How Old Are You (continued... 2)

Feb 16, 2018

    1. I’m 17 right now but got my first bjd when I was 14; I spent almost 2 years saving birthday, Christmas and pocket money to buy a Resinsoul boy. Now that I have a job it’s much easier to buy dolls :)
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    2. I am 30. Got my first doll at 24 or 25))
    3. I'm 27 right now and got my first doll 7 years ago so I was 20 (god, how I miss my twenties xD)
    4. I am 40, and I've bougth my first doll in 2011
    5. I'm 32 and I got my first doll back when I was 21 or 22.
    6. I'm 34 and bought my first bjd last year. :D
    7. I am almost 23! (In May)
    8. I'm 37. I bought my first bjd (Cerberus Project Lishe) in 2004 via the only international dealer at that time. It was all carried out via email and I paid via bank wire, which is now scary to think about!
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    9. I'm 33 and I've been in the hobby since I'm 17ish. I remember all the Four Sisters in Volks webiste as Standard models. Also all the DOD ones.
    10. I’m 30 and bought my first doll last year. I’ve Always liked them but didn’t actually buy one until recently.
    11. I’m 17 now but I have been in the hobby since I was 12. I bought my first doll last year, since I only started working then. I don’t remember much from the hobby when I was 13 or younger, but I recall watching YouTube videos of unboxings and understanding nothing cause I didn’t speak English at the time ^^’ so I stayed at my local pullip community to get to know dolls in general better before I moved on to BJD’s.
    12. @beatnik I remember those days! It was the same way for me when I bought my first dolls from Dream of Doll in 2004.

      I'm 39. I have been in the hobby since 2004. It's fueled so many related interests for me it's mind-boggling to consider.
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    13. I am 24 now and I got my first doll last year.
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    14. I'm 29 and I got my "first" doll at 27. (She's a fake, friends bought her for me for Christmas.)

      Technically I just bought my first doll at 28, who is arriving in the mail soon.

      But I've been eyeballing the hobby since I was in highschool, it's been a long journey to finally get my hands on a real BJD. ❤️
    15. I just turned 35, and got my first BJD in November 2017. Had been collecting other dolls since 2012, though.
    16. I’m 41, I bought my first doll 14 years ago when I was 27.
      Been in the hobby a hot minute. I go hot and cold and leave and come back pretty regularly.
    17. I am 32 (sometimes i surprise myself when i realise that. Where have the years gone?!)
      I have always liked dolls since I was a child. I can't remember when or how i discovered BJDs. I have hobbies related to dolls.
      So far I have not owned one but saving up for my first and researching.
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    18. I’m 35 and I got my first doll at age 20!
    19. I’m 31 and got my first bjd when I was 15, no real job at that age so I sold drawings. :3nodding:
    20. I'm 26, and I got my first doll in 2018, so--24 when that happened! I've been interested in BJDs since I was a 13-year-old goblin trawling the internet for the first time, but I'm just now getting into the hobby properly. c: