How Old Are You (continued... 2)

Feb 16, 2018

    1. I'm 19 ! I think I've liked BJDs since I was about 16/17 ? I haven't actually managed to get one yet though ;-(
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    2. Heh. The first time I posted in the old thread (or a thread very similar) I was maybe 17. I'll be 26 in July! I got my first doll when I was 17 as well.
    3. I'm 31. I got my first dolls when I was 20, and then promptly took a 10-year break from the hobby oops.
    4. 25. I first joined DoA when I was 17/18. Just placed my order for my first doll a couple days ago. (Took a long break before deciding to just buy a doll obviously lol.)
    5. I'm 26 and just got my first this year! Looking forward to having a big collection.
    6. I'm 14! I've liked them actually quite a long time ago, I was too hesitant to get one though, but I have one now!
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    7. I am 60 years old.
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    8. I'm 48 and I bought my first BJD 10 years ago.
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    9. 27 and liked dolls since I was 18
    10. I'm 24 :) In the hobby since 2008 (with Pullip dolls at first, and I'm still collecting them as well !)
    11. I got my first BJD when I was 19, and I'm 30 this year. :aheartbea
    12. It's amazing to see the huge age range in this hobby! <3 I'm 18 and been into dolls my whole life but just recently got into the bjd community.
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    13. Currently 21, turning 22 in October! Received my first doll at 20 :)
    14. I'am 34:)
      I got my first doll when I was 25:)
    15. I'm turning 32 in a bit, and I got my first (full-size, resin) doll at... 21! Was interested in them some time before that but I got my first pile of spendable money then XD
    16. I'm 26, but got into the hobby/got my first doll when I was 19 :D
    17. I am 15 and my first doll I got is Gus and I bought it last year www(*^_^*)
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    18. 29 this yea and got my first doll when I was 22
    19. im 20 years old just turned on feb 12th ^^ been so interested in this hobby but never really got into it until now <3
    20. I'm 29 and got my first dolls last month :sweat