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How old were you when you got into the doll hobby?

Jul 23, 2018

    1. 35

      Now you all know how old I am โ€” I started around January.
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    2. I start this habit when I am at high school. now I am graduate from university and finish my master degree. It is really a long time since I started to play with dolls. I am happy that I have them in my life.
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    3. I've been interested in BJDs as early as maybe 9 or 10 years of age, but due to living in poverty, I only ordered my first one about a month ago. (So almost a decade later)
    4. I started the BJD hobby when I was in my late '40s.
      Before that I spent 30+ years collecting and building dollhouse miniatures.
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    5. I started to know about bjd after I entered university.
      I officially regarded it as a hobby after turning 28. =)
    6. i got my first doll when i was 7 but but that was it i started doing custom faceups and clothes to sell at 16 and finally bought my own at 20 , so just a few month ago, i just now really got my own collection going
    7. I officially got into the BJD hobby when I was 20. But my interest in dolls (general) stretches from my childhood. My first interest in bjd was when i'm in grade school.
    8. I saw them for the first time when I was abouuut.... 13? My friend at school randomly sent me a link to Dream of Doll and we were saying how gorgeous they were, but so expensive! I remember gushing over Black Elf Ducan (Still the dream, still impossible) and then never really thought of them agen... Got to about 15/16 and got really into Japan and anime etc, saw Dollfies and decided I kinda wanted one, but never went for it when I went to Tokyo at 18.... Started University (doing Japanese haha) a couple months later and a friend of mine brought her resin bjd into class, which got me hooked! Got my first boy that December :) now at 25 I have 11 dolls with a head on the way! DOD will always be my fave company, I still gush....
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    9. I was almost done with college when I first started seeing them around, and that's when I first became interested in them. It was around 2000-2001 or so, and I was about 25 years old. They were still a new thing, I think. I have only just recently ordered my first two.
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    10. I found out about bjds when I was around 10-11 and I got my very first doll in 2009 when I was 14. I'm turning 24 this year so it's been a wild 10 years haha! Hard to believe I've been in the hobby for half of my life just about.
    11. 19 when I first became interested but didn't own a doll. 21 when I bought my first doll. My Lutz Bory is 11 years old this July 4 ;^;
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    12. It was 2009, 10 years ago I was 21, my mom lent me part of the money for my first doll, after I started saving money myself, now I make money for dolls by making outfits and I 31 years old
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    13. I was around 18/19. A couple of people I knew had them and the obsession started. Now after an almost decade long hiatus from the hobby I'm 28 and starting to get involved again.
    14. I got my first BJD back in 2005- I was 24 years old at the time...
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    15. I entered the hobby in 2017 at 16 and I am 18 right now, soon to be 19 :)
    16. Right now I'm 33, and I got my first doll six years ago, in 2013. She was shipped from Dreaming Doll on my birthday! I was turning 27, and admired BJDs for a good ten years then.
    17. I was just 16 when I started the Hobby because of one doll <_> who had my interest.
      It was Souldoll Bliarde I had no clue but I liked his skin <_< and face and I wanted him soo much sadly I was too late >_<
      Now I am hunting for him xD and will not give up until I have him in my hands. Now I am 22 >_< 6 years of looking.
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    18. I found out about BJDs and wanted one since I was 14. I actually bought my first at age 24.
    19. I was 28 when I got into the doll Hobby :)
    20. I was 13 when I started to have dolls ^^ But I think it was a bit early, I was a little young I think ! But I am so happy to still love dolls now that I am 22 :)