How Old Are You (continued... 2)

Feb 16, 2018

    1. No kidding! It is so much easier when one has a proper disposable income. I started the hobby just before turning 30, but of course now am no longer a thirty-something.
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    2. This is insane, I feel so young! I'm only 19, and it seems everyone else here has been an adult for a while. I'm saving up to splurge around $230 on my first two dolls, which I'm expecting to do in the next three months, and hopefully all will go well. That being said I'm sure working twould jobs puts me at an advantage from other people my age who are in college. Also does that mean I should call everyone here senpai now???
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    3. I will be 26 in May. I've been interested in BJDs since I was 15.
      And I got my first doll this year.
    4. 43 but my daughter is also into the hobby and she's 11 so on average we would be 27 (I feel younger, now!)
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    5. Right now I'm 18, but on the 26th, I'll be turning 19.
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    6. I'm 51, feel soooo old but like not really and I didn't even start liking dolls til I was in my 30s. I LOVE that the BJDs attract a younger group, such a positive vibe here and they are so open, creative and artistic!!!
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    7. I'm twenty-eight, but I got my first doll when I was sixteen! :D
    8. 38, got my first doll last year =)
    9. Im 17 been in the hobby for 2 years now
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    10. I'm 24! I knew this hobby since I was 13 and had wished I could afford one. Now I own 2 dolls and am very happy!
    11. 33. Been in the hobby for 5 years now and had too many dolls to recall. xB
    12. 26, going on 27 in May. It all feels like a blur..
    13. That's funny. I too am 43 and my daughter is 11. And yes she's into it too. I love your averaging. My daughter and I also skate(board). We were skating at the Capitol grounds some time back. Security came to give us trouble. Reminded me of my youth! I told the guy that instead of two 25 year olds, to just think of us as a 40 year old and a 10 year old. He said ok and left!
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    14. I'm 25, and I have been into BJDs for about 6 years now I think. My sister got me into them, I even do some panels at anime cons about them. :)
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    15. I’m 20, but will be 21 in June. I started doing Monster High faceups and it escalated from there, but I’ve been interested in BJDs (not really in the hobby yet) since I was 17.
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    16. I'll be 28 next month, and I purchased my first doll in 2010. Almost 8 years in the hobby; can't believe how time flies :)
    17. 25 here!
      Got my first bjd when I was 15. Always liked dolls but after owning a bjd I just went crazy and started collecting all kinds of dolls haha my room is full of them
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    18. i am 10, but my doctor and my dolls keep telling me that i am 50....... weird.....
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    19. I'm 24, bought my first dolls at 19 but got into this hobby at 13. I'm the type of person who gets super into something and loses interest quickly, but after so many years as a doll-less bjd lover I was convinced that this is the hobby for me. :)
    20. I'm 30 and when I was a kid I was obsessed with barbies and had 2 bigger dolls (american girl and magic attic). My grandma had always been a doll collector, but she didn't know about bjds. When I found them I had to tell her, she loves mine and wants one for herself. It's such a neat thing.