How old were you when you got into the doll hobby?

Jul 23, 2018

    1. I was 16 when i first start the hobby, and i saved my dish washing money to get my first doll lolz.

      Now its already been 10 yrs, Wow i feel even suprised to myself that i haven been stay in the hobby for this long
    2. It depends on the definition of "getting into" the hobby. If you count when I became aware of ABJDs, that would be sometime around 2000, and I would have been about 40. As to when I got my first actual doll in that style...prrrrrobably I got Megumi around 2007, and I've had Chaeri since 2009. She's not my only doll, but she's my far and away favorite, since she's almost the only doll I ever talk about. I don't have my original Megumi anymore; she got stolen sometime around 2010.
    3. I was almost 30. Monster high and ever after high were the 'gateway dolls' lol
    4. I think it was around 2010. I was 16/17-years-old when I got my first doll, but I got interested in this hobby earlier than that.
      My first doll was Dollmore Thinking Larme, but I do not own that doll anymore.
    5. I got my first bjd in December 2013 and I was 26 but starting collecting dolls in general I guess I was 24/25
    6. I was 17 when I first started getting into the hobby, and 18 when I purchased my first. I think I saw someone with a BJD as an avatar on a different forum and asked them about it, which led me here, which led me down the rabbit hole LOL
    7. I was first interested in BJD then I was around 19-20. But I didn't get into hobby then; I bought my first doll then I was 27, and I was into doll collecting hobby already. Monster High were my "gateway dolls" too.
    8. I discovered them at a super young age... 13 maybe? But I never fully got into them around 15. Bought my first doll then, but ended up selling her... I've never known anybody IRL who had them, though. My inspiration came from the internet.
    9. I think I was around 13 or 14 but didn't get to buy a doll till much later since I didn't have the funds for it. I basically just rediscovered my true passion for this hobby and am diving back into it and it's really exciting since I am able to afford to buy a doll more then once every two years lol!
    10. I discovered BJDs when I was 13 years old, but I got my first one when I was 19 because of financial reasons... 9 years later, I'm still here :)
    11. I also discovered bjds back when I was in high school but I only just started to actually collect them. I had a nice collection of barbies and American girl dolls so I’ve always had a love for dolls but I’m now almost 30 and I finally got my first bjd.
    12. I think I heard of them first time when I was about 15-16yo. I saw them on a magazine once but didn’t think about dolls much until three or four years ago when I started to get interested more. So I think I’ve been in the hobby about two years now. I’m still total noob haha. Oh, and I’m 27yo now.
    13. I truly got into dolls when I was 14 years old. Got my first BJD by 16... Which was not the best idea as I was prepared for a doll but trigger happy when I had money in my pocket. Its better to think about things before just going for it. :)
    14. I first started getting into BJDs around 4 years ago. So, I was around 22 years old.
    15. I've always loved dolls but got into bjds when I was introduced to them by a college friend, so 18-19 years old. I didn't buy my first actual resin doll until last year though, when I was 32 :)
    16. I was around 17 or 18 and got my first doll for Christmas.
    17. I was 18 when I got my first bjd. I'm 31 now(but I did take a long haitus).
    18. I was about 12 when I discovered bjd’s. I waited until I was 17 to get my first doll just because they were really expensive and I was so young. I was worried I would grow out of liking dolls...I didn’t :P
    19. I am 20, and my interest started in the age of 14 I think, when I discovered these dolls on the internet. I familiarized myself with the term BJD and discovered they are actually various sizes and style genres, not just Luts products (which at that time popped up on Google as first result.) I have liked dolls for a while now. I had a Monster High obsession before BJDs, and I had an entire room for Lego Scala houses in my parents' home. Now I have sold or given away all my old dolls except one favourite, since BJDs fit my style better. I always wanted to customize the fashion dolls somehow, adored the body but felt the default makeup or hair wasn't quite right. I painted them and cut their hair, but the results were awful because I really had no knowledge of materials or techniques (and because I wasn't on an adult level at painting at around 10-11 years, would have been stranger if I had been).

      I really had no income to invest in the hobby until the past year, and I can see the change on my wait list (my mere savings are for more necessary and unavoidable things like mortgage, and to support this hobby I wanted a steady income first.) I started a year ago in my first job, and now I have a permanent contract and a defined salary I get every month without having to worry, so things turned out well for my dolls.

      Fun fact, I have gradually evolved into this from totally disliking dolls. At kindergarten age, I felt very uncomfortable around Barbies due to their small feet, Bratz due to big feet, and baby dolls due to... well, being babies. I've never had this particular instinct of wanting to take care of human babies or objects that imitate them, but to me dolls are a means of self-expression, storytelling and art rather than a means of "playing house". As a kiddo I only managed to make crash test experiments with strollers, baby dolls and our stairs lol.
    20. I was 26 when I got my first bjd. I'm 31 now:-)