How Old Are You (continued... 2)

Feb 16, 2018

    1. I am turning 34 next sunday. My second bjd is coming my way, so I hope to get him before my birthday.
      For many years I collected vinyl dolls, but last year when I knew about the Rose of Versailles Volks versions dolls, I couldn't resist the temptation and bring my beloved Oscar Home.
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    2. YALL old ppl Muahahaha im 15 and about to get mai first doll after paying for almost half of it and begging for it to be my birthday present lmao
    3. I'm 29 and waiting for my second BJD to arrive in a few months.
      I first saw bjds probably when I was about 18ish thought they looked great but didn't look into them much more than that. I went on to collect MH Dolls for a while then came across bjds again in my 20s and here we are :)
    4. I'm 26! I've seen BJDs at American conventions for the past several years and and thought that they were very pretty. My ex-SO also liked them but didn't want to buy any. I've bought 1/6 scale from Azone and PetWorks/Sekuguchi and feel ready to step up to the larger dolls.
    5. I'm (now) 25, but I got my first BJD at 15. I can't believe it's been a decade.
    6. I'm 28 this year. I got my first BJD few months ago. My second one will get next year.
    7. I'm 45.
      5 years in this hobby.
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    8. I'm 30, been in this hobby 15 years now.
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    9. I'm 32 at the end of the month! Keep telling myself age is just a number lol
    10. I turned 30 a few months ago. I've always had an interest in dolls, mostly porcelain, although the intensity of that interest went though peaks and troughs. I only became interested in BJDs in the last year or so, because before that I only saw "anime-like" dolls, and I greatly prefer realistic dolls. After watching videos of some artists creating super lifelike dolls, I did some looking around and found that BJDs come in different levels of realism. Hopefully I'll buy my first BJD soon, probably a Dollshe Amanda Beauty. I already have exciting costume projects planned for her.
    11. I turned 34 in october ^^ though I get told I look like I'm 10 years younger haha ;P I got my first bjd in 2013, and been here at DoA since 2008, though I had already wanted bjds a few years prior to that.
    12. I'm 28, got my first doll earlier this year but I've been interested in this hobby since I was 15 haha. Took me a while to commit to dolls!
    13. I'm 15! I've been interested in bjds/DDs since I was about 11 and have been lucky enough to be able to earn enough to own them :chibi
    14. I’m 19 and I’m currently saving up for my first bjd. I first got to know about the hobby when I was 14 but it wasn’t until currently that I finally took the plunge. Can’t wait to finally be a part of the community! :dance:whee:
    15. You're posting so you're already a "part of the community!" :XD::kitty1 You don't need a doll to be a part of it.

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    16. I'm 24!
      I knew about BJD since I was in 8th grade. During that time, I only afforded them by looking at beautiful photoshoot from other BJD owners on Google and Flickr :(
      Then, I kind of forget about BJD, and I moved to nendoroid collecting when I was a freshman in college (until now).
      By the time collecting around 35 nendoroids, still, I did not want to own a BJD since I thought that I was not ready to take care of them ( I had clumsy hands and was an impatient person)
      After 7 years in nendoroids hobby, 2 months ago, I finally felt myself that i was ready enough to bring a new BJD baby home and commit to take care of him carefully ;___;

      I meant, I used to like BJDs alot, but I did not have enough money when I was in middle school. Then, when I grew up and got money, I felt that I did not have patient and passion enough to get myself a BJD. Until few months ago, I realized that I was ready and just got myself a BJD for my bday ;__;
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    17. I'm 15! :)
      And I definitely get what you mean about feeling a bit alone in the hobby. I'm so happy to see all the different ages in this forum though! :lol:
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    18. 23 and finally got my first doll last year :...(
    19. I don't understand why you are upset.

      I was in my 40s when I got my first doll, and I'm not the only one that was much older than you when they joined this hobby.

      Or is it something else?

    20. More like tears of joy :lol:. I found BJD in my early teen years when the day that I would be able to afford them seemed impossibly far away!!