How often do you play with your dolls?

Jan 18, 2021

    1. I pretty much always have a doll of some sort on the table next to me in my spare time. But I collect a lot of different types of doll, bjd many types of off topic and my focus shifts among them. So I may go a month or more without taking any of the bjds down from their shelf. But I still enjoy looking at them even when they aren't my main crafting focus.
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    2. Mine pretty much sit by my tv. I wouldn't say I play with them much, unless redressing counts as playing. In my head I always think I will take them out and do elaborate photo shoots, or make dioramas for them, but I never seem to do it. But if redressing counts as playing, I would say I play with them several times a month.
    3. After 2 years, I was just able to pull mine out of storage!! I'm thrilled, and i can't wait to play with them again!!
    4. every day i play with my dolls! weekends are for crafting and photography fun. on weekdays i pick dolls to come to work with me and i love finding a spot in my room to pose them. it's not a ton of time i spend with them every day but i just cant imagine a 100% toy free day. if not my bjds, then my sylvanian families are getting attention.

      it has been really nice for me during the pandemic. i'm a teacher so i'm used to my days being very vibrant and filled with people. but now i spend so much time alone and only see others online. so its nice to have "coworkers" to keep me company, even though i know theyre not sentient!
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    5. Haha me too! I just like to look at them. They’re so pretty. I like taking photos too, but I don’t really play. Maybe now that I have a kiddo, they’ll play with me lol.
    6. Admittedly, not often. That's more to the fact that I have no clothes for them yet though and that my boyfriend and I are currently living in a small one bedroom apartment. Not much space to do anything right now.
    7. I don’t have much time and it seems like none of my dependents bother me until I’m doing something with my dolls. I get annoyed when I can clean the house all day without an audience but I go to the doll room and someone wants to come in and watch or ask for something, like what do you want?! I will make time when I get new clothes, wigs, or eyes, etc. I also have the worst luck with timing for photo shoots. After getting something new I want to take pictures of course but then I’m either busy or the weather is not ideal. If I get studio lights that could help but for now I depend on good natural light.
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    8. I'm on summer break so I just finished redoing three of my dolls faceups. I'm spending so much times with them and I love it
    9. Not half as often as I'd like-- a lot of that is just how draining the year has been, and how little energy I've had even for fun hobby things, and a lot of it has to do with the current living situation. I just don't have a lot of space to set them up and take pics and pose. I can get them out and redress them but when I'm not going out places where I can do photoshoots... I don't give them the time I'd like.

      My dream is moving into a place where I have enough space to set up dioramas for them, and I think it'll make it easier to spend more time posing and playing. My current shelf space is at too much of a premium so my larger books and my dolls are all living in boxes/bags most of the time. I really want to do full photostories, instead of just periodically having a doll sit in my lap during a movie night. But... until then, it does make me happy when I bring a doll out just to chill for a while.
    10. I was about to say daily, but I think it's more every week than every day. I can just admire them, that's fine. I like to change their clothes and take pictures of them, but don't touch them every day now.
    11. I always have one of my dolls on my desk to accompany me while I work and usually switch out the doll once a week. When I first got into the hobby (3 1/2 years ago) I played more regularly with them but as of late I find myself changing their outfits etc. once a week.
      I'd say that how I interact with my dolls has changed somehow, but they are still a part of my everyday life :3nodding:
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    12. I have them out on a shelf next to my tv and I seem to change at least one of their outfits every 1-2 weeks. In terms of taking them out for photos, maybe once a month.
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    13. I have some on displayed and some other still in their boxes not yet opened as well since purchase. As I am moving them all to a new room.
      I don't play so often with them. Maybe once a week or two weeks:doh. However, I always enjoy seeing them on display, they bring me lots of joy:blush.
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    14. Not often but if I’m feeling stressed or anxious I must take a few out and change their eyes, wigs etc… it seems to relax me a lot.
    15. I actually do not play with my bjd's , just love to change their clothes, I often buy clothes sets for them, I do have characters in mind and try really hard to get the right look for them.
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    16. I wish I could play with them every day! The reality is for me atm, maybe 1-2 days out of the week. Life is quite busy right now.
      But if I could, I would do something every day :) I would love to pick photoshoots back up, but right now I don't have the time.
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    17. I wish I played more with my dolls. They just sit on my shelves looking pretty and their clothes don't allow much mobility. I do try to change their positions and rotate them around. I will try to play with them more from now on
    18. Not as often as I'd like. Often enough though. I've changed clothing on some until I find what I need. Like, there's an Iplehouse outfit I need for a character but haven't found so I got him a random armor now he's in regular clothes. I won't be satisfied until he gets that outfit lol.
      And I can find his sculpt in the Color I need for him.

      I've been fighting getting the perfect wig for one of my girls but it's proven to be a pain in the arse. I tolerated her shorter wig as it was soft and at least properly colored (which I was new back then so I didn't know it couldn't get the length I needed for the alpaca and honestly, now that I know better, it wasn't made too well either for its cost.) So I've put several hours into that. One day!

      One of my dolls doesn't even really get touched sadly. He looks amazing but I can't figure out what he is.

      There's a few I'm planning jewelry for.

      I've taken not so amazing photos on and off too.

      Oh and my one boy had hours and days with me because I had to fix his jointed hands.

      Part of me wishes I had more time. Lol
    19. I wish I had more time too. Life has become busier for many of us! :3nodding:
    20. I am new and I am so scared of touching them it's crazy. I am trying to make myself get over the fear. I didn't get them for display pieces, I got them to work on myself to make the characters I really want.

      I just have to get over the perfectionism XP
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