How Old Are You (continued)

Mar 16, 2015

    1. I'm 39 and just started adding BJD to my all ready too large doll collection.
    2. I'm 14 and am about to order my second BJD.
    3. I'm turning 25 tomorrow! I ordered my first BJD when I was 17 and I just ordered my third one last month (I know that seems like a long time between dolls, but I wasn't active in the hobby for several years). I think the BJD hobby has a pretty diverse age range.
    4. I'm 24 and I got my first BJD not too long after. I was also under the impression that all owners were either older or younger than me.
    5. I'm 41, and my 13 year old daughter got me started with her loving interest in anime, Blythe, pullips and ofcourse, bjd. We got our first bjd only 2 months ago and we are addicted!
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    6. I'm 29 but according to I'm 17 lol I even checked my dolls on it, they averaged at 20.

      I got my first doll when I was 22.
    7. I'm 23 and I have got one SD and head:)
    8. I am 61 and have an ever growing collection of dolls. I plan on being into this hobby until I pass on. I have even listed my dolls in my last will and testament to make sure they go to a proper home.

      I became interested in them when I saw a couple of people carrying these amazing dolls around at an anime convention. I think it was around 2006. I asked friend what they were and he told me. Two years later at the same con I bought my first doll, an SD ResinSoul Lian. In my ignorance, I paid way too much for her, her clothes and her wig. She was rehomed last year but since then I have learned a great deal thanks to Den Of Angels and the wonderful people I have met here. I have purchased many of my dolls through the MP. I have never been made to feel anything but welcome despite my advanced years.
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    9. I'm 42 and I have one SD doll.
      Besides, I have one additional body for my doll and one practice head.
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    10. I am 17 and I'm waiting on my first doll to arrive!
      I first heard about BJDs when I was into Puliips a few years ago, but they were too expensive back then.
      After getting a job and mustering up enough courage, I finally purchased a doll~
    11. 20 and finally got my first doll this year!
    12. I'm 21(will be 22 this year) and i got my first doll back in 2010
      I've fallen in and out if the hobby over the years but as of this year i'm back and i think i'm back for good :lol:
    13. I'm only 15 years old! fell in love with BJDS about last year during christmas time, its alittle hard to find one I really fell in love with but I did, now just to earn and rasie money to buy her myself. :)
    14. I'm 25, been collecting since 16. Hard to believe it's almost ten years.
    15. 25 in a few months and been in the hobby for a year and a half.
    16. 33. Just took too long to jump into buying one. In addition to money issues the past few years, I was weary about purchasing something so expensive and waiting three months to get it. Once I did though, my collection has now started growing.
    17. I'm 17 and just started getting into Bjds this year
    18. I am 41, in the hobby now since 2010 and I have between 25 and 30 dolls (I need to count them). The hobby for me gets more extended every year. More dolls, more ideas, and also more skills in making them as I want them.
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    19. I'm 22 in this November, started collecting about 2 years ago.
    20. I'm turning 26 this year, and I got my first doll back in 2006!