How Old Are You (continued... 2)

Feb 16, 2018

    1. I am 20 years old, and I have always had an inexplicable love for dolls. When I was 15 years old, I found that I liked bjd, but at that time I had no time or money. From then on, I began to save money. Last year, I had my first doll, but my family thought it was a child's toy, so it was a secret hobby of mine.
    2. As old as Norwegian imagination...

      ...Just kidding. Upwards of 21, younger than 30. I am told I conduct myself older, yet I am frequently carded at any restaurant with an open bar. Ah, the joys of genetics. 2020 marks my eleventh year in the hobby.
    3. I’m currently 19, will turn 20 in December. I’ve fallen in love with BJD since i was 11. Back then i was deeply in love with DoD MSD girls. I got my first doll when i was 15, got Moonstone from Kidssky.
    4. I'm turning 27 this month! And I just got my first Dollie
    5. 24! I got my first doll when I was in High School - it's been a long road! I haven't been as active since college but lately I've been looking at photos of my old dolls and missing them :sigh

      I love seeing such a wide age range in this hobby! Truly no one is too young or too old.
    6. I'm 20 currently, turning 21 in August! I got my first doll somewhere around ten years ago (still very surprised at how my parents were okay with that). I've somewhat recently gotten back into the hobby, and I'm very excited to add more dolls to my collection :)
    7. Many moons ago I feel like I answered this thread.:XD:
      I am now 29 years old, my avatar picture I had just turned 18. Elgin was one of my first dolls (pictured) and he was a present for my 16th Birthday. My grumpy old man and me will always be together. :hug:
    8. As of today, I’m 39 :cake:
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    9. Turning 20 this year, and sometimes I question whether I spent more on dolls or tuition.:abow:
    10. Just turned 28 last week :chibi
      Weird to think I got my first doll 5 years ago!
    11. 22, 23 in October. I got my first doll at around 14 after working for my parents for quite awhile to earn the money, but I had known about them and wanted once since I was probably 12.

      Just got back into the hobby again after taking a break due to college :)
    12. I'm 30 this year. :D
    13. I literally just turned 26 today haha.
    14. Happy Birthday!
    15. 32, got my first doll back in time flies!
    16. 22! I’m a baby in my doll meet-up group hahah everyone else is 26-31 hehe. I’ve always gotten along with people older than me though so doesn’t bother me!
    17. I'm 33, new to the hobbie this year (though I've been making my own dolls for decades) my sister however has owned BJDs for over a decade
    18. Thank you so much!