any bjds, but I definitely plan on changing her clothing. And, on christmas, I plan on changing them to a more holiday theme.

      I also plan on taking a lot of photos.
    6. I have three big boxes of doll clothes! And for each photo shoot I pick out a new look for a doll so that pictures won’t seem to be taken within one day))
    7. I'm still assembling my doll wardrobe (though I have a lot of accessories >_<) but I try to change Annix's clothes with the seasons. He's got one "warm weather" outfit, a middle ground outfit which is his default and then some fall jackets and winter sweaters. I don't like to change him more often than that because he's a little floppy, but I do give him different accessories in his photoshoots.
    8. I store my dolls naked and bald in their boxes, as I have active young cats who like to steal wigs and chew doll hands. I sew for the dolls continually. so I change their clothes pretty much every time I get them out, as sewing for them is how I play with them...but they go right back in the box, sans costume when I am done with them each day.
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    9. I sew something new almost every week for her. Sewing is the reason I wanted a doll and so far it's so much fun!
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    10. If I love an outfit it can stay on a doll permanently. I am particular about clothes so it can take a while to find what I want for a doll and they can sit around nude for a long time or be wearing just a corset and stockings.
    11. I have 2 doll bodies now and I change them around once every one or two weeks. Sometimes when I'm lazy I just lift up their clothes to check whether there are any stains, if it's ok I'll just leave it on for a while more :lol:
    12. I change clothes whenever I feel like it. I get bored quite easily, so maybe once a month.
    13. Each of my doll owns 1-2 sets, one set is default and the other is casual. The default look is on most of the time but when I am in the mood to change, I would switch to casual. Hahaha I am a moody dresser myself :)
    14. Pretty much... never? None of my dolls really wear casual clothes, I prefer sort of "iconic character" looks. I usually keep adding more detail to a single outfit with layers and accessories, instead of creating multiple outfits per doll.
    15. I change their clothes two to three times a year. It depends who I have out the most. Everyone is rotated around every four months.
    16. Some dolls get changed every month and some others stay with an outfit set for 2 years, because I really like it on her ^^;
      Volks My F-54 and Saki get their outfit change often!
    17. Not very often. Just change doll's cloths for photoshoot :XD:
    18. I change the outfits on my dolls quite often really. They usually don't sit in the same one for more than a week; which means my boy swaps between his leggings and shorts because that's what he likes/has at the moment, but my girl is constantly being changed because I have her out more to work on clothing projects.

      :sweat Last night I redressed her into a long shirt/dress combo with some jean leggings, socks, and shoes because I had planned on taking her with to get craft supplies tomorrow. She couldn't very well go out in her underwear~ XD
    19. My dolls pretty much only have one outfit each, so I don't really change their outfits haha
    20. some times seasonally or just when i bought them new clothing XD