How Old Are You (continued... 2)

Feb 16, 2018

    1. I'm turning 26 in September. Been a lurker in the hobby since I was 15. Finally ordered my first dolls!
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    2. I'm turning 30 as of next month. Though I have been in this hobby for ten years now, and researching about getting a doll since I was thirteen. It took me a full seven years to be able to purchase my first and I've never looked back since.
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    3. i've 35 years ^^ i start my collection dolls when i have 21 years. Now have a baby with 2 years and she love the bjdolls
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    4. I'm 25 but started when I was 19ish maybe 20.
    5. I’m turning 23 next month but I started when I was 13 which means... I’ve been in this hobby for 10 years now!
    6. Just turned 23 in April of this year, but started collecting a month earlier when I was still 22. ☺️
    7. Started collecting at age 14, am turning 29 in a couple months. It makes me so giddy to see so many new folks and veterans alike in this thread <3
    8. 39! Always been fascinated by this type of doll.
    9. I first started admiring BJDs when I was in in my early teens.... Now I'm in my mid twenties, and buying my first dolls ^^ It's been worth the wait!
    10. LOL well theres a question. I'm well 48 this year. I've been in this hobby since 2009. I got my first doll. One pictured. My Hunter and well the rest is history. I've been a geek long before it was kool. lol
    11. I'm 20, about to turn 21 :XD: I've been interested in BJDs since I was 10, I think, when I got my first KDF. I didn't have the money for it since I was little so my parents got me a doll for Christmas. Looking back, I'm shocked they ever went for it due to the price (when, in their minds, I could just play with Barbies for less than $10) and even bought me another later. I'm on my own now and trying to save up for another, but I'm in college and will be for another ~6 years so it's hard.
    12. I'm 26, I got my first doll in 2012-ish when I was 18 or so, I stepped back in between for a long time because I've been broke or lacking space for most of the years in between, but I never sold my dolls, I nearly did but I just can't stand the thought of it. I haven't bought a doll since about 2015-ish now though and I really am hoping I'll get things sorted soon and be able to save just a little a month. I feel like the hobby made me more creative or inspired.
    13. Just turned 35 in June but started collecting when I was 20 ♡
    14. I'm a little over 40 and just ordered my first doll! I've been interested in them for some time but didn't really know what they were or what was available until this year. I feel a little late to the party but very excited to get caught up :)
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    15. Welcome to the hobby! And congrats on your first doll!
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    16. I am 48, I have been in the doll hobby it seems my whole life. Online I would say it started around 2000. As for bjd's specifically I got my first back around 2008 or so. I have gone back and forth on resin dolls, I think finding the right size was key. I personally cannot handle the huge dolls. They are gorgeous but they weren't for me. I like the smaller dolls, currently 1/6th scale is my sweet spot.
    17. I'm 28, I started collecting when I was about 14 or 15. Hoping I can stay a life-long collector!
    18. Turned 38 in June but have been in the hobby like some 14 years now. I feel so old sometimes since I took a break and now there’s so many new dolls and companies haha
    19. Hi :)
      I'm 30
      Been in the hobby for a few years and absolutely love everything about it
    20. 36 and been in the hobby since I was 19. My oldest doll has been with me for almost 18 years, I can’t believe it! The hobby has grown so much. I remember when DoA was a yahoo group with 600 members and I knew every single mold on the market. Now there’s so much, so many choices and such a huge community! I’m glad that while my interest has waxed and waned over the years, I’ve always kept my dolls and loved them and continue to collect more ^^ I managed to make my dream of having a humongous doll come true five years ago when I brought home a Trinity Doll.