How Old Are You (continued... 2)

Feb 16, 2018

    1. Oh good, I'm glad you're okay! Welcome to ownership being owned by BJDs! :XD:

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    2. I turned 22 this month! I've been interested in dolls for a long time, but never had the money to afford them until I got a fulltime job two years back ^^
    3. I turned 32 a couple of weeks ago, only owned dolls for like the last three or so years. But I discovered BJDs around ten years ago.
    4. 28 this year... And love this hobby since I was 17.
    5. I'm 22 and bought my first bjd of my birthday money :lol:
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    6. I’ve been eyeballing BJD for two years but I made the plunge when my wallet did! I’m 17 and decided to layaway my first doll. I waited until I had enough to pay in full before starting a layaway, I needed that security
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    7. 27 now, been in this hobby for 10 years
    8. I am 65, now for around 5 years into the hobby
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    9. im 33 now, and been in the hobby in my early 20s ... its been such a long time haha

      i saw a doll at a convention and decided to jeump in and buy my first one 2nd hand after starting out with the momoko type and obitsu...
    10. Totally True!! Never too old
      Life long love of dolls too!

      I'm 68 and have had a BJD addiction for 7 full years.

      Never too old to love dolls especially these magnificent resin people.
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    11. I turn 30 in May, but have only been in the hobby since November. You're never too old to get the bug!
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    12. I'm 21, turning 22 this year, and I had my first BJE when I was 19 I think? But I learned about BJDs when I was just around 12 years old. :D
    13. 45 here. I have collected dolls like Bleeding Edge Goths, Monster High etc for a number of years. I just got into the BJD hobby about a year ago and I absolutely love it. I am hooked and plan on building my BJD family for many more years to come. :)
    14. I am 28 going on 29 and I don't care how old I get I am not giving up on any of my hobbies because "I am too old."
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    15. 28 turning 29 this year, well just do what i like lol
      Been in the hobby for 6 years :)
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    16. I'm new to the hobby but glad I found it! 41 years old. Never too old to start doing something you love.
      When I was 35 I decided I wanted to try to learn to skateboard. Sadly I wasn't very good at it (largely my knees couldn't take it and I am a bit too much of a scaredy-cat) but it was fun for a while :-)
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    17. 19!! Wanted a bjd since I was 12 lol
    18. I'm 23 and I've wanted a BJD for about 8-9 years but only got one three months ago.
    19. I'm in the oldie group. 35! Been collecting BJDs since early 2012. I 'm still in love with these little angels and collecting more when I can! :love