How Old Are You (continued... 2)

Feb 16, 2018

    1. I'm 19 and will be 20 this year. I bought my first doll last year. :)
    2. I'm 26! I don't even play with dolls when I was a little girl. Then I found out about bjd a few years ago and just instantly hooked!
    3. 31, but my first doll might arrive when I turn 32 haha.
    4. I'm 36, and I got my first doll when I was 28 :)
    5. I'm currently 19, I'll be 20 in October! I discovered BJDs when I was about 10 (I had already been collecting Pullips at that point) and got my first BJD at 11 or 12 I believe :sweat
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    6. I'm 26 going on 27. Still totally new to this so don't have my first BJD but I do have some accessories for it. I'm someone still contemplating buying one I have planned out. Just gotta find the courage (and money) to take that first step.
    7. 26, turning 27 in november. 91 line best line~
    8. I'm 28 this year.
    9. I am 30~! I just started collecting a few months ago but I'm glad I started a little later because I have the money for the hobby, whereas I definitely wouldn't have even a few years ago! OuO
    10. I am 24, i have been interested in BJDs since high school
    11. I will be 39 on April 17.:)
    12. Ha! Me too ^^
      Im turning 17 soon and got my first doll around my bday two years ago
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    13. I started to become interested in this hobby at 12/13, got my first doll at 15 and second at 16. That's where I'm at now ^^
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    14. I'm 16. I been this hobby for 1 year
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    15. I'm 23, discovered bjds when i was 17 and got my first doll when i was 20!
    16. I’m 28 and I’ll be 29 on October 10th.

      Started collecting Blythe and other vintage dolls at 18 but have recently just ordered my first BJD.

      It’s nice reading and knowing there’s a lot of older doll collectors out there and I’m not alone. I’ve got a cousin who judges me for my doll collection and has made comments regarding my age and playing with dolls. You’re never too old for dolls! :love
    17. I'm 34 and I got my first BJD when I was 21. The late-teens to early twenties are, I think, where the most people start in the hobby. I could be wrong, of course, it's just what I think I noticed.
    18. I am seventeen years old, I just got started in this hobby and I don't see myself leaving anytime soon, maybe I'll be in my fourties still carrying a doll into the store with me! I don't think you should feel alone, there are many people in this hobby, we're a community ^^
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    19. 54 and purchased my first doll 2 months ago, but have been looking for a couple of years. I never thought this is what I would be interested in at this age. Never.
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    20. I'm 26 and I'm currently waiting for my first doll.
      Never liked dolls as a kid but BJDs are just extremely fascinating to me.