How Old Are You (continued... 2)

Feb 16, 2018

    1. I’m 26 and have been interested in the hobby for 10 years now, but bought my first doll in June last year.
      I really love to play with my dolls, and really enjoy the fact my family is supportive, too! They love my tiny doll clan, it’s so cute!
    2. I am 19 this year! First discovered BJDs when i was around 15~16 years old. I got my first bjd last year, as a birthday present for myself, and it sure hell was worth it which started my doll journey!
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    3. i'm 17 this year and i've recently joined the hobby last year!
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    4. 29, but I was probably 17 or 18 when I first discovered the hobby, and I got my first doll when I was 24.
    5. I am 21 now, and started at hobby when I was 14. Lots of things happened and I changed so much :D now I am back to hobby
    6. I'm 19 this year :O I got my first doll when I was 17, It's really crazy how fast time goes by :sweat
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    7. Currently, I'm 20. And I got into this hobby when I was around 12.
    8. I'm 19 in May! Dicovered the hobby around 16, got my first dolls at 17. I saved up for a loooooong time to get them too! I'm the youngest in my local bjd group...everyone else ranges from 25 to 60!
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    9. I'm 21! I found out about the hobby as a young teen and was interested, but thought I'd never be able to afford them so I put it out of my mind. However, I rediscovered them over a year ago and decided I'd give the hobby a try, now I have 4 dolls and have plans for many, many more!
    10. I turn 67, ugh, this year. Been in the hobby since 2012 so my oldest doll, Ash, is 6 now. I love all my boys and 1 girl.
      Gosh, all you young ones have a lifetime of having fun will dolls. Make the most of it.
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    11. I am currently 15 ( Yes so young! Should be studying too! >:c )
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    12. I'm 28, and my first BJD's head just arrived a couple weeks ago. My friends have been in the hobby a lot longer, but they're somewhereabouts in the same age-neighborhood as me.
    13. Two months away from 23. Most people I know from this hobby are in the same age category.
    14. i'm 30 since march 29
    15. I'm 28 this year. Wish I'm 16.
    16. Im 21 right now and I only bought my first doll two years ago.
    17. I'm 25 in july. I discovered BJD's back in 2007 and I bought my first doll in 2010. Time flies :ablink:
    18. I'm 26, but I first fell in love with BJDs when I was about 12.